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Home Maintenance That’s Essential for Winter

Winter Home Maintenance

Judging by the dreary days and colder nights, our summer is over and we’re a freezing winter is coming. It’s not all bad though, there’s nothing like cosy film nights on the sofa listening to the rain. It’s the season of comfort food, steaming hot chocolate, and hibernating in your sanctuary for as long as you can. Before you can get under the giant fluffy blanket, check out our winter home maintenance checklist and get you and your home prepped for the bad weather.

Outdoor Home Maintenance

Getting your outdoor space prepared for winter is vital. The last thing you want is to be forced up a ladder as storm rages around you. These can be dirty jobs but putting that effort in now will keep you out of the rain later. And putting them off could leave you with a harder job later or a big bill.

Home Maintenance Task: Clearing Gutters

Get All Up in Those Gutters

It’s important to give your gutters some love before the rain really starts lashing down. Loose leaves, twigs, and grime will stop water flowing freely and leave you with an unwanted waterfall. This is a simple job that will keep your garden from becoming waterlogged. If you haven’t got a ladder, it’s time to invest. Every home needs one and there are loads of jobs, inside and out, that will make it worthwhile.

Check the Tiles

While you’re up that ladder, give your roof the once over and look out for slipped or loose tiles. If you don’t get these fixed before the winter storms batter your roof things will get extremely expensive quick. According to MyJobQuote.co.uk, replacing 5 tiles will cost up to £500, but replacing your entire roof cost up to £10,000. Pro tip – check the view from across the street too. It will be difficult to get a good view from the top of your ladder.

Fix Up Your Fences

Fences are vulnerable in the winter and you should take a walk around your garden to check for weak points. Look for and snaps, broke slats and general looseness. If it has a wobble when you give it a shake, you’re going to want to sure it up. It doesn’t take much to bring a loose fence down and it will cause problems with pets and neighbours.

Strap Down

It’s best to tether any garden furniture or playsets to the ground. When the wind picks up it’s not hard to imagine the lighter items being carried off. And you don’t want to wake up and find your table in a garden a few doors down, or worse.

A woman trimming branches for home maintenance.

Trim Back

Large trees and bushes need to be trimmed back to prevent any loose debris going wild come winter. They might only make your garden look untidy but worst case is a branch going through a window or causing serious damage. Whether you unleash your inner tree surgeon or bring in a professional, this could save you some serious drama in storm season.

Indoor Home Maintenance

The winter checklist isn’t limited to the garden and there’s plenty of jobs to get on with inside. These are the kind of things that get put off and put off until something goes pop, and you’re lumped with a massive bill and a throbbing headache. You can avoid that by setting some time aside each weekend to get your home maintenance done.

A Winter View from window

Check Your Windows

Checking your windows is something you should do all year round, but it becomes especially important when the temperatures start to plummet. You’ll want to check that the seals are intact and not warped. Broken seals will make your double-glazing efforts pointless and increase your energy bills. A tell-tale sign of a broken seal is condensation between the panes, and you will either need to replace the seal or have a new window fitted.

Service Your Boiler

This one should be considered essential and marked on the calendar. A thorough service will catch any potential problems so you can get them sorted before the turn into something serious and cost you a lot of money. Not getting your boiler service is also something that can cost you when something goes wrong and you’ve been paying for boiler cover. Boilers produce carbon monoxide which can be deadly, and you want to be sure everything is safe. And if it goes in the middle of January when temperatures are at their lowest, things will get a very icy at home.

Protect Your Pipes

Okay, this one applies to the outdoors as well, but it’s particularly important for your boiler pipes. If the water inside the pipes freeze the best you can hope for is the boiler being out of commission until they melt. But a burst pipe is a real danger as water expands as it freezes. You can pick up special insolation tubes that are made to cover your pipes and keep things flowing nicely throughout a big freeze.

Damp Prevention

With a whole lot moisture heading your way, it’s now a race against time to damp proof your hideaway. That might sound dramatic, but there’s nothing worse than a finding a creeping patch of mould spreading across your wall. Your whole house will smell dank and it can cause or aggravate health problems. To prevent damp, you need to regularly circulate air around your home to keep things flowing. You can also use mould resistant paint on your walls to stop any chance of the mould taking hold.

Father and daughter finishing home maintenance tasks.

Finish Your Projects

We know what it’s like, everything is dry and warm during summer, and it always feels like there’s plenty of time to get that DIY finished. Next thing you know it’s hammering down and getting dark at five o clock. High levels of humidity will prevent the paint from curing properly which will affect how it stands up to daily life. Projects that need the space or ventilation of the garden will have to be put on hold soon and if you want things finished this year, it’s now or never.

That is a basic winter maintenance guide that will help keep your home comfortable during the colder months. It covers the most important things you need to do as soon as autumn hits, but it is not extensive by any means. No matter what time of year it is, there’s always more you can do to protect your home. And best of all, when you take the time and get stuck in, you’re are protecting the value of your home and earning yourself money in the long run.

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