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Why is My Laptop So Slow? – A Guide to Cleaning Tech


We aren’t all computer and web security geniuses who know about cleaning tech and optimising our laptops and keep our kit bug-free. So, when it comes to cleaning our tech, most of us probably have files upon files of holiday photos with seemingly randomly generated names, making our computers a hassle to navigate.

So, with the Winter coming to a close in the coming weeks, we thought we’d get together some advice on how you can Spring-clean your tech. From simple ways to declutter your devices, to the different things that might be slowing it down, we’ve got some ideas on how you can get your machine running a little more smoothly.

Deleting E-Mails, Cookies & Internet History

It might seem obvious, but the best way to tidy up that inbox, is to delete a few e-mails. We all have mailing lists we’re subscribed to that we ignore whenever they send us something, and it’s worth taking a little time to sort that stuff out. While it can feel like a big job combing through for the important stuff, you’ll thank yourself later.

Why is my laptop so slow?: E-Mails

Similarly, cookies and browser history are well worth cleaning up too. These are a little easier as your browser will typically have a little menu in the top right where you can get it all sorted in one or two clicks of the mouse. It’s a small task, but it can make a difference to your computer or mobile devices health.

How to Stop the Spam Emails

On the topic of spam e-mails, it’s worth taking a few minutes to unsubscribe from those mailing lists you’re not paying attention to. Most e-mails will have a link in the footer that you can click and have yourself removed from future e-mails. Once again, it can take a little time, but it’ll leave your inbox looking cleaner going forward.

Why is my laptop so slow? - Samsung Galaxy with e-mail inbox on it.

It’s worth noting that you should only subscribe from e-mail lists you remember signing up to. Clicking on links from unrecognised senders is a bad idea. So, check that you recognise the sender, and have a look at the sender’s e-mail address and see if it looks legitimate. If it looks a little suspicious to you, just delete it!

Bloatware Removal

When we buy a new laptop or mobile device, it’s typically packed with a bunch of programmes. We have no idea what they do, or whether we need them. But it’s worth cleaning our tech by combing through and deleting any you’re sure you don’t need. There are a bunch of tools online to check whether an app or programme is essential, and it’s worth checking so you’re just removing that unnecessary bloatware.

There are even tools out there to get rid of the bloatware for you, so it’s worth doing some research into which ones could work for you. Typically, manufacturers add a bunch of their own software on phones and computers, so take a little time and see which ones you’re actually using before you delete them.

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Cut Out the Unnecessary Stuff

Some of us may have had the intention of using a programme, but then found we didn’t click with them. Whether it’s a programme like Adobe Photoshop, a game we downloaded on Steam, or maybe a free trial we tried and gave up on. Go through your programmes and get rid of those programmes you aren’t using anymore.

Why is my laptop so slow? - Android phone with apps.

The same goes with your mobile devices. With a ton of games and apps available, you’d be forgiven for downloading something and forgetting all about it, so why not free up some space? Get rid of those excess programmes and you’ll have a much tidier device for it.

Always Use Protection

We’ve all seen adverts for VPN services and web security software, and there’s a good reason why. It goes without saying that protecting your privacy and keeping your machine free from viruses is important for its health! There’s plenty of products out there, so it’s worth giving it a Google.

Why is my laptop so slow? - VPN on a laptop.

One option that’s cost-effective is to turn on Windows Defender. It comes with all Windows machines, so it won’t cost you extra like some services. But it doesn’t hurt to go for something a little more robust, even if it does cost a couple of quid a month.

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Backup and Sync

Backing up your files is important. If disaster strikes, and you find your laptop has bitten the dust, you’re covered. With cloud storage being such a big thing, you can just upload your file to a place that can be accessed from other machines. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing them if you have some computer issues.

Why is my laptop so slow? - Samsung hard drive.

Another option is to back your files up with a hard drive. That way you’ve got a handy device that you can take on-the-go, with the added benefit of having your files stored if problems arise. The best part is you can get massive amounts of memory inexpensively. And in the end we’ll end up cleaning our tech in the process.

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Clear Those Junk Files

On the topic of hard drives, they’re also a great way to keep your laptop clean. By storing those files that aren’t immediately useful in the cloud, and on a hard drive, you won’t need to have them clogging up your machine. That way you can keep your laptop organised.

Another option is to comb through your files and be a little ruthless with what you keep. When we take a picture, we might take a few and pick out a favourite later. So, make that decision and get rid of those extras. It’s great for saving space, and a step in the right direction when it comes to Spring cleaning your tech.

Keep Your Tech Updated

It goes without saying that you need to keep your tech updated. Usually your computer can tell you what needs updating, but some programmes may need to be opened and updated manually. Running the latest updates is safer, and usually more efficient. Not to mention, you want all the latest features from whatever software you’re using!

Remember to turn automatic updates on for your computer to keep everything running smoothly with your tech. The same goes for your phone, but typically it’s already set to update automatically.

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Cleaning Up Your Tech

So, there’s a few simple ideas on how you can keep your tech clean and organised. Not to mention some ways to lock it down and keep it secure. So as Spring rolls around, you can get peace of mind when it comes to your laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

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