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Cooking with the Kids


Outdoor activities have been a little limited this year, so you may be looking for something to keep yourself, and the kids busy. Not only is cooking with the kids a great activity for a little family time, but it comes with the bonus of some pretty delicious rewards.

Whether you’re a kitchen pro with a refined palette, or you’re looking to learn along with the little ones, we’ve put together a few ideas on some cracking kitchen projects to sink your teeth into.

Whip up Some Fast Food Favourites

burger beside fried potatoes with drinking glass

A great way to cook up a storm is to treat yourself and the family to some of your top menu choices from your favourite fast food joint. Whether you’re craving a Big Mac, fancy treating your taste buds to some KFC chicken or want a Greggs sausage roll in your gob, there’s nothing stopping you from cooking some up in your own kitchen.

There are a bunch of recipes online to help you recreate the signature flavours and copy the techniques used so you can get that authentic taste from home. The promise of some tasty treats is a perfect way to get cooking with the kids.

Another benefit of cooking up your own happy meal is that you’re in charge of what goes into them. Not to mention, you can be a little cheeky and pop a few healthier options into them. To top it off, by stocking up on the ingredients yourself, you stand to save a few quid on your fast food favourites.

For those who really want to commit and go all the way, there are templates online for fast food packaging. So, you can get some cardboard and get crafty with the kids, and you’ll be serving them up with extra style and authenticity.

french fries with tissue close-up photography
  • Head over to Morrisons supermarket to grab everything you need to recreate these delicious fast-food favourites.

Educate While You Bake

flat lay photography of saute skillet beside spoon of spices and vegetables

Baking can be a little tricky just because of how precise it is, but that means it’s a perfect opportunity to get a little education with your cooking. It’s a cracking chance to spend a little time on measurements, so the little ones will know their grams from their ounces.

It’s also a good chance to get them exercising their motor skills when they handle the food, from chopping vegetables to mixing batter, it’s a great way to get them feeling comfortable in the kitchen, and with adult supervision, you can make sure it’s all happening safely.

An important part of cooking is food safety and hygiene, so it’s a great chance to impart a little wisdom when it comes to these subjects. From cleaning up afterwards, and washing your hands before and after handling food, to practising knife skills, and being careful with the heat.

Have them read the recipe out loud or if you know your stuff, you can teach them a little about chemistry and how different ingredients affect each other. There are so many opportunities to teach through cooking, and not to mention it’s an incredibly valuable life skill.

  • ProCook has all the kitchen kit you need to cook up a storm with the kids, from pans and knives, to weighing scales.
  • Dunelm have a cracking cookware range, so you’ll have the essentials sorted in the kitchen.

Let Them Have Fun

girl holding two eggs while putting it on her eyes

While an educational angle is a great idea, it’s important to remember that it should be fun! It’s essential to get that family time in, and cooking is a great way to get the kids excited about learning a new skill. It’s an experience for everyone, so get experimental, and if you’re feeling brave, let the little ones take the wheel and experiment with their own recipes.

There’s a lot of gadgets out there that take some of the hassle out of cooking, whether that’s measuring spaghetti, or for helping with clean-up, but there’s also a ton of novelty items that can inject a little fun into your cooking experience.

Pick out some fun recipes, whether that means baking a cake with a funky design, getting creative with food colouring, or getting decorative with some frosting. Better yet, you can let the little ones choose what’s on the menu, and providing you’ve got the skills to make it happen, let them take the wheel.

You’ll have to deal with it later, but don’t be afraid to make a little mess. Don’t worry about the clean up for a little while and you’re bound to have a good time, and so are the kids! 

top-view artichoke and round orange fruits on piled plates
  • Stock up on handy gadgets for the kitchen at Menkind, with clever products, to novelty items.

Keep it Simple

There are a lot of recipes out there that require a bunch of techniques, waiting or even special utensils, and while you might be up for the challenge, it’s important to keep it simple. Long wait times mean you’ll be less engaged, so keep it breezy, engaging and fun.

You can start off small by buying a cake kit, so you can rest assured you don’t need to source special ingredients for it to be good. You can keep it relaxed with a one-pot recipe, with the bonus of having less to wash once you’ve finished dinner. 

If there’s an ingredient the children love, whether that’s egg, pasta, cheese, or chocolate, you can come up with a few different ideas on how to use that ingredient. If they love a fried egg, but they’ve never had an omelette, it’s a great way to keep it simple and broaden their culinary horizons.

Pick a recipe where you’ve got the tools, the ingredients and the know-how to get it done, and the experience will be a hoot for you and the little ones. A children’s cookbook is a great place to find these kinds of easy, care-free recipes.

  • HelloFresh can send the ingredients straight to your door, with all the ingredients you need, helping you keep it simple.

Get Cooking with the Kids

So, whether you’re after some quality time with the family, you want to keep the kids busy this season, or you’re just hungry and need some helpers in the kitchen, don’t forget to make it fun, simple, tasty and maybe even a little educational. It’s a great way to spend time together, and it comes with delicious rewards too.


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