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World Book Day 2021


World Book Day has taken off over the last few years and the socials fill up with cherubs in costume. To save all you parents from running around the night before after your little one announces they need a full costume ready in 12 hours, here’s all you need to know about World Book Day 2021.

When is World Book Day 2021?

This year World Book Day falls on March 4th, so it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. That means everything from sorting out the costumes, picking favourite books, and most importantly, reading. It’s the perfect time to show them how fun books are and instil a love of stories for life.

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World Book Day Costume Ideas

When it comes to choosing a costume, you’re not going to get much say. You’re independent mini me will let you know in no uncertain terms who they want to be. The best you can do is nudge them in the right direction. If you’ve got a yellow rain mac in the house and a red dress, Corlaine becomes bedtime reading for the next week. Have you got a pirate costume left over from Halloween? Find one of the hundreds of kid’s books that use pirates.

There will always be that one parent that gets the sewing machine and glue gun out for a twelve-hour all-nighter. The one kid that rocks up with a to scale replica of Dorothy’s house, complete with legs sticking out. But you don’t need to be a crafty insomniac to come up with incredible costumes. Here’s a couple of the simplest to put together:

  • Alice In Wonderland – All you need is a blue dress, white apron and black hair band to nail this costume.
  • Mr Bump/Little Miss Whoops – Dress them in a blue long sleeve t shirt and blue trousers, wrap them in bandages for a quick costume that’s bang on.
  • Matilda – Get them into the true spirit of the day with blue dress and red hairband, an optional pile of books will top of the look.
  • Any of the 101 Dalmatians – A white t shirt and black marker can create one of these puppers and additional face paint will finish it off if you can.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Simply take some old clothes and scruff them up a bit and paint their very own golden ticket. Add in a chocolate bar if they’re good.

You can pick everything you need for these costumes at Peacocks or Asda George without spending a fortune. But if you’ve you’re more of a ready-made kind of person, there’s a gorgeous collection of dress up on ShopDisney that will take the stress out of the day.

How to Get Involved in World Book Day

World Book Day is normally celebrated with fun events in schools, libraries, and bookstores all over the country. The goal is always to spread the good word about books. But we’re living in extraordinary times and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that any of those places will be allowed to open in time. That doesn’t mean all the fun has to be put on hold until next year.  Costume parades can take place through zoom and stories will be shared.

The World Book Day website is packed full of information and resources that will keep you up to date. There are deals that will help grow your little one’s personal library. The £1 books and audio books will make it easier than ever to discover new favourite stories together.

How Can I Encourage My Child to Read?

Studies have shown that the number one indicator of future success in children is reading for pleasure. Those kids sitting quietly in the corner with their book are on the right path and if you can set them off on it early, you’re giving them the bets start.

Every parent wants that, but let’s be honest, kids rarely care what we want. It’s easy for books to appear dull in a world full of stimulation. This is the best reading advice for parents

Read Every Day

As simple as it sounds, this is the best reading advice you will get when it comes to getting your little ones into books. Make time to read a story everyday and have fun with it. Bedtime stories are a thing for a reason and they’ll foster a love of stories. Remember it’s all about fun. So ditch the monotone and get into it with different, and silly, voices for each character and keep the rhythm as sing song like as the story allows. If they want to stop and point things out in the pictures, go with it. This is their story and they will let you know how they like it told.

Create a Space

Who wouldn’t love a cosy reading nook to snuggle down in with their favourite story? Make it as comfy as possible with beanbags, cushions, and throws, but let them have as much input as you can. You’ll get extra points if you can make a den with all the books within easy reach. Giving them this space will encourage them to pick up a book, but more importantly, do it independently because they have a little corner of the house that is theirs.

Lead from the Front

Like everything else, your kids are looking at you to understand how the world works, no pressure. If the only thing they see you read is the Just Eat menu on your phone, they’re not going to get excited about books. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to rush out and buy a copy of Ulysses, any book or magazine that shows you have an interest in words will do. But make it something other than your phone.

Not Limited to Bedtime

Show them that books are a great way of passing the time. Keep a book handy for long journeys, queues, and anywhere else they might get bored. This’ll show them that reading isn’t only something you do when you want to get sleepy. And it might just keep them quiet in the back of the car.

Support Your Local Library

Libraries are fantastic places for kids. They’re packed with all the stories they could want with every theme imaginable and there are always book themed events that get them involved. Whether it’s story mornings or themed character days, there’s always something at your local library. And it’s also a good place to meet other parents for a coffee with a bit of adult conversation why the kids are enthralled.

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What are the Best Children’s Books?

That’s a question your child will answer for you. There are some wildly successful children’s authors like Julia Donaldson whose put out classics like The Gruffalo and Stick Man. But it doesn’t matter how famous the author is, your kid’s favourite book will be a random find from the The Works. And don’t even think about introducing them to your childhood favourites. Nothing will sting more than you sweet and innocent little one telling you that Peter Rabbit is weird. He’s adorable with his little jacket and button nose, but whatever.

The best you can do is put them in the right place. Take them on a trip to WH Smiths and let them pick the books that jump out at them. If they don’t like one, donate it and move on without a fuss. They’ll soon grow a collection of all the stories they love.

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