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Gifts for Him

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    Valentine's Day

    Prince Charming, Cassanova, Dave? Whatever you call him Valentine's is the perfect occassion to get the guy you love a gift. Choose from chocolate, fragrance, grooming products and more to show him, he's the one for you.

    Right, it’s time to find a Valentine’s Day gift for the most important man in your life. We're sure you breathed a sigh of relief when he was pleased with the Christmas presents you painstakingly selected, but now it’s time to do it all again! It’s not always easy shopping for your partner, it doesn’t help that they’re very non-committal about what gifts they want, or even if they want a gift in the first place. So, we’ve come up with a list of things he might like in 2017, to make his life easier and more fun… there aren’t many men that don’t love a good problem solving gadget or gift.


    Every guy we know has his little stash of tech. Whether he as an audiophile, a film buff, gamer or just a fan of clever little time saving gadgets. He’ll certainly appreciate a gift that supports his hobby, just be careful he doesn’t get too obsessed...

    Best Video games He may Not Have

    Take a look at his pile of games, what does he play most often first person shooters, sandbox games, sports/combat sports or driving games? Check all his games so not to give him a game already in his library. Here is the top three games of 2016 (any he doesn’t own?)
    1. Uncharted 4: the fourth game of the wildly popular series. Your man will play Nathan Drake in the series ending game of the Uncharted adventure series.
    2. Doom: This reboot of the classic Doom series is the first since 2004, and will leave fans slavering after future Doom releases.
    3. Overwatch: A great game for multiplayer action, Overwatch takes place in a near future earth. A first person shooter, the game tasks the player to survive in an insane and frantic multiplayer death match!
    Or he may be a fan of certain classic series like Fifa, Pro Evo or Fallout.Why not preorder the next game in the series for brownie points? Definitely a fail safe gift…

    Best TVs

    A good new TV will never go unused or unloved and if you are one of those unlucky gift givers who just can’t help buying duds then it might well be a good time to consider buying a new telly, let’s face it if you live together it’s a present for both of you, in our opinion that’s the best kind of present you can buy.

    Panasonic EZ1002 4k OLED

    It’s a lengthy, unwieldy name, but it’s clear why this TV is a standout. With its profession grade image processor it can display true black as it's meant to be, absorbing reflections on annoying light in the process, to give you a clearer, crisper image.

    Samsung KS9500

    This range of TVs features a curved screen, HDR quality pictures and high quality sound. This is the best picture quality you can currently get. The brightness of the pictures is contrasted by the use of Quantum Colour Dot tech which ensures a balanced image.


    A watch is a classic accessory for any man, a good watch can be a great marker of masculinity and will lend an air of prestige to the wearer. So here is a short list of the best men’s watches for under £200.

    Nocs Atelier – Made by a Swedish car manufacturer this simple, minimalist black design is reminiscent of a car body. The face is completely unobstructed by logos or numbers and only has one hand. This is as uncluttered and simple as a watch display and design can get and its functional design is suitable for pairing with any style of clothing.

    Daniel Wellington – St Andrew Watch in Brown. This watchmaker is renowned for their traditional and elegant designs. The gold detailing on the watch face complements the brown leather strap perfectly, the delicate stitching sets off and enhances the strap perfectly. This lowkey watch would suit any man with understated yet classical style.

    Shore Projects - Project 1 Watch in Grey. This watch has metallic overtones from the shiny watch face edging to the grey canvas watch strap. It’s cool enough to be worn casually and won’t look out of place in the modern workplace either.


    If your partner likes the odd tipple or two (and who can blame him?) something alcoholic can make a fantastic gift won't never disappoint. Is he a lover of pints and an ale aficionado, then why not get him a brewing kit. With this gift he can spend endless hours brewing a concoction in his man cave that, making him as proud as punch (excuse the pun) – and get him from under your feet. A home brewing kit is something different from the tired old keg of beer/crate of mixed beers.

    Affordable Home Brewing Kits

    Most home brewing kits are great value for money alread, and then you when you factor in the price of a pint from the pub or a crate of beers from the supermarket. Remember, that most home brewing kits don’t come with the equipment needed to get started, but simply the ingredients to make the beer. You’ll be able to purchase home brewing kits at the likes of Wilko, Tesco, Amazon and more so check out our store pages to see if you can find a discount.

    Woodforde’s Admirals Reserve

    For around £20 he can brew 32-40 pints. Wow, that’s value for money. This is a dark beer with fruity overtones.. Depending on his taste he can make 32 or 40 pints – that’s 32 at 5.5% or 40 at 4.5%.

    Youngs at Tesco

    Youngs are a Scottish beer maker, with this kit he can brew 40 pints, for around £10 that’s a bargain, indeed. The kit comes with full and clear instructions, that even he can understand. The beer will be 5.4%, bear in mind you’ll need to purchase home brewing equipment yourself. You’ll need:

    1. A large pot to brew
    2. smaller saucepan
    3. measuring jug
    4. colander
    5. bucket
    6. bottles and tops
    7. Yeast
    8. sieve
    9. brush
    10. syphon
    11. brew bag
    12. Thermometer
    13. Hydrometer

    Don’t worry you can always let him track down some of the things he’ll need that you don’t already have at home, making this a cost effective gift indeed.

    So there you have it there's many options, we have lots of other discounts for easy and satifying gift choices, from chocolate, cologne, clothing, motor accessories and more, take a look for some fantastic moneysaving vouchers up the page.

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