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Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

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Valentine's Day

She's the love of your life, so lavish her with chocolate, flowers, fashion, jewellery & all of her favourite things. Go on, check out these fantastic Valentine's Day gifts for her ideas and grab a bargain with our money saving vouchers.

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Gifts for Her


Surprise and embarrass your lady with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates delivered to her workplace. She’ll be over the moon, include a special message with a love note or even an invitation to dinner that very evening.

Flowers are the ultimate romantic statement showing your love and listening skills – when you select her favourite flowers that is, guys keep your ears open for any none too subtle hints she may drop in the days before the 14th.

We have a wide selection of flower voucher codes from the likes of Serenata Flowers, Interflora, The Flower Box, why not start a monthly subscription to deliver her special flowers at work every month!

Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Lots of guys fear buying lingerie for their wives and girlfriends. What if I get her size wrong? What if she doesn’t like it. Also the thought of buying from store is not something many men relish. With our vouchers and deals for lingerie, underwear and nightwear you can save a pretty penny. With a few simple bits of advice you’ll realise there’s nothing to fear when it comes to buying lingerie for your partner. Try Ann Summers, Boux Avenue for the curvy, La Senza and Figleaves.

Check Her Measurements

First things first get her size right or face her disappointment. You’ll need to take a sneaky peek into her underwear drawer, check the labels on her favourite pieces, to check the exact size you’ll need to buy. Make sure check the labels on her newest items so that you don’t end up buying something that no longer fits her, our waistlines all expand or contract from time to time.

Style & Colour

Think what kind of woman your partner is, does she dress girly, classic or quirkily? Is she into girly patterns, lace, frilly bits, polka dots, stripes, bright colours, whatever, check her fave lingerie to give you a few ideas. You can always get a second opinion of one of your female friends or her mates to make sure you don’t shoot your yourself in the foot and buy her something she’ll never wear or god forbid want to return!

Spring a Creative Surprise

This could be a flower delivery, a special home-made gift, holiday or a romantic themed treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt could be a great fun way to spend the big day, and a perfect way to remember your relationships ‘greatest hits’. Some ideas include a hunt for pictures or love poems around the house, her office or the city. Prepare a clue delivered with breakfast in bed, and then await a day of fun.
Alternatively make a DIY Valentine’s card, keepsake or memento, or even a home cooked dinner.

We have loads of voucher codes and promotions to help you save money on arts and crafts bits and bobs as well as much more including perfume, chocolates, flowers, spa days ans experience days - from and Virgin Experience Days - so much more.