Buying Wedding Gifts on a Budget

Finding a wedding gift that's both special and affordable isn't easy. However, the lucky couple will adore our budget-friendly gift ideas.

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Weddings are expensive for all involved, especially for the couple who are tying the knot! If you are lucky enough to be a guest, you will want to make the most of the day, which often means money on travel, accommodation, drinks and outfits! 

Then there is the wedding gift to consider. You want the lucky couple to feel special and for them to love their gift, but it’s not always easy to find the perfect pressie when on a budget. 

Wedding lists/registries don’t seem to be as popular as they were. Partly due to couples already living together and already owning all the homewares they need and more recently, due to the cost of living. The expectation to spend a fortune on a wedding gift is a thing of the past for most couples. 

So, assuming there isn’t a wedding list or a request for money towards the honeymoon etc, here are some great ideas that won’t break the bank so you can break moves on the dance floor and enjoy the day! 

How much do people spend on wedding gifts anyway?

According to, there are some expectations depending on if are an acquaintance/colleague/or distant friend who isn’t attending the wedding, an evening guest or a guest who will enjoy the entire day.  

  • Acquaintances - around £30
  • Evening party guest - around £50
  • Attending the entire day - around £75
  • A close friend or family member - around £100

If you are on a tight budget, expectations are pretty high! Here are some affordable suggestions that will keep the happy couple sweet.  

It’s time to get sentimental

If you can’t get sentimental at a wedding, when can you?! It’s actually pretty easy to produce a wonderful gift on practically zero budget - especially if the couple are close friends or family. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing. 

Create a video guestbook

Contact guests before the wedding, especially those who can’t make it. Ask them to record a short message for the happy couple that they can send over to you. You can create a montage of all the videos set to the couple's first dance song. Allow yourself plenty of time to put the video together and use a free video editing app - there are loads available. There will be tears - but good ones!  

Put pen to paper

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Poetry isn’t for everyone, but it could be the perfect way to document the story of true love! Poems don’t have to be soppy, you can write something witty to give them a giggle. But the real gift is the time you took to write something special. Pop your poem in a beautiful card, there are some beautiful and affordable cards available at John Lewis and Marks and Spencer.  

Tell their story in pictures

If you’re close to the couple you could put together a photo album from the beginning of their relationship to the present day. Add some funny or poignant notes in addition to the photos. Allow for additional blank pages so the couple can add wedding photos at a later date.  It will take some time to create this, but the couple will thank you for it. This gift will last a lifetime.  

Make future memories bloom

Pick up a small box from a craft or charity shop. Even you can go to the expense of getting a personalised box, that’s great, but not essential. Fill the box with packs of seeds that the couple can grow in their future garden or window box. It’s a great way to provide a unique gift that can be enjoyed later in the year. 

Give the gift of a memorable experience

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Experience days/trips are really popular and they make amazing wedding gifts. There are plenty of affordable options too. 

Virgin Experience Days offer wine tasting for two from just £50 and couples star gazing in Wales from £50. Both romantic and fun. 

Check out Red Letter Days, if the receipts are the adventurous type they might like a supercar driving experience from £49.99 or whizzing around of a Segway experience for two from £49. 

Afternoon tea lovers will adore the selection available from Buy a Gift. You could treat them to afternoon tea at Marco Pierre Whites New York Italian from £37 or afternoon tea is available at several different hotels across the UK from £30 to £50.  

Homewares that don’t cost hundreds

If you would like to go down the more traditional route of picking up homewares, you don’t need to break the bank. 

Take a look at the bargain homewares that Wilko have to offer, from practical pots and pans to pretty bedding and home décor. You can spend as little as £20 and come away with a fantastic gift. 

We love Dunelm for great prices on soft furnishings. Maybe the newlyweds have a new pad to move into and would love to accessorize. And if you aren’t sure what they would like a gift card is always a welcome option. 

Dartington Crystal is the ultimate traditional gift when it comes to wedding presents. And they are more affordable than you might think. Wedding gifts start from just £18, a small price to pay for a gift that will be treasured for years. 

Think outside the box - or in it?

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Wouldn’t it be great to return from honeymoon and not have to worry about shopping for groceries? Well, you could be the answer to the couple's dreams with a subscription to a recipe box There is no need to sign up for a long period if you don’t want to, just a month will do! These handy boxes have everything in to make a delicious meal a few times a week for two, or a family. Check out Hello Fresh or Gusto, they often have cracking discounts - so take advantage of those. 

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