The Ultimate Guide for Valentine’s Gifts on a Budget - gifts under £20

Wanting to show someone you love them without spending a fortune on Valentine's gifts? Read on!

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give your special someone a little extra appreciation. Whether you celebrate your love every day of the year, or save it all up for this special day, don’t let a strict budget get in the way. 

If you don’t have a partner to celebrate with, worry not. These gift ideas are all perfect if you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day instead with a few of your closest girlfriends. 

Homemade Gifts

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Instead of overspending this Valentine’s Day, why not get creative and show your special someone how much they are loved with a homemade gift? Don’t worry, these DIY gift ideas don’t require any expertise - they are simple and easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home. 

Love Coupons

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Love Coupons are a thoughtful and loving gift idea with a little bit of cheek too. All you need is some paper, pens (if you’re hand-drawing them), or a printer. You can find some great, free love coupon templates online for inspiration, along with a handy list of 101+ Love Coupon Ideas: For Him and Her.  

Memory Scrapbook

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Whatever memories you’re preserving in your scrapbook, your special someone is guaranteed to love it. You can get creative as you like with this one and use apps like Pinterest if you lack inspiration. 

Places like Hobby Craft and The Works have a fantastic selection of inexpensive scrapbooking essentials and accessories, including affordable scrapbooks:  

Daily Affirmations Jar

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Make sure that your loved one can start their day off right with a DIY affirmations jar. All you need for this is a clean, empty glass jar (reuse candle jars or cooking sauce jars instead of purchasing a new one), some paper and a pen or a printer. 

Cut out little cards and write affirmations on each one. Some great examples include the Oprah Daily Affirmations and The Good Trade Affirmations. What’s more, add in a few of your favourite memories together to put a smile on their face.

If daily affirmations aren’t quite right, then maybe a ‘Reasons Why I Love You’, ‘My Favourite Things About You’ or a ‘Date Night Ideas’ jar is better suited. You can find a handy Reasons Why I Love You Label, £1.99+ from Etsy to decorate.  

Wild Flowers

A bouquet of yellow, pink, and white wildflowers in a vase in a garden.

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Flowers can be costly, so unless you know how to cut costs on flowers, why not opt for a romantic walk and look for some in-season blooms that you can later present to your partner? Keep an eye out for Daffodils, Snowdrops and Witch Hazel to create a thoughtful Valentine’s gift that’ll brighten up your home for a fraction of the cost.  

What’s more, pressed flowers are an adorable (and free) way to show someone how much they mean to you. You can press flowers at home by popping them into a heavy book and waiting for around ten days or until they’ve dried out. 

Once ready, either arrange them on some high-quality paper and frame or incorporate them into a lovingly hand-made Valentine’s card. The choice is yours!

Gifts Under £20

Small Thoughtful Gifts

A small, light pink gift box with a pink ribbon, along with red heart confetti and pink paper, on a pastel pink background.

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If you’re celebrating but keeping things more lowkey this year, then a small, thoughtful gift is the perfect option. 

At Notonthehighstreet, they have a variety of affordable little trinkets that will speak volumes without going over budget:  

Another adorable option is the Love Trivia Cards, £8 and the Love Vouchers, £8 from Moonpig

Jewellery & Keepsakes

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Watch your special someone’s eyes light up when you surprise them with a piece of jewellery that is just as beautiful as they are. If you’re working with a tight budget or you’re looking for a present that you can pair with another, don’t miss our article on cutting costs on jewellery, as well as some of these stunning items of jewellery all under £10:  

For those whose budget can stretch a bit further, check out the following items of jewellery and keepsakes for under £20:  

Novelty Gifts

A person's hands holding a brown paper wrapped gift with red ribbon on, in front of a red background.

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Celebrate your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a non-traditional gift. From LEGO roses and pottery kits to novelty gifts that will give you something to do together, we’ve got you covered. Check out the following items for less than £20: 

Lingerie & Nightwear

A red lacey underwear set on a fluffy background with red heart shaped candles.

