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Tasty Drinks to Celebrate This St Patrick’s Day


It’s that time of year again. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than having a few delicious beverages! From enjoyable alcoholic drinks to homemade juices and more, check out our list of the top tasty drinks to have this St Patrick’s Day.

Sainsbury’s Wine Offers

If you’re a lover of wine, make sure you shop the full wine collection online or in-store at Sainsbury’s today. With plenty of flavours and brands to choose from, you won’t be stuck for choice when it comes to picking the perfect St. Patrick’s Day drink, or two. What’s more, they offer incredible deals & discounts across a selection of wines, so keep your eyes peeled for those great offerings.

Whether it’s a classic bottle of red you’d like or you’re searching for a tasty bottle of white, the Sainsbury’s range has it all. Favourites to shop include their sparkling wine collection as it features the ever-so-delicious Sainsbury’s Cava Brut and delicious Sparkling Rose wines. Why not make your drink into a white wine spritzer; with a great selection of Sainsbury’s fizzy drinks such as lemonade and soda water, you can create the perfect homemade spritzer with ease.

You can also pick up a great selection of colourful drinking straws, home cocktail umbrellas and drink garnish essentials such as lemons & limes to complete your drink. Start online shopping at Sainsbury’s today.

Tesco Groceries

If you want to pick up a great combination of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for this St. Patrick’s Day, start your drinks shop right now and online at Tesco. With non-alcoholic versions of popular drinks such as Chardonnay, Sparkling wine, Cider and even Beer; you can pick up a huge range of delicious drinks that won’t leave you with a hangover the next day!

Tesco’s alcohol range includes every drink and beverage imaginable; from vodka to gin, to whiskey and amaretto, you’ll find all your drinking favourites right here. What’s more, you can shop for your drink garnishes at Tesco for a great price. They stock and sell mint, ice cubes, frozen fruit, and zesty lemons & limes which make for the perfect finishing touch to any drink. So whether it’s tasty cocktails you’re making on St Patrick’s Day, or you fancy having a classic mixer and chaser, find your perfect drink at Tesco now.

Laithwaite’s Wine Offers

Sip on tasty wines for a very affordable price this St Patrick’s day with the Laithwaite’s Wine range. With a selection of Laithwaite’s Wine offers across a range of red and white wine drinks, pick up your St. Patrick’s Day drinks of choice right here today.

Moreover, they sell great mixed cases which are perfect for those who enjoy various drink types and flavours. So, whether it’s a best-selling rose wine you fancy and a few bottles of red & white, make their mixed case selection a must-browse in your online shop.

Alternatively, you can shop for your perfect celebratory drinks according to country; in order to find the best tasting wines from across the world. From Argentinian wines such as the fruity Malbec to Sauvignon Blanc French wine, pick up a few bottles today to discover some new flavours and some trusted, old school classics. Begin your drinks shop at Laithwaite’s Wine now.

Beer Hawk Beers & Ale

Are beers more your thing? Get your St Patrick’s Day drinks shop done at Beer Hawk today. With plenty of beers, real ale and craft beers to select from, you won’t be stuck for choice when it comes to beverage options at Beer Hawk. What’s more, they sell a great selection of low-alcohol drinks and non-alcoholic beverages, so everyone can pick up something to drink that they’ll love.

You can also find big packs and mixed cases for those who want to buy more than just a few celebratory bottles! With lager cases, mixed cases and low alcohol & no alcohol cases available to buy, why not purchase one of these today as it’s a great way to save money long-term.

Alternatively, you can build your own case of drinks to order, so whether it’s a few pale ales you fancy, or a couple of bottled beers, why not turn that into a money-saving drinks case today. From delicious IPA beers to Stout and Strong Ales, get filling up your personalised drinks case today with Beer Hawk.

Virgin Wines

If you love to drink top-quality wines which taste that extra bit special, make sure you shop the Virgin Wines collection just in time for St Patrick’s Day. With plenty of wine flavours to choose from, picking up just the 1 bottle might be hard; so why not shop their pre-mixed cases for something even better. With mixed cases in red, white and rose wine flavours, you can stock up on your top wines today guilt-free.

Alternatively, you can shop for other beverages such as spirits and beers if you’re not an avid wine drinker. With over 100 amazing beers to choose from, you can guarantee to find your favourite in the mix, or you may even find something new to try. Browse their full range of over 300 world-class spirits to find your favourites for making your perfect drink. What’s more, you can add a bottle of spirits to any wine orders you make, so why not take advantage of this great offering – after all, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Get shopping for the very best flavours and drinks at Virgin Wines.

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