The Best Value Meal Deals

With the cost of food & drink rising, we compare the best value meal deals from leading supermarkets.

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The Meal Deal is a staple of the British lunchtime diet. Almost every supermarket offers some variation of this classic combo, but with rising prices, which terrific trio is the best value meal deal and which combinations should budget buyers choose? Here are our top tips for getting the best value from your meal deal.

Morrison's highest and lowest value meal deals

  • Highest value: £6.95
  • Lowest value: £3.95
  • Set price: £3.50

Morrisons offer a three-part meal deal which includes a main (often a sandwich), a snack, and a drink for £3.50.

The highest value combination I found was a prawn mayonnaise sandwich for £2.85, a packet of seafood sticks with dipping sauce for £1.75 and a Naked smoothie 300ml for £2.85. Altogether, this came to £6.95 for a total saving of £3.45.

The worst value meal deal I found was a Cheese & Onion sandwich for £1.40, a Soreen malt loaf snack pack for £1 and a diet Coke 330ml for 0.95p. For a total value of £3.35, a 15p loss compared to the meal deal price. 

Tesco's highest and lowest value meal deals

  •  Highest value: £6.10 
  •  Lowest value: £2.65
  •  Set price: £3.40 with Clubcard (£3.90 without) 

Tesco has two different prices for their meal deal. The Clubcard offer is £3.40 and £3.90 without. Like other supermarkets, it consists of a main snack and drink.

The best value I found was a Tesco Fire Pit sub for £2.85, cocktail sausages with a dip for £1.25 and an Innocent smoothie 250ml for £2. This combo came to £6.10 total for a saving of £2.70 with Clubcard and £2.20 without. 

The lowest value deal I found was Hoisin duck sushi for £1.25, a Kellogs Nutrigrain bar 37g for 0.60p and Glaceau Smart water 600ml for 0.80p. A total value of £2.65, a 0.75p loss with a Clubcard and a £1.25 loss without.

ASDA's highest and lowest value meal deals

  •  Highest value: £6.86
  •  Lowest Value: £3.05
  •  Cheapest item free

ASDA has a different format for its meal deals. Instead of a fixed price, you get the cheapest item free. Because the other supermarkets have set prices, you can combine items of a higher value. I stuck to the same format with my ASDA meal and ordered the most expensive options.

The most expensive option was an all-day breakfast triple sandwich for £3.35, roast flavour chicken straws for £1.15 and a Naked smoothie 300ml for £2.36. The total order value was £6.86 and a saving of £1.15 because the chicken straws were free.

The lowest value meal deal was a cheddar cheese sandwich for £1.50, a Fruit Shoot 275ml for 0.75p and Johnny’s onion ring crisps for 0.55p. This came to a total value of £3.05 (£2.50) with 55p savings with the crisps free. Because there is no fixed meal deal price, ASDA has the cheapest possible combination of the included supermarkets.

Sainsbury’s highest and lowest value meal deals

  •  Highest value: £7.10
  •  Lowest value: £3.45
  •  Set price: £3.50

Sainsbury’s offers a three-part meal deal which includes a main, a snack and a drink for £3.50.

The highest value combination I could find was a brie, bacon & chilli chutney sandwich for £2.95, an On the Go Greek style yoghurt for £1.75 and a Red Bull for £2.40. The total value of this meal deal came to £7.10, a saving of £3.60 compared to the set price.

The lowest value meal included an On the Go cheddar, Red Leicester and red onion sandwich for £1.75, a packet of Snack a Jacks salt & vinegar crisps 23g for 0.95p and a Pink Bolt Zero strawberry & kiwi 250ml for 0.75p. This combination had a total value of £3.45, a loss of just 5p compared to the set price.

Co-op’s highest and lowest value meal deals

  •  Highest value: £7.65
  •  Lowest value: £3.80
  •  Set price: £4.00

The Co-op has the most expensive meal deal set at £4 for a main, snack and drink. However, students can take 10% off the price.

I found a chicken & bacon sandwich for £3.25, a Ginsters Cornish pasty for £1.95, and an Innocent smoothie 250ml for £2.45. The order value totalled £7.65, saving £3.65 compared to the fixed price. An Innocent smoothie is only £2 at Tesco but £2.45 at Co-op.

The lowest-value meal deal I could find was a cheddar and mayonnaise sandwich for £1.40, cloudy apple juice for £1.30 and a packet of mixed nuts 60g for £1.10 which is a combined value of £3.80, a 20p loss compared to the set price.

Boot's highest and lowest value meal deals

  •  Highest value: £7.89
  •  Lowest value: £3.50
  •  Set price: £4.00

Boots offer a meal deal for £4 or £3.60 with an Advantage card. Students can get an extra 10% discount. I also noticed Boots had fewer vegetarian and vegan options. 

The highest value options I could find were a chicken & bacon trio sandwich for £3.50, a Naked smoothie 250ml for £2.50 and a Peperami snack pack for £1.69 for a total value of £7.89 which is a saving of £4.29 with an Advantage card and £3.89 without.

The lowest value meal deal I found was a cheese sandwich for £1.50, Brecon Carreg water 500ml for 0.75p and Fridge Raiders 22.5g for £1.25, a total of £3.50 a 50p loss with an Advantage card or a 90p loss without.

Supermarket reward schemes

Remember that Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, and Sainsbury’s offer reward points and incentives for each purchase, which may add to overall savings in the long term if you purchase a meal deal often. For more information on how to save with reward schemes, look at our reward scheme guide.

Which meal deals are the best?

Cheapest meal deal: Tesco has the most affordable set meal deal price at £3.40

Highest Order Value: Boots had a maximum £7.89 order value which came to £4.29 savings with an Advantage card

Lowest Order Value: Tesco had the lowest possible value at £2.65, a 0.75p loss when using a Clubcard (£1.25 without) 

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The Best Value Meal Deal Results
Supermarket:Price:Highest ValueLowest ValueMax Savings
Tesco£3.40 (£3.90 without card)£6.10£2.65£2.70 (with Clubcard)
Boots£3.60 (£4 without card)£7.89£3.50£4.29 (with Advantage card)
ASDACheapest Item Free£6.86£3.05£1.15

If you're interested in saving money with top supermarkets check out our Asda, Tesco and Morrisons discount pages. For other food vouchers and discounts, check out our Gousto and Hello Fresh pages


How often do the prices of items included in meal deals change, and how does this affect the overall value of meal deals over time?

Prices in meal deals can fluctuate due to factors like inflation, supply chain issues, and promotional strategies. This means the value of meal deals can vary over time. Supermarkets may adjust the items included in deals or the price to reflect current market conditions.

Are there any healthier options available in these meal deals, and how do their values compare to the regular options highlighted?

Many supermarkets strive to include healthier options in their meal deal selections, such as salads, wraps, and fruit pots. However, the value comparison between healthier options and regular items in meal deals might not be straightforward, as healthier items can sometimes be more expensive to produce and procure, potentially affecting the perceived value.

How do seasonal or promotional offers impact the availability and value of meal deals?

Seasonal promotions and special offers can significantly impact the availability and value of meal deals. During certain times of the year, supermarkets might include seasonal items in their meal deals or offer special promotions that enhance the value of a meal deal, such as adding an extra item or offering higher-priced options as part of the deal. For example, the Tesco Finest Spiced Duck & Pomegranate Chutney Wrap was sold as part of the £5 meal deal as its value was too high for the regular one. 

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