How to Enjoy Halloween on a Budget

Make the most of Halloween this spooky season without having to break the bank. From pumpkin carving and dressing up to decorating your home and feasting on sweets, check out our handy tips, tricks, and treats.

An array of Halloween pumpkins with some candles, skulls, leaves and cobwebs.
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Whether you’re carving pumpkins all night long, getting dressed up in a wicked outfit, or hosting a terrifyingly fun Halloween party, make sure that you get the most out of this spooky season, without having to break the bank. 

As with most types of seasonal decor, it’s best to get in early to save yourself some money. Typically, retailers start displaying their Halloween stock right after the summer holidays which finish in August. So, get in the habit of purchasing your Halloween essentials sooner rather than later to make some fa-boo-lous savings. 

Wicked Decor

A house with Halloween decorations at night.

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Whether you’re transforming your house into the ultimate haunted mansion for a Halloween party to remember, or you’re on the lookout for some Halloween and Autumn Decor on a Budget, look no further because we’ve got some great, affordable pieces that will help lift your spirits.  

Spooky Scary Skeletons

A Halloween skeleton sitting against a tree in the dark, illuminated by artificial light.

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If you haven’t already got enough skeletons in your closet, then be sure to stock up on some of these bony buddies for Halloween. At Tk Maxx, they have an adorable Dancing Skeleton Decoration for £3.99 that you can hang and display, as well as a cool Resin Skull Halloween Decoration for £12.99 which would look great as a table centrepiece or displayed on a side table. 

At The Range, you can find their Hanging Skeleton Decoration for £2.69 which is super affordable and durable and would be ideal for putting up around your house. Alternatively, for a seriously spooky look, take a peak at the Bag of Bones for £9.99, if you dare. 

Lastly, at ASDA George, they have a super cool White Halloween Skull Candy Bowl for £7, and whether you use it to display your most terrifyingly tasty treats or something else like potpourri or fake spiders, it will look great!  

Fake Spiders & Spiderwebs

A fake skull with cobwebs and fake spiders on a wooden table for Halloween.

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This one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, and especially not for those who are scared of spiders - even fake ones. 

But you really can’t have a Halloween party without some decorative cobwebs. Whether it’s the classic ones like the Creepy Spider Web Decoration for £1 from Poundland or the Halloween Webbing for £1.99 from The Range, it’s a must-have. 

If you’re looking for something with a bit more glitz and glamour, check out this Set of 2 Halloween Tinsel Spider Webs for £2.49 from The Range, which is available in either green and black, or orange and black. For a more modern, and classy look, check out Dunelm’s Set of 3 Cut Out Spider Web Fans for £4. With the simple, black design, these are sure to help you achieve that Halloween set-up, without looking tacky. 

Finally, for lovers of creepy accessories, you won’t want to miss the Spider Tealight Candle Holder for £12.99 from The Range. This would look fang-tastic sitting on your party table, coffee table, or side table, and is sure to set the spooky mood with candlelight that will cast some seriously eerie shadows on your walls.  

Halloween Signs

A lightbox with the message Trick or Treat, on an orange background with spider and cobweb decorations.

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Whatever kind of look you’re going for this Halloween, you can’t go wrong with some Halloween signs. At The Range, they have an adorable Halloween Tinsel Boo Sign for £3.49 that is sure to look great at your Halloween party. This would look fabulous paired with the Halloween Pop Up Wall Stickers for £1 which are a great option if you’ve got little ones and make for a fun Halloween activity to do together. If you’ve got children who are a little older and would love something a little more gory, then take a look at the Bloody Window Script Stickers for just 79p

For lovers of quirky Halloween accessories, don’t miss out on the Witch’s Broom Parking Hanging Sign for £8.99

Halloween Wreaths

A Halloween wreath made out of wicker hanging on a white wall with bat decorations, candles, and ceramic pumpkins.

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Make sure that your front door looks stylish this spooky season with a Halloween wreath. At ASDA George, they have a variety of really boo-tiful options that are affordable too. If you’re going for a more minimalistic look, then have a look at the Black Halloween Wreath for £8

For more of a statement piece, don’t miss out on the Black Halloween Boo Light Up Twig Wreath for £15. If you’ve got the budget to spend, then it’s definitely worth opting for this one. With the light-up feature, this is sure to look high-quality and expensive, without the luxury price tag. 

Mood Lighting

Fairy lights in the shape of pumpkins for Halloween.

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By October, we are well within autumn which brings colder temperatures and darker evenings. That means it’s a great time to make the most of creating mood lighting, whether that’s with autumnal candles, fairy lights, or spooky lanterns, we’ve got you covered. 

