Best Destinations for Budget Travellers

Budget travellers - join us as we go through some of the best destinations to visit on the cheap

A young man looking over the canal of Amsterdam
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There are many reasons why travellers would look to keep their holiday spending to a budget, especially during a cost of living crisis. It’s important to remember, too, that the world is still financially recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and the halt that it brought to the tourism trade.

Indeed, according to the Office for National Statistics, “There were 71.0 million visits overseas by UK residents in 2022, compared with 19.1 million visits in 2021. When compared with pre-coronavirus pandemic levels, visits abroad were still down. The number of visits in 2022 was 24% less than the peak in 2019”. A year on and we expect the number of people travelling is likely to have risen again, although data is not yet readily available to suggest figures are back to pre-pandemic levels. That being said, there appears a clear desire amongst travellers to see the world, despite many feeling the need to tighten their purse strings. 

Jack Cunningham
Travel Editor

As a former sports journalist and content creator, I swapped the press box for a permanent desk several years ago. Since giving match reports the red card, I have enjoyed developing my writing and research skills in a few other areas, and now I spend my time doing something I really enjoy - sharing the best ways to save on travel with our wonderful readers.

I love nothing more than exploring different parts of the world and learning about new cultures (and taking in the occasional sporting fixture, if at all possible). I’m just as happy on a quick city break in Lisbon as I am navigating my way across the width of America, and firmly believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy travelling regardless of their budget.