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Holiday from Home this Summer


With the lockdown having a big impact on travel this year, it’s a tough time for budding holiday-makers. From a day by the pool with cocktails, or treating your taste-buds to some cracking cuisine, we’ve got a few ideas to help you holiday from home.

While heading abroad might not be on the cards, we’ve got some ideas that’ll have you holidaying your own home. So, have a read, you’re bound to find some inspiration for a little D.I.Y rest and relaxation.

Dream Destination Dishes

Picture your dream destination, then get researching their national dishes. You can find some recipes and recreate it in your own kitchen. It’s a terrific way of taking your taste-buds on a trip, and you can up your cooking game too.

Whether it’s a taste of the Spanish sun with a perfect paella, or an incredible Italian pasta dish, it’s a great way to switch up your routine and get some Summer holiday flavour on your plate.

Try taking the continental approach to breakfast in the mornings. With croissants, pancakes, fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea, you can live the hotel lifestyle, from your own home. For extra authenticity, serve it buffet-style!

  • HelloFresh offers prepared ingredients that are perfect for creating regional cuisine.
  • Asda has everything you need to cook up a storm and recreate holiday favourites from home.
  • Fine Food Specialist offer high-quality ingredients that’ll have you eating restaurant quality meals at your own dining table

Get Refreshed on your Home Holiday

From mojito’s to margaritas, a big part of the holiday lifestyle is relaxing with a cocktail in-hand. There’s a ton of cocktail recipes across the web from Pina Coladas to Singapore Slings. So, you can whip up a batch ready for a day of relaxation.

For an extra dose of holiday, serve your drinks in a coconut. You can then accessorise your drinks with a tiny parasol and fresh fruit. You can pop some fresh fruit in a glass of cold water. From lemon and lime to some cucumber slices for that spa day effect.

Check out the drinks your holiday destination is famous for. From sangria and mimosas, to a delicious batch of Negroni for a taste of Italy.

You can stock up on a few regional bottles and take yourself on a wine tasting tour. Whether it’s French favourites or something South African, take your taste-buds on a tour of the finest vineyards, without leaving the sofa.

  • DrinkSupermarket offers everything you need to whip up a batch of holiday cocktails to sip in the sun.
  • Amazon is a great place to order the items create some beautiful beverages for a taste of the holiday lifestyle.
  • Morrisons have all the essentials on offer to treat your taste-buds to some Summer-time drinks.

Dress for the Occasion

A great way to get into the holiday mindset is by dressing for the occasion. From floral shirts and sun dresses to shorts and swimwear. Wear an outfit that lets people know you’re ready for a day at the beach.

Create a holiday capsule wardrobe, and keep it casual, comfortable and stylish. Plan for however long you’d like to go away, whether it’s a weekend getaway, or a two-week holiday.

Check out your favourite fashion stores for the latest in getaway style. Their holiday shops are jam-packed with outfits, accessories and other suitcase essentials that are perfect for a holiday at home.

  • New Look has a holiday shop that’s well worth a visit for style that says you’re ready for some sunshine.
  • Boohoo have a range of fashion essentials that are perfect for a day at the beach.
  • Missguided offers a selection of styles that will have you dressing up for some poolside posing.
  • ASOS have a huge range of Summertime style that’ll have you looking like you’re ready for a beach stroll.

Get Some Rest & Relaxation

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation, whether you’re heading on holiday or not. And there’s plenty you can do from the comfort of your own home. From home spa treatments, to some quiet time in the sun. Take your mind on holiday!

There are plenty of homemade facial recipes around the web, and with some cucumber slices over your eyes and a foot bath, you can get into the spa day mentality, without leaving your back garden. 

A great way to relax is to spend some time in your dressing gown, where you’ll be comfortable and warm. Alternatively, a back-garden pool is a great place to get a little quiet time, so crack on your bathing suit and hop in for a taste of the holiday lifestyle.

  • The Body Shop have a ton of products that are perfect for treating yourself to a spa day from home.
  • Superdrug will have you looking healthy, and holiday ready with everything from face masks to sun cream.
  • eBay has everything you need to turn your back garden into a peaceful haven.

Take Your Mind on Holiday

Once you’ve got your drinks sorted, it’s time to pull up a sun lounger and spend some time in the sun. Pop up the paddling pool for a little extra authenticity and whack on the sun cream.

Get the atmosphere just right with some ambient beach sounds. Or you can find your dream destinations favourite radio station and give that a listen. There are playlists on Spotify and YouTube that are perfect for a bit of holiday flavour.

Maybe even take a little time to learn the language, not only will it give you a little taste of holiday, but self-improvement is never a bad thing!

For those who want to go the extra mile, there’s plenty of décor changes you can make, from ambient lighting, to home accessories. Tropical textiles, houseplants and wall art are all quick ways to make a big change to your home and give it a little holiday vibe.

  • Wayfair has a ton of cracking décor solutions so you can inject a little holiday vibe into your home.
  • Dunelm can help you find what you need to perk up your home with some tropical textiles and wall art for some brightness.
  • Crocus offer a wide-range of pretty plants that will add a taste of the tropical to your house.

Enjoy Yourself a Holiday from Home

There’s a lot of little things you can do to inject a little of the holiday lifestyle into your day, and it’s always good to switch up your routine. So, try out these tips to get away without leaving the home.

For those who are looking to hit the road this Summer, check out our article on making the most of your staycation. And give yourself something to look forward to in the new year with a browse at the early bird offers on all-inclusive holidays, weekends away and more.


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