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Garden Hot Tub: Take the Plunge


Long summer nights are here, and we can’t think of a better way to spend them than soaking it up outside with a cocktail in hand. That kind of fantasy used to be reserved for extravagant mansions, but these days everyone can have a bubbling tub in the back garden. If you’ve thought about it, but are not ready to take the plunge, this guide will give you enough hot tub information to have you reaching for your swimwear.  

Types of Hot Tub

The first thing you need to decide when you’re thinking about buying a hot tub is what type you want for your garden. These days there are a variety of options available with their own selling points. This is the information, including hot tub prices and extra features, to make your mind up.

Hard Shell Hot Tubs

Cost – £3k – 10k

Hard-Shell hot tubs are built with a solid base and sides for a permanent soaking experience that will stand up to the elements. They come with internal heating and an assortment of powerful jets. Hard-shells are the most expensive type of hot tub you can get for your garden and they often come with a variety of fancy features. Lights, Wi-Fi, and speaker systems can come installed with your hard-shell hot tub. These are a luxury option if you budget allows, but they require more maintenance than other kinds of hot tub.

Pros – Extremely durable, excellent extra features, fully insulated for all weather use

Cons – High cost, high maintenance, difficult to move

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Inflatable Hot tubs

Cost – £300 – 1000

Inflatable hot tubs are the reason why anyone can get a fabulous soaking experience in their own back garden. Not only are they incredibly cost effective, but they offer a quality experience too. The biggest selling point of inflatable hot tubs is how quick and simple it is to set them up and take them down. This means they can be stored away when you not planning on a dip and save space in your garden. Naturally, since they’re less expensive, they don’t come with the same level of features that are on a hard-shell, but they’re still offer great value.

Pros – Inexpensive, portable, low maintenance 

Cons – Less durable, few features, unsuitable for winter, no seats 

Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

Cost – £3k – 5k

Wood-fired hot tubs are another permanent option, but the water is heated with a log burner, not electricity. The take more work, and time, to heat up and don’t come with all the fancy features of a hard-shell. Most won’t even have jets, and if they do, they’ll need electricity to run. What they lack in features, wood-fired hot tubs make up for in aesthetic. Their rustic, Scandinavian look is a gorgeous addition to any back garden. Style over substance, possibly, but they still offer a relaxing soak in the evening.

Pros – Low running costs, fewer chemicals required, eco-friendly 

Cons – Long heating time, no temperature control, requires wood stock 

Garden Hot Tub Ideas

Whether you have the budget for a full garden makeover, or plan on squeezing an inflatable hot tub in the corner with minimal effort, a tub will transform your space. They make a fantastic and functional centre pieces that give a luxury feel to a standard Thursday night. Here are a few of the ways you can make the most of your new garden hot tub.

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Hot Tub Deck

Decking has always been a popular way of smartening up a garden, throwing a hot tub on top is a no brainer. If the budget is there, you can create a stunning space for your relaxing soak, but a small deck to hold your new tub is an option that won’t break the bank. Sunk hot tubs will have a real luxury feel and provide easy access. A layered deck also has a gorgeous aesthetic that will turn your garden into a little paradise.

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Hot Tub Canopy

Canopies are another extremely popular addition to a garden hot tub space. They allow you to get the feeling of taking a dip under the stars while keeping you protected from the worst of the elements. If you don’t want the hassle and cost of building, pole canopies offer an easy and cost-effective way of getting some cover. Another option growing in popularity is installing a wooden pergola. This option is more about style than anything else; the open beams give you a view of the stars and offer gorgeous lighting opportunities. However, pergolas are on the more expensive end of things.

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Hot Tub Shed  

If the wind and rain are going to dampen your spirits, you can always invest in a dedicated hot tub shed. When it comes to protection and privacy, nothing can compare to a fully enclosed structure. This is the ultimate garden hot tub experience and that doesn’t come cheap. They are the most expensive option in our collection of ideas, and they’re not without hassle. You’ll more than likely need to get planning permission for the shed, and you must ensure it is thoroughly ventilated to handle the steam. This option isn’t for everyone, but if you can afford it, and can handle the paperwork, there’s no better way to enjoy your hot tub.