Some affordable options include the Pumpkin Tea Light Holder for £1.49 from The Range, which is sure to create a warm, orange glow in your space that is ideal for those cosy nights spent on your sofa. For an adorable nod to Halloween, why not purchase the Mini Halloween Lantern for 99p so you can transform your home into the cosy haunted mansion of your dreams? 

If you’ve got the money to spare, a great place for all things lighting is Lights4Fun. Fairy lights are a great way to add a layer of warmth and light to your space, especially because they can be used in various ways. Whether you’re hanging them on your walls, draping them on your shelves, or using them in a more decorative way, they’re just fab. For Halloween, why not opt for something a little different like the Green LED Micro Battery Fairy Lights for £2.99

For those who want something that just screams Halloween, then you won’t want to miss out on these. A classic option is the Warm White Pumpkin Micro Lights for £4.99 which is great for a pop of colour in your home. The Felt Witches Hat Halloween Lights for £15.99 are a spooktacular option for those looking for something more minimalistic, and the Halloween Battery Fairy Lights for £12.99 are super adorable you simply won’t be able to resist. 

Finally, for the ultimate Halloween party lighting, whether you’re throwing one for your little ones, or your own friends and family, you’ll be sure to boogie in style, with the Halloween Projector for £9.99 from The Range. 

Spooktacular Party Essentials

A group of people in costumes dancing in a house that has been decorated for Hallloween.

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If you’re celebrating the spooky season this year by throwing a killer party, you’ll certainly want some Halloween essentials to set yourself up for a terrifyingly fun night! 

Halloween Tableware

A table with a pumpkin bowl filled with sweets, with a skeleton Halloween decoration, with a scattering of sweets

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Make sure that your snack table impresses your guests with Halloween tableware. At Dunelm, they have a variety of great bits and pieces for your table that are at great prices including a Pumpkin Wipe Clean Tablecloth for £6 so you enjoy your night mess-free. They also have an adorable Felt Pumpkin Table Runner for £3 and Felt Pumpkin Placemats for £2.25 which will add a bright pop of colour to your space. If you’re after something a bit more Addams-Family-esque, then check out the Spider Web Placemats for £4

If you’re in need of place settings or you fancy adding a few spooky signs on your table, check out the Blackboard Pumpkin Place Settings for £2 from Hobby Craft. Simply write Halloween phrases or your guests' names and add them to your spread. What’s more, the blackboard design means they’re reusable so you can wipe them clean and get them out again next year! 

When it comes to displaying your sweet treats and snacks, switch out your regular bowl for one of these handy Halloween display dishes. At Tk Maxx, they have a Gold Skull Halloween Plate for £7.99 which is sure to add a hint of gold to your table. Another cute addition is the Assorted Halloween Web Bowl for 99p from The Range. Finally, at Party Delights, they have Creepy Pumpkin Cocktail Picks for £2.49 that you can stick into your snacks like cocktail sausages or cheese and pineapple to take them up to the next level. 

If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party full of Halloween cocktails, why not switch out your regular shot glasses for these Skull Shot Glasses for £4 from Dunelm? 

Bunting & Balloons

A wall decorated with Halloween bunting and Halloween balloon art.

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Take your party up to the next level without breaking the bank with inexpensive Halloween bunting and balloons from Tk Maxx. 

If you’re going for a more classy or trendy look, then check out the Spooky Halloween Ghost Foil Balloon for £1.99, the Multicoloured Halloween Balloon Arch for £7.99, the Multicoloured Halloween Balloon Arch for £4.99, and the Multicoloured Halloween Pennant Bunting for £1.99

For lovers of retro decor, you simply must have the Halloween Glitter Garland for £2.89, and for those who prefer something horror-themed, check out the Red Keep Out Horror Bunting for £2.99

Pumpkin Carving Galore

An array of carved pumpkins for Halloween.

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It’s that time of year again when we pretend that scooping out pumpkin guts and sawing through a pumpkin for two hours too long is our idea of fun. But it’s got to be done! So, make sure you’re kitted out with the very best pumpkin carving essentials this year.  

Carving Kits

A father with his two children, carving pumpkins for Halloween.

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Whatever your skill level, whether you’re a pumpkin carving pro by now, or this is your first attempt, there is an abundance of pumpkin carving kits on the market, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most affordable ones that are sure to set you up for success. 

For a bog-standard kit, check out the Home Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit for £1 from ASDA George. For something a little more substantial, take a look at the Pumpkin Carving Kit 9 Pieces for £1.50 from Hobby Craft. Finally, for those who take their pumpkin carving seriously, the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit 13 Pieces for £12.99 from Amazon is for you. 

Pumpkin Painting Essentials

A person painting the word boo onto a pumpkin for Halloween.

