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Christmas Gifts

Homemade Gifts that Make Magic this Christmas


Christmas is a time for family, friends, and all the heart-warming stuff that fills all the Christmas adverts. But let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a pile of shredded wrapping paper on the living room floor. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on the shiniest bit of tech or perfume that’s super expensive because Jonny Depp drove it out the desert. Homemade gifts mean that bit more and even if it looks a bit of a mess, your loved ones will cherish it because it you created it.

Make a Gift Day falls on the 3rd of December and it’s the perfect for getting a little crafty this Christmas. The fact your creation isn’t going to cost anywhere near what a new iPad will set you back doesn’t come into it, obviously. And you don’t need to be handy with the scissors and glue to create an incredible gift. If you’re looking for some inspiration, checkout our simple homemade gifts anyone can make.

Homemade Gifts for Her

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Something sparkly is nice and all, but sometimes all a girl wants is time and effort to see how much you care. The right homemade gift is a superb way to show the love and let that special person what the mean to you. But we’re not talking about a homemade card so, put the crayons down and have a look at these easy ways to impress this Christmas.


Let’s be real for a second, you probably stress your significant other out as much as anything. Whether you leave your socks on the bathroom floor, let things ‘soak’ for nine hours, or generally just be you, she deserves a little stress relief. A relaxing soak in the tub is fine but throw in a fragrant and fizzing bath bomb and she’ll be chilled for a week.

You can create them with essentials oils and ingredients you’ll find sitting around your house which makes them a fantastic option when the budgets tight. The one ingredient that’s a little unusual is citric acid. It’s important because that’s what reacts with the baking soda and water to create the all important fizz. Don’t panic though, it’s not hard to get hold of, Wilko sell tubs of the stuff pretty cheap so it’s not a big deal. If they sound perfect for her, the BBC Good Food Bathbomb recipe is the one we recommend.

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Chocolate Truffles

The sweet stuff is never a bad choice for gift, and if you make them yourself, in a cute box with a little love you note, she’ll melt. Chocolate truffles are a fantastic recipe for beginners and their rich flavour is sure to impress. All you do is bring a mixture of cream and butter to a gentle simmer and pour over chopped dark chocolate. You can add your own flavouring once that delicious mixture has melted and bonded. Will you go fruity or boozy? Don’t go overboard with the big flavours though, these treats are all about the decadent chocolate. Finish them off with a dusting of cocoa powder and they’re ready for a nice box. Prepare them as close to gift day as possible and store in the fridge until you’re ready to hand them over. Don’t, and this is key, eat them.

Experiences in a Jar

These cute gifts are a perfect for letting people them know how much you care and it couldn’t be easier. All you do is take a humble jar that looks like a hipster should be drinking out of it in some hip London bars and fill it with little things that will make her smile. The best ones stick to a theme like ‘Spa Day’ or ‘Movie Night’ that link it all together. Inside ‘Movie Night’ you can include a packet of uncooked popcorn, paper cups for drinks, their favourite sweets, and a homemade ticket for their favourite film. These little jars are a fantastic way of showing that you pay attention to the little things and if you take the time to decorate them, they look gorgeous too.

Homemade Gifts for Him

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Making a homemade gift is a fabulous way of putting a few personal touches into their everyday. You can take the everyday and mass-produced items they’d normally buy themselves and make them more special.

Beer Bottle Glasses

These awesome homemade gifts are simple enough to make but you will be playing around with fire and glass. Make sure you read a tutorial and get comfortable with the process before you have an accident. But warnings only make things more enticing and these glasses are pretty darn cool. Pick their favourite beer and turn a bottle of the best into a stylish glass for at home cold ones. It doesn’t have to be beer either, you can do this with any glass bottle to create a stylish gift they’ll use every day.

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DIY Shave Kit

A homemade shave kit is a superb way of showing the main men in your life the love. They always need to shave, at least until they give in to their beardy dreams, and there are countless homemade recipes that will treat their skin better. Most of them revolve around a combination of coconut oil, shea butter, and the essential oils of your choice to create a signature scent. You can store your creations in an old-fashioned wooden cigar box for that vintage feel.

Photo Gifts

Take the snaps you’ve stored in your phone and creating something incredible for him to treasure has never been easier. Whether you print them off and create a collage of your finest moments, or send them off to places like Photobox and Snapfish, incredible gifts are simple to create. Gorgeous photo books, hilarious cushions, or a mug to remind him whose boss, there are loads of options and technically you took the pictures, so it definitely counts as homemade.

Homemade Gifts for Kids

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If you want to guarantee a smile on the kids face, a homemade gift will deliver. They’ll recognise the time you put in and want to keep it forever. I mean they won’t love your painted rock as much as a PS5, but it’ll be close. Here’s our picks that will keep you nephew away from FIFA for 5 minutes.

Creative Bookmarks

It’s super easy to create a gorgeous bookmark and you can personalise it to what they love. Football, unicorns, LEGO, and anything else they love that will show them it is all about them. All you need is a piece of sturdy card and a pair of scissors. Finish it off with ribbons through the top and you’ll have a super simple gift that might even get the children picking up a book and off the computer games.

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Crib Mobiles

If you’ve got a new arrival in the family, a mobile is the perfect gift to melt new parent hearts, and it’s ridiculously easy to make. All you need is a couple of wooden dowels that you can pick up from any craft store. Hobbycraft do a pack of 12 for a couple of quid and that will be more than enough to create something magical. All you need to do is drill holes at either end of your dowels and one through the middle.  The holding string is threaded through the centre hole and secured with a knot at the bottom. Decoration string is threaded through the ends and with a knot on the top. Pretty simple isn’t it.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

What kid doesn’t dream of buried treasure? It’s easy to make their swashbuckling dreams come true with a homemade gift straight from Davy Jones locker. It doesn’t take much to imagination to create a treasure map that will lead the little ones around the house or the garden. You can use some of the key ‘landmarks’ in your house to guide the way. Five paces from the TV turn left and crawl through the dining table cave. You can also bust out all the primary school tricks to age your paper and give it that ‘authentic’ look, get the oven on and tea bags soaking. We recommend get hiding a chocolate coin bounty at the end or you’ll have a mutiny on your hands. Extra points for crafting a treasure chest from a shoe box.

How ever you show the love this Christmas, remember that it doesn’t have to be all about money and putting in a little extra effort will mean more than the shiniest gift. There are thousands of crafty gift ideas out there so get involved and create those homemade gifts this year.

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