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Hot Tub Accessories

Getting your new hot tub set up and ready to go means your ready to go, but there are loads of accessories that will make you more comfortable as you soak and protect you tub. These are the most essential hot tubs accessories available today.

Hot Tub Mat 

If you’ve gone for an inflatable hot tub, you should order yourself a hot tub mat at the same time. A soft mat will be useful for any type, but you need to protect the base of your inflatable hot tub from any rough surfaces. A rubber mat will set you back between £20 -50 and will protect you against any premature deflation.

Hot Tub Seats 

You don’t need to worry about seats if you’ve gone for a permanent option, but inflatable hot tubs don’t have seating. You can pick up portable seats for as little as £10 and they’ll make you that little bit more comfortable as the jets don their thing. Booster seats and head rests are also available for added comfort.

Hot Tub Drinks Holders

Let’s be honest, your going to want to enjoy a nice glass of wine while your taking a dip every no and then. Attachable drinks holders will stop you from having to hold your glass above the water line all night and reduce the risk of any spills. They’re super cheap and will make a massive difference to you chill out time.

Hot Tub Filters 

These aren’t exactly an accessory, but you’re going to want to stock up on filters. They keep the water clean by getting rid of anything that finds its way in there and make it a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. You can pick up multi packs on Amazon for around £25 and you’ll never have to worry about missing out.

Hot Tub Aromatherapy 

When life gets a bit stressful, hot tub aromatherapy if the perfect way to unwind. You can pick up a variety of scents to go in the heated water and quickly surround yourself in a soothing atmosphere while the jets relax your muscles. They won’t affect your water chemistry, but they will lift your mood.

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Hot Tub Chemicals 

Getting your hot tub water chemistry right is essential for both bather health and machine maintenance. It’s about finding a balance to keep the water bacteria free and your tub working at an optimum level.

You should use water sanitizers to clean the water ready for any dip. There are two main types to choose from, chlorine and bromine. Chlorine is the most commonly used because it is highly affective and a bit cheaper. Bromine is a superb option with water at high temperatures and will kill off anything nasty without giving off gases that cause irritation.

You should test your water chemistry any time you make change to ensure the Ph levels are right before you get in. You want to get between 7.2 and 7.8 to ensure your water isn’t too acidic or alkaline. It is important to get right because higher levels will cause skin irritation. You can test the water using simple hot tub test strips.

Hot Tub Brands

There are few things worse than treating yourself to a dream purchase only to find it quickly turns into a nightmare. And whether your spending £300 or £10,000, these are big purchases and we all want to buy from reputable companies we can trust. These are some of the best hot tub brands around today.


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Canadian Spa

Canadian Spa Company have won numerous awards for their outstanding hot tubs. There is a massive range to choose from with competitive pricing across the ranges. If you manage to catch a sale you could save up to £2k. A quick look at the reviews tells you that their customer service is top notch and they’re always ready to help before and after sales.

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This company is so big that their brand name has become a synonym for hot tub. And because they’re arguably the biggest and most famous, they’ve got the range, the latest technology, and ability to offer deals many other companies can’t match. 


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Lay Z Spa

Lay Z Spa are the UKs bestselling hot tub brands and there’s a good reason for that. Their portable tubs and incredible value have made hot tubs available to everyone. They have options for everyone, and the portability is a big selling point if your garden is on the smaller side. Once you’ve ordered your new tub, their dedicated aftersales team is on hand to set you up and keep the jets pumping.


CleverSpa are another popular company because of the variety of sizes and features they offer. Their machines can be used all year round and give you a good soak no matter the weather. They have over 30-years of experience in the design and manufacture of hot tubs so you know you’ll be dealing with experts at every step of the way.


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If you want a true wood-fired experience, Skargards are the brand to look for. They offer premium quality hot tubs that have a modern feel whilst staying true to tradition. Their customer service team is available 7-days a week to guide you through your purchase and make everything as simple as possible.

Happy Soaking

That is all the essential information you need before jumping into your new hot tub purchase. They are an incredible way of getting a luxury experience at home and an easy way to get a wow factor. One thing’s for sure, getting a brand-new garden hot tub will turn a summer outside into something truly special.

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