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How to Get a Top Spa Treatment on Your Sofa


I think we could all do with a luxury spa treatment to reset the mind, body, and soul, but how exactly do you get indulged and stick to social distancing? You can hardly get a sensational massage from two meters away, and it might be nice to have a chat in the jacuzzi.

To help stem the worry about germy hands as you’re being pampered to within an inch of your serene life, follow this superb spa at home treatment ideas and get all the relaxation without leaving the house.

First things first, turn your phone off. This isn’t some new-fangled treatment, just selfcare 101. You’re not going to get into a deep state of relaxation if your phones going off every two minutes, and you can still see the work emails coming in on when the phones on silent. Off it goes.

A Spa Treatment Needs Sensual Scents

When you go into a spa treatment room, the first thing you notice is the gorgeous scent. It envelopes you as soon as you walk through the door and your body knows it’s time to unwind. This is easiest sensation to recreate at home. Simply order your diffuser, oil burner, or candles and choose the scent that centres you. Lavender, rose, and vanilla are superb fragrances for stress relief and this inexpensive treatment is a great way to set the mood to chill.

Woman sitting on sofa wearing facial mask, Listening music with headphone

Masks On

Making use of the many scrubs or masks that are designed to reinvigorate your skin is another easy way of getting the spa treatment effect at home. With so many on the market it’s hard to know which face mask to choose. That depends on what you want it to do. If you want to rejuvenate dull skin, you should check the ingredients for fruit acids that will clear up any build up in the pores. For oily skin, you need to look at clay-based masks that draw impurities out of the skin. Before you order have a think about what your skin needs.

Hands Up for a Mani

If you’re missing the salon, you can teach yourself to give your hands and feet the same treatment in your living room. You’ll need to invest in manicure tools but once you’ve done that, you’ll never have to pay for your salon experience again. The same goes for the toes. If you invest in a sensual footbath and essential oils, you can soak your feet like a pro while you watch the tele.

A picture of a woman doing facial treatment in spa

Get Steamy with a Spa Treatment

Facial steaming is one of the easier treatments to treat yourself to at home and all you need is a kettle, bowl, a towel, and your favourite essential oils. Your mother might have made you do this when you were sick. Only instead of a soothing geranium, your eyes were stung with a glob of vicks, but it opened the lungs. There are loads of benefits to facial steaming. It promotes collagen and elastin for younger looking skin, helps with circulation to create a natural glow, and most of all it’s incredibly soothing.

Brush Up, and Down

Have you ever tried body brushing? This incredibly simple beauty tool is often overlooked but would usually more for your skin than the expensive lotions. Spend a couple of minutes a day giving your body the once over and you’ll be exfoliating, reducing toxins, promoting blood flow, diminishing any cellulite, and toning your skin. All from a little wooden brush and bristles. It’s so cheap, easy, and efficient that everyone should be doing it after they’ve dried of from every bath.

Soak Away the Stress

This next one sounds like an everyday occurrence, but the Korean Half Bath is a way to transforming your soak. All you have to do is run a bath that goes up to your belly button when you’re sitting. Then chillout for at least 45 without letting your hands go into the water, simple. The science says that contrasting temperatures promotes circulation, releases tension in the muscles, aids detoxification, and calms the nervous system. We say it’s super relaxing and leaves you feeling as fresh as morning dew.

It’s never been as important to book in a little me time for our mental health, as well as physical. Self-care is essential and we hope these tips can encourage you to take some time to yourself. Get away from work, the kids, or whatever is sending stress levels soaring, and get a little time for you.

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