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Spice up your personal life with an item of lingerie or fancy-dress accessories that are sure to make you feel irresistible, without the luxury price tag. For items under £10, don’t miss the following: 

If you’re happy to spend a little bit extra on this special day, then take a look at some of the items of nightwear below:

Self Care Essentials

A diffuser and white flannel rolled up, with a red heart shaped soap and red heart confetti in front of a light pink background and fairy lights.

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If your special someone loves nothing more than a skincare routine or an at-home pamper night, then you’ll make their day with some self-care essentials. Ensure you have healthy skin and a healthy relationship while you spend some quality time together, without breaking the bank: 

For those who are happy to spend closer to £20, don’t miss the following pamper products that will help you and your special someone chill out this Valentine’s:  


A fragrance bottle with a piece of red ribbon.

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Buying your partner a new aftershave or perfume can often be an expensive gamble, especially if you don't know our handy tips for buying good value fragrances, so why don’t you get them a mini gift set to see which one they prefer?  This way you can make a note of their favourite scent and buy it for their upcoming birthday or anniversary.

At Boots, Superdrug, and The Fragrance Shop they have some affordable options including:   

Chocolate Gifts

A close up of luxury Valentine's day chocolates.

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If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a delicious, chocolatey gift to indulge in. For affordable chocolate gifts that taste delightful, check out some of the following from Hotel Chocolat and Thorntons:

Whether you tried Veganuary this year and want to continue into February, or you’re after vegan chocolate options, don’t miss out on some of these inexpensive, scrumptious goodies: 

If your gift recipient seriously loves all things chocolate, then why not opt for something a little more substantial, without the luxury price tag? Whether it’s a chocolate selection box, or something a little different, spoil them rotten this year: 

Food & Drink

Valentine's bundle with some pink tulips, a bottle of wine, some lindor chocolate and a red heart-shaped lolly pop that says 'I LOVE YOU'

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Whether you and your partner love to try new gins and cocktails or love nothing more than a cheese board at the end of a special evening, we’ve got you covered with these affordable gifts that are ideal for those who love to indulge: 


A happy, loved up couple in a city centre during the evening.

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Make memories that are sure to last a lifetime with an experience gift this year. From couples photoshoots where you can feel the love, to online classes, museum visits, and more, you don’t have to go over budget to enjoy a day out to remember: 

Custom Gifts

A valentine's day teddy bear with a red, plush heart that says 'I LOVE YOU'

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Surprise your loved one with a custom gift that is just as unique as them. Whether you’re struggling to find a gift this year, or you’re after something that speaks volumes, opt for something with that added personal touch that is sure to make their day:  

Affordable Activities

A loved up couple touching noses and smiling while enjoying warm drinks at a cafe.

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Whether you’re anxious about overspending so soon after the Christmas period, or you’re looking for alternatives to gifts that still show your appreciation for your loved one, we’ve got your back. 

Most people love nothing more than quality time. Plan an affordable activity with your partner for Valentine’s Day this year that involves little to no purchases, and a whole lot of love. 

Breakfast in Bed

Toast with heart-shaped jam on, on a pink plate with a pink mug of coffee, on a matching pink background.

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Put a romantic spin on the egg, avocado and bacon brunch classic by carving the shape of a heart into your slices of bread. Pop them into an oiled pan and crack eggs into the holes. Serve with a hefty selection of avocado and bacon and voila! Alternatively, have a go at turning your pancakes into hearts, and impress your partner with your romantic cooking skills. 

Blind Date With a Book

A heart shape made with the pages of a book, with a red glow.

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Head to your nearest Waterstones or WH Smith, and buy each other a book that you think they’ll appreciate. Using apps like Goodreads can be helpful if your partner has a want-to-read shelf for you to check out. Once you’ve secured your read, snuggle up together and enjoy. 

Keep an eye out at your nearest bookshop for their blind date with a book section. These books are typically wrapped in brown paper with a few descriptive words inscribed, so you cannot see the cover and get a pleasant surprise when you head home. 

Alternatively, turn up the temperature by choosing an erotic novel for your partner and hoping they get the message for the night ahead.  

Date Night on a Budget

A happy couple enjoying a romantic candle lit dinner at home.