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If, like me, you’re a bit fed up with carving your pumpkins for Halloween, why not opt to paint your pumpkin this year? It’s just as fun if not more! Simply grab a pumpkin or two, some paints, paintbrushes and a friend, and get creative. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, Pinterest is the place for you. 

At The Works, they have super affordable paint so you won’t have to splash your cash for this seasonal activity. They have Crawford & Black Acrylic Paint 200ml for £2 which is available in black, white, red, yellow, blue and brown. If you’d prefer a set of paints, they also have that too. The Ready Mixed Paint Bundle for £5 is a great option, or if you’ve got a little more money to spare, the Crawford & Black 500ml Acrylic Paints for £15 is another fabulous option. 

If it’s pastel colours you’re after, then you can find a Pack of 10 Pastel Acrylic Paint for £15 from Hobby Craft.  

Trick or Treating Essentials

Four children dressed up in Halloween costumes while trick or treating together.

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Whether you’ve got little ones who are mad about sweets, or you’re always up for dressing up in a killer costume, you’re never too old for trick or treating. 

Treat Bags

Halloween sweets such as gummy teeth and fingers, on an orange background.

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Make sure that your little ones can carry their candy with ease using the adorable Pumpkin Basket for £7 from Dunelm, and if you suspect that you’ll end up carrying their sweets all night long, make sure you do it in style. Another cute alternative is the Halloween Pumpkin Basket for £7.99 from Amazon which is a must if you want to be goblin candy all night long!  

Fa-boo-lous Costumes

A young child wearing a witch costume with orange and black striped tights, standing amongst autumn leaves.

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If you’re after affordable costumes for your children, Party Delights is the place for you. They’ve got great accessories, including a Black Hooded Cape for £4.99, Skeleton Gloves for £4.99, a Black Witch Hat for £2.99, a Spider Headband for £2.99, Striped Tights for £4.99, Witches Shoe Covers for £4.99, a Bat Wing Cape for £8.99, a Spiderweb Poncho for £9.99, a Ghost Costume for £9.99 and more. 

For those who have a bigger budget, ASDA George is a great place to look. They have a variety of wicked costumes that your little ones are sure to love. From Dinosaur Skeletons, Wicked Witches, and Orange Pumpkins, to Marvel Avengers, Frozen’s Elsa, Disney’s Cruella, Wednesday Addams, and more! 

For adult costumes, check out places such as TU Clothing at Sainsbury's, Tesco, Argos, ASOS, Boohoo, and Amazon

Fang-tastic Arts & Crafts

A child enjoying making Halloween themed arts and crafts.

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Make more of the big day by getting creative with some arts and crafts. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween-themed evening with the girls, or you want to get your little ones into the Halloween spirit, then arts and crafts are a great way to do so. 

As the name suggests, Hobby Craft is always a great place to go for all things creative, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to this spooky season. From Orange Felt for 50p, Orange Cards and Envelopes for £1, and Orange Paint for £1, to Orange Satin Ribbon for £1, Orange Pom Poms for £1, Orange Pipe Cleaners for £1, and more, you’ll have all the essentials you could ever need for a night filled with fun, without going one penny over budget. What’s more, if you’re up for pumpkin-themed crafts, check out their Hanging Wooden Pumpkin Decoration for £2, and their Mini Felt Pumpkins for £3

The Range also has some spooktacular arty activities that are sure to be a winner. For little ones or family activities, check out the Witches Watercolour Art for £3.99, and the Make Your Own Halloween Pumpkin Lantern for £2.99

Alternatively, if you’re up for something that requires a little more skill, then don’t miss the Decorate Your Own Wooden Pumpkin for £2.29, Decorate Your Own Halloween Light Box for £3.99, and the Paint Your Own Ceramic Pumpkin House for £3.99. The best part with items like these is that they can be displayed once finished to help transform your house for the spooky season. 

Eerie-sistible Sweet Treats

A child's hand trying to grab Halloween cupcakes with pumpkins on and a witch's hat.

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We all know that indulging in as many sweeties as possible is by far the best part of Halloween. So, why not make more of an activity of it and make some home-baked goods with your friends or family? If you’re looking for some Halloween baking essentials to add to your baking cupboard, then take a look at the Harvest Home Pumpkin Baking Tray for £2.50 from B&M, or the Pumpkin Chocolate Mould for £1.10 from Hobby Craft. 

If it’s Halloween recipes that you’re after, then we’ve got you covered. Save yourself some serious cash and ditch the baking books - instead, check out the Jane’s Patisserie Website for an impressive collection of free-to-access Halloween recipes that are seriously bad to the bones. We have created a list of some of her most horrifyingly delicious recipes below. 

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