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Space Saving Ideas for Spring 2021

Space Saving Ideas - Space Saving Furniture

When it comes to our homes, we aren’t all blessed with a ton of space. While we’d all like to simplify our lives and give our houses a little room to breathe, it can take a little imagination to get the perfect marriage of simplicity and style. So, we thought we’d put together a few space saving ideas on how you can save a little space, and keep the place looking fabulous this Spring.

From space saving tips for renters that won’t need you to make any alterations to your home, to products that combine storage and style helping you simplify your abodes without sacrificing functionality, we’ve got some ideas for you. So, seeing as we’re all spending a lot more time indoors thanks to the Coronavirus, have a read, and get on top of that Spring home update in 2021.

Space Saving Bedroom Tips

We’ll start with the bedroom, and when it comes to your sleeping space, the bed is a big piece of furniture that demands a lot of territory. So, it’s important to make sure you’ve got underbed storage. When you’re buying a new bed, make sure it’s got a little clearance underneath so you can make the most of it. While a platform bed can look pretty, you might find it’s a little low down for you to utilise that precious storage space.

Space Saving Ideas - Space Saving Beds

Another great way to go that really looks the part is with a divan. You can find beds with drawers underneath, or space saving beds that flip up to reveal a nice bit of storage. These are great options for style and functionality because they look the part, and it’s the perfect place to store those duvet covers and pillow cases when you’re not using them. Another fabulous option that’ll work for the kids is bunk beds, and with so many minimalist and modern designs out there, you can’t go wrong.

Space Saving with a Modern Look

Simplicity is everything when it comes to stylish storage solutions. While you can splash out on fancy shelving units, they eat up a lot of square footage, and they can be a pain to move. An alternative is to build the shelves into your wall, or opt for a floating shelf design. They’re a really great to make the most of the space you got and you can get a little verticality in your room, without having to park a giant wooden box in the middle of the place.

While we might be tempted to slap a bedside table next to our sleeping space, another cracking idea is a floating shelf. So, you’ve got somewhere to put your phone while it charges, and a space for your morning coffee. It looks modern, and you won’t have to give up room for a little drawer that takes up more space than the storage it offers. Just make sure you aren’t banging your head on the shelf in the mornings.

For a brilliant new bed that gives you style and functionality, Bensons for Beds and Wayfair have got you covered.

Make the Most of Wasted Space

From bathroom mirrors, to blank patches of wall, you might have more space than you think. By utilising the space you didn’t even know you had, you can de-clutter your home without having to bin a thing. This is the perfect excuse to get creative and maybe try your hand at a little upcycling too. woman in blue t-shirt sitting on brown wooden chair

A little trick that’ll give you a ton of space is pull out furniture. You can get fold out, space saving tables and chairs, so when they’re not being used, you just slide them back into their slot. This will leave you with a ton of breathing room, without having to get rid of essential furnishings. Not to mention the minimalist design actually looks pretty great to boot.

Space Saving Ideas - Use Wasted Space

Space Saving Furniture Alterations

You can use the sides of cabinets as handy spaces for hanging your kitchen utensils. Or you can put a cupboard behind your bathroom mirror. You can even install racks and shelves above your toilets to store those bathroom essentials. Likewise with the kitchen sink you can have a dish rack stood over it. This will give you space to wash the dishes and dry them without eating up that precious kitchen worktop space.

You can get nesting furniture that slots into a compact package, or just use up corner space with some wraparound shelves, there’s plenty of ingenious solutions to your storage woes. So, whether it means building storage into a wall, or you just get a bit of verticality by building over things, there’s plenty of ways to make the most of that un-utilised space.

Space Saving Ideas for Renters

We’ve talked about ways we can simplify our homes for extra space, but we aren’t all blessed with the power to make alterations to our homes. For those of us who rent, we might have to try and make use of what we’ve got, but luckily, there’s plenty of affordable ways we can dial up the space without knocking through a wall.

Space Saving Ideas - Storing Clothes

The first thing I’ll mention is the power of the vacuum pack. You might have a stack of duvet covers that eat into your wardrobe space, but with a vacuum pack, you can just suck the air out and compact those things down as small as they’ll go. The best part is that you can get them for less than a tenner in most cases. Then you can just throw them under the bed without worrying about anything getting dusty or lost.

Simple Space Saving Ideas

A simple extendable wardrobe rail is an absolute must if you don’t mind having your clothes on show. With a lot of them, you don’t have to drill any holes, so your landlord can’t kick up a fuss. Not to mention you can put them up as high as you can reach, which leaves you with a ton of space underneath. They’re perfect if you’ve got an alcove in your room that you can’t quite fit a bulky wardrobe into.

Another cracking option is damage free hanging. You can get strips that attach to the wall without the need for nails or screws. And once you’ve put those up, you can attach a shelf or a mirror (mirrors are a great way to make the room look bigger). It’s a great way to give yourself a little extra storage space, and give the room a little extra style. Sitting in a room surrounded by magnolia walls isn’t a great way to spend your lockdown, so this is a damage-free way to pretty up the place.

From big furnishings, to the little things, Dunelm has everything you need to save a little space this Spring.

For simple yet stylish furniture that doesn’t sacrifice functionality, Made.com is the place to be.

Budget-Friendly Space Savers

When it comes to our kitchens, we don’t have to be at the mercy of our limited cupboard space. With a few shelf risers, you can double your storage, and it’s not going to leave those cupboards looking cluttered. Another fabulous idea is to flip a wine crate. Not only is it basically a shelf already, but it’s got a rustic and vintage look. And if you’re not happy with the look, you can always add a lick of paint.

Space Saving Ideas - Budget Space Saving Ideas

Another way to double your storage is to pop some hooks on a shelf. That way you can hang a few coats, or some home décor without having to drill a ton of holes into your wall. Upcycling those old shelves works wonders for your space. Not to mention, all it takes to make a place to hang your coat is a strip of wood and some hooks, so it’s a D.I.Y job for people of any skills level, and you might only need a screwdriver. So, you don’t have to be kitted out like Bob the Builder to get the job done.

Save Space with Upcycling

A great way to make the most of what you’ve got on a budget is to turn a storage box into a table. By flipping the lid and adding some cheap plywood inside, you can use it as a box, and flip the lid when you need a place to put your coffee down. Alternatively, you can buy boxes like this from budget homeware stores.

Space Saving Ideas - Upcycling

Upcycling is a fantastic way to add a little extra functionality to your furniture. You can even prettify your home if you fancy adding some paint or a bit of varnish. And you’re always better off giving something a new lease of life, rather than taking it to the tip. But it’s good to remember that if you do fancy decluttering, you can always hang on to it until the charity shops are back open, or find a freecycle scheme that’ll take it off your hands.

Get yourself kitted out for all your upcycling needs with a look at what B&Q and Wickes have in stock.

Make the Most of These Space Saving Ideas

So, whatever your budget, we hope we’ve given you a little inspiration on how you can get a little breathing room in your home. From stylish and functional furnishings that give you the best of both worlds, to neat little tips that’ll have you upping your storage game this Spring, you’ve got room to get creative and save a little space in 2021.