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Make an evening of it with a date night on a budget. From romantic walks and at-home pamper nights, to silent discos, and more, enjoy a night dedicated to spending quality time with your favourite person, without spending a fortune. 

If you’re in need of some more inspiration, check out the Dates Dice, £6.27 from Notonthehighstreet

Supermarket Sweep Challenge

A person carrying a black, plastic supermarket basket while shopping for supermarket groceries.

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We all know how exciting a trip to Big Tesco can be. ‘Supermarket Sweep’ is a fun and original alternative to splurging the cash this Valentine’s Day, so head on over to your supermarket of choice and start putting your knowledge of your partner to good use. 

As seen on Nelly London’s Instagram, the aim of this game is to get one item in each of the following categories for your partner: 

  1. Something from the seasonal isle
  2. Something in their favourite colour
  3. Their favourite drink 
  4. Something beginning with the first letter of their name
  5. Something to do together
  6. Their favourite snack
  7. A random gift
  8. Something that reminds you of them 

You can add more categories if you feel like it. This nifty little trick is a brilliant way to show someone how much they mean to you while sticking to a small budget. 

Homemade Pizza Night

A heart shaped pizza on a round wooden board with a pizza cutter, basil leaves and cherry tomatoes.

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Unless you know how to save on takeaway food or how to get takeaway pizza for a slice of the cost, ordering a takeaway can often cost a small fortune. 

Be money-savvy and romantic by making pizzas at home. Put some smooth jazz on, open a bottle of (affordable) wine, don your aprons and start kneading that dough. Choose from your favourite selection of toppings and be generous with the mozzarella. You could even shape your pizza dough into a love heart.  

Relationship Trivia

Heart confetti in pink, purple and red, with sparkles.

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This one might not be for everyone, but a relationship trivia night can be a fun and entertaining way to find out how much you know about each other. 

Have both of you create a quiz that has incredibly niche questions about yourself and your relationship and agree that the loser has to cook dinner.

Charity Shop Crawl

A happy couple looking through clothing in a charity shop.

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A seasoned charity shopper knows that you can find some real goodies when you least expect to. Swap the pub crawl with a charity shop crawl and find some steals that you could gift to your partner for cheap. You’re not always guaranteed to find anything, but it’s even more satisfying when you do.  

Get Intimate

A couple celebrating Valentine's day with red heart-shaped balloons covering their faces.

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Spice things up in the bedroom by trying something new. Give your partner a Valentine’s Day gift that’s both funny and sexy with one of the following suggestive gifts: 

Three-Course Meal Bingo

Red heart-shaped cookies on a white plate with a gold knife and fork, on a light-pink background.

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Nothing says romance quite like a candle-lit dinner. So, put your chef hat on and get cooking! 

Create a few options for your starter, main, dessert and drinks, and write them on small pieces of paper. Present the options in a mason jar and have your significant other choose them at random. 

It’s easy to get bogged down under the pressure of choosing what to eat, so this little trick means that you can save time (and energy) by having a menu tailor-made in the comfort of your own home.  

Ensure that you don’t go over budget by shopping in the reduced section, and checking out some of the best supermarket dine-in deals.  

Valentine's Day Cocktails/Mocktails

A valentine's margarita cocktail with red hearts, red heart confetti and a cocktail shot measurer.

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It can feel like you’ll need to remortgage your house to afford a night out at a cocktail bar, so why don’t you make some at home? 

This is a fun Valentine’s activity that won’t leave you bankrupt come February 15th. Check out these 20 Cocktails to Make for Valentine’s Day or these 39 Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Valentine’s Day, that involve romantic twists on some cocktail classics. You’ll both be hot around the collar in no time.  

Save Money by Not Celebrating

A happy couple enjoying a warm drink together.

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If you’re a seasoned lovebird, this one probably won’t be for you, but if you’re looking to save the pennies, try not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. 

It may sound drastic, but if you and your partner are on the same page then why not? After all, Valentine’s Day can get expensive, and a loving relationship doesn’t always need pricey gifts to prove how much you mean to each other. 

If payday seems far, far away, then take the pressure off and agree to celebrate it next year instead. 

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