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Garden Pests – Getting Your Outdoor Space Spring-Ready

Garden Pests - A child walking in a pest-free garden.

With Spring finally here, it’s nice to spend some time in the great outdoors. But garden pests can be a big pain when it comes to getting some fresh air in your outdoor space. So, we thought we’d put together a few quick garden pest control tips that can help you get your garden up to scratch without breaking the bank or eating up all your spare time.

From keeping away the creepy crawlies, to attracting the kinds of creatures you want, it’s worth having a read. Especially given that the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic means we’ll likely be spending a lot more time in our own homes in the Spring of 2021.

How to Stop Cats from Pooping in Your Garden

A big problem garden owners are faced with is keeping the cats from leaving unpleasant presents on your lawn. While we don’t usually label cats as garden pests, I think we can all agree, we’d rather they didn’t poop on our lawns. A great way to keep our feline friends from letting nature take its course on your grass is to leave scents they don’t like around. They don’t like citrus scents, so leaving some leftover peelings on the lawn can help. Not to mention, lavender, peppermint and cinnamon are good cat repellent scents too.

Garden Pests - Gray cat walking on green grass during daytime

Another way to keep those cats away and give your garden the occasional watering is to install a motion activated sprinkler. The water and the sudden sound will scare them away and leave your garden poop-free.

How to Get Rid of Midges in the Garden

Midges are small flying garden pests that look a little like mosquitos. They can be a big pest for those who want to enjoy their outdoor space. The last thing we want is the kids running around and getting a mouthful of midges, so it’s good to keep them away. One way of dealing with them is to avoid shaded areas, because that’s where they leave their eggs. Not to mention, you can maximise the amount of sunshine you get in the garden this Spring.

Garden Pests - Green plant in close up photography that helps keep away midges.

Another way to deter these critters is to grow herbs that they don’t like. Rosemary, thyme, lemongrass and eucalyptus can keep the pests away. Standing water sources can attract the creatures, so if you have a pond or a fountain, it’s worth surrounding them with these herbs to scare them off. Not to mention, lavender is another plant they don’t like, and we’ve already mentioned that it keeps the cats away, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Garden

Mice are a common pest that we’d all rather not deal with. Once they’ve settled into your space, they breed, which can lead to an even bigger problem. So, it’s best to nip the problem in the bud. An easy way to keep them at bay is to remove tall grass, wood and piles of leaves. So, you can pretty up the place and keep the mice away in one fell swoop.

Garden Pests - Brown and gray mouse on brown tree branch during daytime

It’s best not to leave any sources of food out there for them. Whether it’s bird seeds or leftover food, you should to keep them out of reach so the mice and rats can’t feast on them. If they have moved in, it’s worth keeping an eye out for burrows and covering them with rocks and dirt to cut off the entrances. The same goes for any ways into your home you might see. A good way to plug those holes is with tinfoil, as mice and rats don’t like to chew their way through it.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

We’ve talked about keeping those unwanted guests out, but what about inviting nature into our garden? Attracting birds to your garden is simple, and all it really takes is a bird feeder filled with bird seed. Just remember to keep it out of the reach of the rats and mice. When you’re buying the seed, check on the bag what kind of birds it’s likely to attract if you want a certain kind of bird. Even the position of the feeder is important so play around with it.

Garden Pests - Two eggs in bird nest

Another great way to attract our avian friends is to install a bird bath or a bird house. A bird house is the more affordable option, but it’s not a huge price to pay either way. You can even put your D.I.Y skills to use and make your own. There is an even lazier option, and that’s to scatter the garden with some nesting materials like dead flowers and grass clippings, and letting the birds build themselves a home.

Keeping Pests Out of Garden Storage

An easy way to keep your garden tidy is with storage. But a big shed isn’t always an affordable option. And unfortunately, we aren’t all blessed with space for a big bit of furniture. So, a great way to deal with that is to go for a little verticality. A tall storage box is perfect for freeing up that square footage. The Wayfair garden furniture selection is packed with storage options that give you stylish and functional solutions to your storage problems.

Garden Pests - A spiders web in a porch

But when you have storage, that can come with the issue of creepy crawlies. To keep the spiders out, it’s worth spraying the place with essential oils like tea tree or peppermint, and white wine vinegar can work a treat as well. If you’ve got a big shed

Paint or Stain Your Fence to Keep Away Wood Rot

Staining your fence is a great way to make it last longer, and look better. Rot and moss can be a pest in their own right, so it’s good to deal with it. If there isn’t much beauty to be seen, it might be a better idea to paint. But paint sits on the surface of the wood and doesn’t allow it to breathe. Not to mention it can crack and break with time, which will mean it’ll need sanding and re-painting.

Garden Pests - A painted fence to help against moss and wood rot.

Painting can be the perfect way to add some much-needed colour to your garden. From breezy blues, to bright yellow, you can really add a personal touch to your outdoor space. By painting your garden fence white, you can actually make your garden look bigger and brighter and really add a sense of airiness to the place. And a waterproof coat can go a long way to letting your fence survive against the elements. B&Q have a huge selection of paints and stains, so you can keep your outdoor space looking pretty this Spring.

Keep the Pests off Your Garden Furniture

It might seem obvious, but upgrading your garden furniture can take your outdoor space to the next level. You can turn it into a space for some al fresco dining, or just add a deck chair so you can soak up some rays in the Summertime. An outdoor sofa can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying some fresh air, but it’s a good idea to get your hands on a cover for fabric furniture, just in case the unreliable British weather is true to form. And once again, a lick of paint or some staining can make the world of difference if you opt for wood furnishings.

Garden Pests - Wayfair Garden Furniture

There are big and small options, so whether you want a place to enjoy some coffee on a warm day, or you want to enjoy a barbecue with the family over Summer, it can really improve your home.  The Dunelm garden furniture selection is the perfect place to shop around for everything from hammocks and sun loungers, to benches and dining sets. Just remember that wildlife might see furniture as a great place to live, so spraying it with essential oils can work wonders.

Make a Garden Planter

Whether you buy yourself a garden planter from Wickes, or you’d rather learn how to make your own garden planter, it’s a simple way to keep the place looking pretty, and organised. All it takes is a few wooden planks, and you’re good to grow. Having your plants raised like this can help keep them out of the way of critters too.

Garden Pests - Green plant on brown clay pot

You can even get quirky with your planters. Use old wellington boots, find an old colander or a tea pot, and you’ve got yourself a perfect candidate. And when it comes to the actual planting, we’ve got you covered with our Gardening Ideas for the Spring Season article. It covers the kinds of flowers that are perfect for right now! Crocus have got a huge range of seeds, not to mention a ton of advice on what’s great to sew this season too.

Deal with Those Garden Pests this Spring

So, whether you just want to engage in some garden pest control, or you’re looking to pretty up the place, we’ve got a few ideas for you to try out. With the Coronavirus still doing the rounds, it’s important we have a space to enjoy the outdoors, without putting ourselves at risk. Turning your garden into a place you want to spend time might seem like a big job, but it’s worth it.


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