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9 Homework Motivation Tips


Back to school season comes with a few additional duties for parents. From waking the kids up to making sure they’re keeping up with the homework motivation, it’s an extra bit of life admin in an already busy day. Not to mention this term is shaping up to be a little unusual, thanks to the Coronavirus. 

From the way teachers interact with students, to school dinners, there’s no denying the term is going to be a little different. That goes for homework too, so we thought we’d give you some ideas for keeping the homework motivation high going into the new school term.

1. Make Sure They’ve Got What They Need

The first step is to make sure the kids have everything they need. A quiet space to work is essential so they can avoid distractions and get on with the task at hand. Put them somewhere comfortable without access to a TV or a phone is ideal, so they aren’t having their attention drawn away from the work.

It’s important to make sure they’ve got the right kit too. Get they’re pencil case is packed and they’ve got access to a laptop. Having to get up and look around for something is a little distraction, so it’s best to avoid it. 

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2. Set Up a Schedule

Making a schedule with them is great for measuring how well they’re doing. It’ll help them find a good speed to work at, and they can prioritise effectively. Finding a good pace is important so they don’t push themselves too hard and get burnt out.

Put the most urgent bits and the most difficult assignments at the top of the list, that way once they’ve got the hard part out of the way, it just gets easier! And another benefit of having a schedule, is that it makes it a little easier to implement a rewards system.

3. Outline Attainable Goals

By setting milestones, it gives the kids something to aim for. This can give them a sense of accomplishment which is great for keeping that homework motivation high. A great way to do this is by using the S.M.A.R.T system for outlining your goals.

When you’re working out your goals, make sure they’re specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. That way you don’t have vague targets that are hard to measure, but something tangible for the kids to aim for.

4. Create a Rewards System

Rewards are a great motivator, so it’s a good idea to put together a system where the kids know they’ll get out what they put in. It can involve small rewards when they hit milestones, or bigger rewards based on their grades, make sure it’s something they can get excited for.

Whether it’s a monthly treat based on how consistently well they’ve done on their homework, or it’s something as simple as some time with video games if they’ve reached some targets, it’s a great motivator. Make sure you’ve got a schedule and your targets outlined, and you’re likely to see them hit the books.

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5. Give Them a Break

It’s good to push yourself, but it’s important to give yourself a breather now and then. Whether you’re making big changes to your diet, or you’re trying to learn a new skill, too much too fast takes its toll. The same goes schoolwork, so it’s good to let the kids take a break.

For every half hour of homework that gets done, give them a little time off so they’re rested. That way they’ve got time to re-energise and time to reflect on how much they’ve accomplished. Maybe they haven’t gotten as much done as they’d like. So, they push themselves a little more in the next half hour, or they’re feeling proud of their performance. It’s important to let them take a little time.

6. Remind Them What They’re Working Towards

Naturally, kids are going to question why they need to bother with homework. So, it’s good to remind the little ones know what they’re working towards. Whether they’ve got a dream career in mind, or you just want to remind them what they can get out of hard work, it’s great for homework motivation. 

Even if it’s homework for a subject that they aren’t interested in pursuing long-term, there’s a lot to be gained from understanding the subject. It helps if you’ve got some real life examples of how the homework can come in handy. They may not have considered how the work can help.

7. Let Them Switch it Up

Staring at the same piece of work for a while can be a bit frustrating. So, encourage the kids to get a bit of variety. Having some time away from a piece of work and taking a step back is great for de-stressing, so it’s good to have a couple of bits of homework on the go at once.

It also helps that when you go back to a piece of work, you’re going back with fresh eyes. This can help you see the solution more clearly, or just go back over your work and identify problem areas. 

8. Help Them Out

It might seem obvious, but help them out a little if they get stuck. We’re not experts in every subject, so it’s a good idea to get some outside help. Learning resources like BBC Bitesize offer good coverage across a huge range of subjects.

There are also websites like STEM Learning that ca help with everything from primary school learning, to secondary and beyond. These resources are especially helpful in a time when home schooling has been happening on a much wider scale than usual thanks to the Coronavirus.

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9. Let Them Find a Way of Learning

While some are perfectly happy listening to something being explained, a lot of people like to take a more hands-on approach. We all learn in different ways, so it’s important to let the kids find a way that works for them. 

Whether it’s trying out new methods of learning. Whether it involves repetition, sticky notes, visual cues, mnemonic devices (using acronyms and sentences to remember things) or even rhymes, there’s going to be ways that work more effectively than others. 

Keep Up the Homework Motivation

When it comes to homework, it’s important to make sure the kids are getting something out of it. And while there are going to be subjects, they struggle with more than others, it’s important to help them out where you can. 

Whether they’re a dab hand at the practical subjects and struggle with the theory, or they’re whiz-kids when it comes to written exams, it’s important to keep up the encouragement, and give them a little homework motivation.

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