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Autumn Ideas for Keeping Cosy


With Autumn on its way, a lot of us are turning our minds to cosying up in front of the TV. Snuggling up on the sofa with a warm blanket, a hot drink and some Netflix on the screen. It’s one of the best things about this time of the year.

To really make the most of those cosy nights in this Autumn, we thought we’d get together a few to tips to take the warmth up a few levels. From gadgets and gizmos to beat the cold weather, to warm home décor solutions that’ll get you in that Autumn frame of mind.

Cosy Autumn Home Décor

One way to cosy up your home and embrace Autumn, is to get some seasonal style into your home. Whether it’s a lick of paint, some accessories, or you want a cosy statement piece installed, there are plenty of warm and wonderful ways to Winter-proof your home this season. Especially when the Coronavirus means a lot of us will be spending even more time at home this Autumn. There’s no better time to refresh your home a little.

For those looking to make small cosy and comfortable changes to their home setup this season, you can’t go wrong with accessorising. With blankets, throws and cushions, you can up the warmth in any room. Not to mention, a candle can go a long way towards giving the room a warm Autumn glow. Try and follow some Autumn colour schemes to do it right.

tea light on brown surface

Another cracking way to up the Autumn, is to get some seasonal plants around the place. From Asters and Crocuses, to Judas trees and snowy Mespilus. There’s plenty of plants and trees to give your home and garden a seasonal boost. Scented candles and plants are a great way to get that crisp Autumn smell into your home too. Rich and warming scents can go a long way towards getting you in that Autumn frame of mind.

For a bigger change you can opt for statement pieces like log burners and fireplaces. These are a sure fire way to get your place looking warm and toasty this Autumn. Not to mention it’s the perfect centrepiece for Christmas. However, for something a little more sustainable, there are electric fireplaces available to give that warm glow without the carbon emissions.

fire burning on fireplace

Something especially handy for 2020 is a heated office chair, so you can stay toasty while you’re working from. Not to mention you can slip on a pair of incredibly comfortable UGG boots down below and rock a shirt and tie up top for a business casual look that fits right n on a video call.

Head over to Wayfair for a ton of cracking home improvement option this Autumn.

Dunelm have a ton of stunning Autumn home essentials so you can get ready for the cold nights ahead.

Autumn-Proof Your Wardrobe

Oversized chunky knits are the perfect marriage of style and cosy comfort. So, it’s worth packing your living room with chunky, supersized knit blankets. And your wardrobe with oversized jumpers ready for Autumn and Winter. Paired with a cosy pair of joggers, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful and warm outfit for those rainy days.

white ceramic mug on white knit textile

For wearables that fall on the techy side, you have tech-friendly gloves that have special grips for phone use. There are beanie hats with built in Bluetooth microphone and earphones. So, you can stay toasty without having to get wired up under your warm hat. And to top off the look, you can get your hands on a smart heated hoodie. With special integrated heating elements that warm you up on a cold, Autumn day.

Thanks to a team of MIT scientists, you can even get wearable thermostats. Worn like a wristwatch, you can turn your own personal temperature up and down. But if that’s a little too futuristic for your tastes, you can go traditional and bag yourself a chunky bathrobe to spend your day in.

No Autumn/Winter wardrobe is complete without the accessories. From hats and scarves to gloves and earmuffs, it’s a classic look that’s wonderful and warm. Especially if you pair that with a cosy lined parker coat to get into that Autumn frame of mind. 

ASOS have got your Autumn wardrobe ready and waiting, so it’s worth checking out the style on offer.

Check out what Matalan have on offer; your Autumn wardrobe update couldn’t be easier.

Gadgets and Gizmos to Warm Up With

When it comes to injecting a little heat into your home on a cold Autumn evening, there’s plenty of gadgets out there to do the job. From heated blankets, to rechargeable food warmers that slip into your shoes, keeping warm has never been so easy.

A close up of a device

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There are cute and gimmicky gadgets out there and incredible and innovative tech. From the likes of hand warming mouse mats for those cold days working from home, to stylish and state-of-the-art fan-heater combos from Dyson that can change the temperature of the room.

While a snowy day in the UK isn’t a regular thing, you can get gadgets for those days white Winter days. There are heated door mats to keep your porch clear, winter traction footwear for those snowy hikes and even footwear dryers, so you can keep your shoes dry when you’ve come in from the rain or the snow.

Perhaps one of the most important Autumn home essentials, is the ability to whip up a hot cuppa, Whether you’re a kettle purist, or you want to invest in a stylish and convenient coffee machine, there’s nothing better than a hot drink in front of the TV in the Autumn.

Pair that with a heated coaster and you’ve got yourself a cosy evening. Not to mention, there are heated travel mugs for those on-the-go this season. And for coffee aficionados, it’s well worth checking out our article on International Coffee Day.

For cracking home gadgets, check out what Dyson have on offer in their innovative tech range.

John Lewis have a range of cracking gadgets, gizmos, style and home décor to get Autumn-ready this season.

There’s nothing cosies than a comfy bed, and for that there’s nowhere better than Dreams.

Keep Cosy this Autumn

So, change up the home décor, stock up your wardrobe and pop the kettle on for the ultimate cosy night in! With everything from a classic hot water bottle to a futuristic thermostat for your wrist, there’s plenty of gadgets, gizmos and home improvement ideas to make the most of this Autumn.


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