The Impact of the cost of living crisis on the cost of my weekly shop.

The cost of living crisis has affected us all. In this article, I explain how much my weekly food shop cost has risen and ways to help save on food.

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According to the Office of National Statistics, the Inflation rate for food and non-alcoholic was 17.4% as of June 2023.

The Office of National Statistics also found that close to half (48%) of adults in Great Britain said they were buying less food when shopping and rising food costs were the most commonly reported reason among the 60% of adults who said their cost of living had risen in the previous month and around 1 in 20 adults said they had run out of food and could not afford more. 

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ProductAverage PricePrice Last YearPrice Change
White sliced bread£1.35£1.1320%
Plain Biscuits£1.28£1.0819%
Breakfast cereal (non-chocolate coated)£2.26£2.117%
Meat Free Sausages£2.36£2.1510%
Milk Chocolate Bar£0.83£0.7315%
Instant Coffee£3.33£3.059%
Teabags (80)£2.47£2.2410%
Multipack Crisps£1.73£1.4123%
Cheddar Cheese£9.47£7.3529%
Whole Milk£1.62£1.3718%
Small Oranges£2.78£2.626%
Carrots (/kg)£0.74£0.5534%
Cucumber (each)£0.82£0.5939%
Iceberg Lettuce (each)£0.78£0.6128%
Tomatoes (/kg)£3.19£2.9210%
Peppers (/kg)£1.03£0.8423%
Frozen Vegetable Burgers£2.28£2.0511%
White Potatoes (/kg)£0.73£0.6119%
Cook-in sauces£1.97£1.3941%
Fruit Juice£1.26£0.9926%
Fizzy Drink£1.74£1.5214%
Baked Beans£1.04£0.8424%
Canned Tomatoes£0.73£0.5531%
Total Price:£51.34£43.3818%
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