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The Ultimate Cosy Night-In Checklist


With the new lockdown restrictions coming into force we now have an excuse to stay home underneath our cosy blankets and forget about the outside world. It’s the time of year for giant mugs of hot chocolate and warm woolly jumpers. You might wander what do you need for the perfect lazy evening at the comfort of your own home? Here’s our ultimate cosy night-in checklist:

✔️Hot Bath

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Start with a hot shower or indulge yourself in the bathtub as soon as you finish working! Read a good book, light up some candles… Let your mind escape and soak up the sweet serenity with a bath bomb. After that, treat yourself to a calming body cream and set the tone for the ultimate cosy night-in. Check our article How to Get a Top Spa Treatment on Your Sofa for ideas.

Suggested Shopping: The Body Shop

✔️ Comfy Clothes

One essential you can’t go without is comfy clothes! It’s time to take out of your wardrobe the oversized sweaters, soft jumpers and all these cute Disney pyjamas you thought you would never wear. Need an update? MyVoucherCodes has you covered! We have lots of amazing deals and discount codes for all popular UK fashion retailers.

Suggested Shopping: Boden

✔️Hot Drinks

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A cosy night in can’t be complete without a selection of hot drinks. No matter what you fancy – tea, coffee or hot chocolate, make sure you stock your cupboards! For the perfect autumn drink, we recommend hot cocoa with marshmallows or the all-time favourite pumpkin-spiced latte.

Suggest Shopping: Hotel Chocolat


There’s nothing more relaxing than lighting up an aromatic candle in a cold and rainy night. Make sure you choose a light and calming scent to complement your room. We love the typical winter smells such as cinnamon, orange, vanilla and honey. They will instantly make your home feel warmer and cosier!

Suggested Shopping: The White Company

✔️Fairy Lights

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Investing in good all year-round fairy lights is a must! Not only you’ll be set for the festive season, but you’ll also be able to enjoy more of these cosy and romantic nights throughout the year. There’s something very satisfying having lights to twinkle and flicker in your room. You have many options – white, yellow, colourful, round-shape, star-shape and more.

Suggested Shopping: The White Company

✔️ Movies or Games

“Netflix and Chill”, the ultimate autumn dream! It’s never too early to start with the favourite Christmassy movies. Romantic comedies, horror movies or a Sex & The City marathon? You can’t go wrong about it. If you’re not really in the mood for movies, try playing a classic board game like Monopoly or set up a multiplayer Guitar Here contest on your PlayStation.

Suggested Shopping: GAME

✔️ Blanket and Cushions

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Is there anything better than warming up in a soft blanket after a long day at work? Or piling up your fluffiest cushions to take away the stress? There’s something extra relaxing and comforting in the idea of putting your hands around something that cosy. Plus, you don’t have to worry if you accidentally fall asleep. It’s a win-win!

Suggested Shopping: House of Fraser

✔️ Food & Snacks

Finger-licking snacks are always needed! From some chocolate, to crisps and popcorns (or fruit if you want to stay healthy) – you can’t have a cosy night in without snacks! Our favourite is mixing up some cheese, olives and grapes, while sipping a glass of red wine. We also recommend nachos with a choice of dips – salsa, cheese and homemade guacamole. For the perfect dinner, nothing can beat a slice of pepperoni pizza or a fresh pasta Bolognese bowl. Bon Appétit!

Suggested Shopping: Domino’s


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