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Health & Wellbeing Tips You Must Know About During COVID-19


When it comes to keeping yourself healthy, well & happy, now more than ever before taking care of yourself during COVID-19 is very important. With lots of us exercising outdoors, working from home and meditating, making sure our bodies keep fit and well is a must. It’s important we take preventative measures to stop the risk & spread of contracting COVID-19 virus. There are some simple & easy things we can all do – check out these health & well-being tips to know during COVID-19.

Keep Your Immune System Strong With Vitamins & Supplements

Give your immune system a boost of strength and help to reduce the chances of getting ill with a daily intake of vitamins & supplements. A strong immune system protects your body from infections. Your immune system creates, holds & distributes the white blood cells that combat bacteria & viruses that enter your body.

With Vitamin C & D being great sources of vitamins, keeping your immune system strong during COVID-19 is especially important. From dissolvable vitamin drinks to vitamin tablets & vitamin gummies, shopping for health & wellbeing products has never been so easy. Why not shop at Boots & Vitabiotics for all the latest products for immune system health & support. 

Reduce Stress Levels With Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Your stress & anxiety levels may be higher than usual, and that’s completely understandable. Help yourself to manage & combat your stress levels with a range of herbal remedies, sprays & tablets and stress-free drops. Aromatherapy is effective for stress reduction as it works to activate & stimulate the small receptors in your nose that send signals through your nervous system to the limbic system – the central part of your brain that controls emotional response. 

From spa diffusers to destress bath oils & sleep pillow sprays, shopping for stress management products has never been so easy. Why not shop at Holland & Barrett for all the latest aromatherapy products and Chemist Direct for other essential wellness products.

Keep Clean With Hand Gel & Hand Care Products

We’re all cleaning & washing and disinfecting our hands to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Keep stocked on supplies of antibacterial hand gel & hand sanitiser to make sure your hands stay clean and fresh 24/7. From non-scented hand sanitisers to fragrance-scented gels & hand washes, cleaning your hands regularly will help to protect against infection.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers reduce the number of microbes on hands, and it’s advised to use an alcohol-based sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol. Excessive handwashing can lead to dry hands, so make sure you keep your hands moisturised with cream. With pocket-size hand gels & big bottled hand sanitiser for the home, buying hand antibacterial gels & washes has never been easier. Shop online for hand sanitisers at Superdrug for affordable prices and products.

Stay Safe With Face Masks & Face Coverings

Face masks & face coverings are essential to combating COVID-19 as they help to prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission. From reusable face masks, to disposable face coverings and kids face masks, shopping for masks is essential at the moment.

Shops now stock a range of reusable & sustainable kids’ and adults’ face coverings in varying styles and sizes. Many reusable face masks are washing-machine friendly, so don’t forget to clean them! Face masks are made from breathable materials for comfort, whilst others have adjustable ties & elasticated ear loops for a snug fit. If you’re looking for face coverings, shop at Boots from a big selection.

WFH Means We Need To Keep Our Homes Extra Clean

COVID-19 has meant lots of us are working from home (WFH). And WFH means we’re likely to create more mess & dirt on a regular basis. In order to minimise the exposure to COVID-19, house cleaning has never been so crucial. High-contact areas such as door handles, bathrooms, phones & laptops and even handrails need extra special attention so it’s best to clean with house disinfectants products.

Kick-start your home cleaning regime and check out what offers Chemist 4 U has on all products home cleaning & PPE (personal protective equipment).


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