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Top Spring Home Décor Ideas in 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way we see and feel about our home space. As we spent many of 2020 indoors and started 2021 the same way, we’re naturally craving more comfort. That’s why many of us have redesigned or refurbished our living spaces. From creating a functional home office to designing a Zoom-ready living room, most likely every area of our homes went into some sort of a refresh. Spring is just around the corner and we can’t wait to swap out our winter interiors for pastel colours, floral designs, and more natural styles. With this in mind, we couldn’t help but to check the top spring home décor ideas in 2021, which will instantly make every room of your home chic and stylish.

What are the decorating trends for 2021?

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Some of the biggest home décor trends we’ll see everywhere in 2021 are the use of sustainable eco materials and the chic rustic style. In terms of the top colours for interior design this year, yellow and grey will be huge! 2021 will be all about cosy and contemporary vibes, earthy grounded shades, lots of plants and warm tones. Just like last year, the home office space will be essential and according to the specialists, we should aim for clear lines, comfort, and creativity-inspiring styles.

Living Room – Spring Home Décor Ideas

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  • Colourful bookcases – one of the quickest and cheapest way to quickly transform your living room is by painting your built-in bookcase. Go for bright colours if you want to refresh the space.
  • Natural cushions & throws – pastel colours and natural designs such as leaves, or animals are perfect for spring. Choose something to contrast your sofa for a trendier look or match the cushions and throws to the rest of your colour theme in the living room for a more sophisticated design.
  • Photographs & artwork – bring your photographs to life and hang them on your wall. Pick nature landscapes such as parks, waterfalls, and flowers, and put them into frames for creative and vibrant vibe in your home.
  • Fresh flowers – there’s nothing that says “spring” more than a beautiful bouquet of tulips on your dining table.
  • Colourful carpet – if you’re looking to invest in a single piece of furniture this spring, we recommend a colourful carpet. Mint green will be especially popular this season.

Bedroom – Spring Home Décor Ideas

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  • Use rattan – this stylish tropical material is perfect for refreshing your bedroom in the spring. Start with small details like your laundry basket, rattan mirror or a plant pot.
  • Indoor plants – bohemian vibe is on the rise this year and what’s better than decorating your bedroom with a few plants. Choose the popular hanging plant pots for a truly stunning look.
  • Dreamy sheer curtains – incorporating sheer curtains in pastel colours, such as pink, will instantly make your bedroom look open, romantic and classy. It will contrast any brown leather or wood furniture in the room. 
  • Linen bedding – investing in high quality bedding is always a must! As the weather starts to warm up, swap your cotton bedding for linen sheets. This little trick will give your bedroom a cheerful and elegant touch and keep you cool at the same time.

Kitchen – Spring Home Décor Ideas

  • Reorganise your kitchen – you’ll find tons of organising hacks and tips on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. For example, transform your kitchen by putting all you fresh spices or pasta selection in matching glass jars.
  • Blue porcelain – the combination of blue porcelain and mint green furniture or walls will be a gorgeous and stylish statement in your kitchen.
  • Floral tablecloth – if you’re looking for quick and affordable ways to refresh your kitchen this spring, you can’t go wrong with a floral tablecloth. Another option is vibrant yellow, all kinds of peachy colours or fresh green.
  • Indoor citrus – breathe new life into your kitchen with an indoor citrus tree. Another option would be to include citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons in your dining room centrepiece.

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