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Subscription Boxes for Every Need


When it comes to online shopping, there’s so many options it can leave us feeling a little spoilt for choice. A great alternative is subscription boxes, where you’ll not only get exactly what you need without having to think about it, but whenever one arrives, the box of mystery goodies will make it feel a little like Christmas.

While going for a subscription box might narrow down your options a little there are still so many to choose from. So, we’ve highlighted a few of the boxes on offer based on different interests and hobbies. Whether you’re a student, a parent or just want to geek out on a monthly basis, we’ve got you covered.

Subscriptions for Students

woman wearing blue denim jacket holding book

Heading to university is a big change for a lot of people. From moving into your own place, to managing your own finances, there’s a lot to learn. One thing you may have to get to grips with is cooking your own food regularly. Not to mention keeping a balanced diet going in the process.

Recipe boxes can be a huge help to those who are new to the kitchen. They offer recipes for people with any dietary requirements, and send you the right amount of ingredients. So, there’ll be less waste to deal with. Pick from a range of recipes and find a few tasty treats to keep it varied.

With a bunch of beauty subscription boxes on offer, you can make sure you’re getting your monthly fill of cracking cosmetics, so you can be ready for those nights out. With subscription boxes that offer monthly goodies for gin, whisky and beer enthusiasts, you’re set for a night on the town.

Not to mention you can keep up to date with your personal hygiene with a box full of terrific toiletries. You’ll be feeling and smelling as fresh as a daisy, whether you’re after the shower-time essentials, a box of beard-care brilliance, or a stack of vitamins and supplements to keep your health on the up and up, there really is a box for everyone.

HelloFresh are a perfect choice for budding student chefs looking for some cracking recipes to try out this semester.

Glossybox and LookFantastic have got what you need when it comes to your beauty essentials, so you can look your best whatever you occasion. 

Beer Hawk offer a subscription for fans of a perfect pint, and Virgin Wines have a selection of beautiful bottles of red or white, so you can get the drinks in and enjoy. 

Perfect Picks for Parents

person squeezing bottle on a container

When it comes to finding something for the little ones, it can be tricky to find something that’s both fun and educational. Luckily, there are subscription boxes that are dedicated to STEM learning, so you can keep the kids entertained, and rest assured they’re learning something in the process. They can also encourage a little creativity with a bunch of crafting goodies, and it’s a great way to keep the kids excited every month.

For those bigger kids, a box filled with your favourite franchises will please our inner geeks. From boxes that offer a range of pop culture memorabilia, whether that’s film, TV or gaming gear, to boxes that are specific to a certain kind of product, which is perfect for franchise mega-fans. 

From Funko! Pop specialty boxes, to curated collections of movie memorabilia from the likes of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Disney classics, there’s a terrific treasure trove of goodies for every taste. And they make for pretty great birthday presents if you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for your kids.

While it may not be parenting in the traditional sense, your pets are part of the family, so it’s nice to treat them too. Get your paws on a monthly box packed with pet-care essentials and stacks of treats that your furry friends will love. From cats and canines to cockatoos and more, there’s a box for everyone.

Toucan Box is a superb service that offers a box full of creative, crafty and educational products for kids. Perfect for keeping them happy and busy.

Lily’s Kitchen offer a cracking selection of monthly treats for your furry friends. They even offer a special menu for both cats and dogs.

Treat the kids to a dose of pop culture with My Geek Box or Pop In the Box.

Creative Subscription Boxes

Whether you’re a professional artist, or you just like to doodle now and then, there are a ton of incredible options for creative subscription boxes. Packed with quality art supplies from some of the biggest and best brands so you can’t go wrong. So, get inspired with your new gear, and put pen to paper.

colored pencil lined up on top of white surface

The best thing about these creative boxes is that they come with a wide range of products. So, you’ll have an excuse to try out some new mediums and get experimental with your artworks. It’s the perfect treat for someone looking to broaden their horizons a little.

While you may not be after something quite so crafty, you can still express yourself with your style. There are a bunch of great choices when it comes to adding a little flair to your wardrobe. From sock subscriptions that’ll have you treating your feet with funky footwear, to t-shirt subscription services that’ll have you wearing your interests on your sleeve, you’ll be dressing yourself and expressing yourself. 

Valentine’s Day comes around once a year, but start showing someone some love on a monthly basis. Grab a box of flowers that are beautiful and fit right through the letterbox, making it a pretty convenient service. Not to mention it’ll be a nice surprise for your loved ones.

white and pink flowering plant
  • Bloom & Wild offer a flower subscription service that’ll leave your loved ones getting a lovely bunch every month.
  • Zavvi offer a monthly t-shirt subscription service so you can step outside wearing your favourite franchises.

A Healthier Option

woman exercising indoors

For the health conscious among us, there’s plenty of subscription boxes that will have you looking and feeling healthier. From vitamin packed subscriptions, to healthy food boxes that’ll have you cooking up some cracking, low-calorie cuisine.

Another great option for those keen to make the most out of their gym time is fitness subscription boxes. With protein-filled and sugar-free snacks, sports drinks, and more. So, it’s perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking for a monthly treat.

For those looking to change up their diet a little, you can get special boxes to meet those requirements. From vegan foods that are ethically sourced, to recipe boxes that are tailored to meet your mealtime needs, you’re sorted. Whether you’re gluten-free, dairy-free or just don’t like spicy foods, there’s something to cater for every kind of diet.

  • Graze offer a ton of fabulous and healthy snacks, so you can get your protein-fill without clocking up the calories.
  • Mindful Chef have a range of gluten-free, meat-free and dairy-free options so you can meet your dietary needs.

Find the Right Subscription Boxes for You

So, whatever your interests or your goals, there’s a subscription box with your name on it. From deliveries focused on making life a little easier, to those extra treats that’ll give you something to look forward to every month, there’s a lot to get out of subscription boxes. Check out the different boxes on offer, see what other people are saying, and find the perfect subscription for you.


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