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Halloween Deals

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    Active Halloween Voucher Codes, Discount Codes & Offers for September 2017

    Don’t be tricked into overspending, make Halloween a treat with our top deals, vouchers and discounts. You could save a bundle on fancy dress, days out, sweets, chocolate, decorations and so much more...

    Have we got some treats for you! This page is specially designed to bring you offers and tips to ensure you don’t get tricked this Halloween into overspending. Holidays are expensive and with Christmas coming up the costs just keep piling on. Halloween is becoming ever more popular in the UK, as we adopt more and more traditions from our American friends across the pond. We watch so many TV shows and movies from the land of Stars and Stripes, so it’s no surprise we have been seduced by their festive Halloween celebrations. Halloween is an exciting time for the kids and childlike adults. However, there are many preparations to make, our offers and deals will help you get everything you need a fraction of the price, leaving you free to enjoy the spooky fun. We have vouchers on all sorts from supermarket Halloween food, fancy dress shops, sweet stores and much more. Grab a discount today and prepare to have the greatest Halloween yet.

    Halloween Food

    Halloween is all about guilt-inducing sweets, sweets and more sweets. Don’t forget the chocolate, and what else?! Well, candy corn is popular at Halloween, as well as candy apples and pumpkin pie. Starting with sweets, which can be very expensive, especially when you are catering to a whole neighbourhood of hungry kids. Buying in bulk is an option, Swizzels are offering 5KG – yes, that’s right 5KG of party sweets - for less than £20, this is a £5.00 or 24% saving on the usual price, plus Amazon have many free delivery deals. Check the Amazon site for full details. All the major supermarkets are doing deals on sweets, Halloween party food and costumes too, check out Asda and Tesco.

    Make your own sweet treats

    Make sweet treats at home and save on some of the costs – and sugar preservative nasties – that Halloween sweets are full of. Try a candy apple, Poison the Musical style, to make 12 candy apples, you’ll need 10 granny smiths, 12 wood candy apple sticks 11/2 cups of sugar, ½ cup of corn sugar and 1teaspoon of black food colouring gel. The result is a tempting and sinfully poisonous looking candy apple, not to mention fun for everyone!

    Now we normally slice and carve our pumpkins into intricate designs, like the villain in a Halloween horror flick. Why not try eating your Halloween pumpkin? There are so many great autumnal recipes you can make with pumpkin. Every supermarket will have more than its fair share of pumpkins in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Also, they sure go a long way in cooking, making pumpkin an affordable choice and thrifty choice. Buy several now while they’re at their peak, they last weeks without rotting, your Halloween doesn't have to end on the 1st November.

    Even cheaper is to start your own pumpkin patch, it’ll be a fun project with the kids and get them excited in the run up to Halloween.

    Cheaper Costumes

    On this page, you can find vouchers and deals for cheap Halloween jumpers. Some workplaces and schools will be having Halloween jumper days to celebrate the holiday. This new tradition stems from the ubiquitous and hilarious December Christmas jumper trend and is just as fun and wacky. Check out our fashion category and you’ll find good deals at the likes of Boohoo, Asos, George at Asda and F&F.

    Go to Angels fancy dress for some great savings on Halloween fancy dress and save up to 80% off. Another great retailer onsite is Simply Fancy Dress, where you’ll find amazing prices on costumes and decorations.

    Of course, you can always do it yourself, and you’ll get a sense of satisfaction when you complete your dazzling costume. This can be great fun with kids, try a witch and black cat combo or ghoulish ghosts and mesmerising Egyptian mummies. But, for something distinctly more adult and scary, why not try the Harley Quinn & the Joker? This is a brilliant fun costume for couples to try, and a fun role play too. The Harley Quinn costume is set to be the UK’s number one Halloween costume this year, and it’s really not that hard to pull off a DIY version on the cheap.

    Harley Quinn DIY costume

    The look is playful, colourful and fun and not all that hard to create. You’ll need the famous jacket, pick it up at Amazon for less than £40. You’ll also need the Daddy’s Little Monster tee, you can get it for around £10 on eBay, check for free postage deals that may apply. To finish off the sexy outfit you’ll need a studded belt, red and blue hotpants, a wig - check out Etsy. Finally a baseball bat, which you can annotate yourself. Throw on some fishnet tights, then start the makeup ritual and apply her many many leg and face tattoos!

    Avoiding Halloween Tricks and Killer Clowns

    Halloween is the season of trick and treating. You may well hear the question ‘Trick or Treat’ and while in the most cases this is simply tongue in cheek, there is a malignant element at Halloween. There are some people who will take advantage of the ‘free pass’ they believe Halloween affords for raucous and sometimes dangerous and aggressive behaviour. Halloween tricks can be as harmless as the popular toilet papering (TP). TP is the act of covering property in rolls and rolls of toilet paper, usually houses, cars or even trees. Whilst, this may aptly cause the object to resemble a frightening Egyptian mummy, it’s clearly a pain in the behind and tricky to clean up. To avoid this trick do your best to treat Trick or Treaters with politeness, of course, feel free to hand out sweets, but this is up to you, it’s no fun when you feel obligated.Killer clowns is another fashion co-opted from American brothers and sisters, however, this gruesome craze is not quite so benign or fun. This topical issue as reported in the Evening Standard has heated up somewhat in recent days and weeks. The Standard story is that two men were arrested in Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush after chasing members of the public dressed as scary clowns armed with replica knives. This incident follows a spate of other similar sightings across the UK and US in recent times, and we’re not surprised people are scared. It’s only a matter of time before someone takes this too far and dresses as a clown to commit more sinister crimes. We’d advise you to be careful in public, especially where sightings have been reported. Keep an eye out for any vulnerable relatives during this period. Read our blog on the dangers of Killer Clowns for more info if you are concerned.