Buying Budget Gifts for the Men in your Life

Buying gifts for the men in your life doesn't have to be difficult or expensive when you take a look at our inexpensive gift ideas that they are sure to love.

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Whether it’s a gift for your dad, husband, grandad, brother, son, or male friend, we all know that buying gifts for the men in your life can be super tricky. That’s why we’ve created a handy gift guide with an abundance of thoughtful, affordable gifts that the men in your life are sure to love. 

That way, you’ll be able to purchase presents, minus the hassle, without breaking the bank. 

Gadgets Galore

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It’s a given that you can never have too many gadgets. Sometimes trying to find a present that you know the man in your life will use can be difficult - so if this is you, then look no further. 

If you’re buying a gift for someone who takes pride in his desk space,  whether he loves to game on his PC, or works from home, check out the InGenious Minature Desktop Vacuum, £10 from MenKind. With this nifty little gadget, he’ll be able to keep his space crum-free with ease. 

For lovers of all things tech, make his life that bit easier with an Amazon Smart Plug, £24.99 from Amazon. These plugs work with Alexa to help you control your home with your voice. From scheduling your lights and controlling your coffee machine to turning your appliances on and off remotely, all you need is one of these. 

If you’re looking for something that will keep the man in your life occupied for hours, and you can afford to stretch your budget a bit further, then don’t miss the Holy Stone Mini Drone, £29.99 from Amazon. This is ideal for people of all ages and is safe for kids and beginners too. With three speed settings, lighting modes, 360° flips, and protective guards, your nearest and dearest are sure to love it. 

Finally, if you’re on the lookout for a bit of a niche gift that’s affordable, then take a look at the World’s Smallest Planetarium, £8.99 from Firebox. With this little gadget, you’ll be able to see the night sky, and star gaze from the comfort of your own home. So, if you know someone who is a lover of astronomy or would love to learn more about constellations, this is the perfect gift.  

Nature Lovers

A person holding a succulent plant among other potted plants in the background.

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If you have men in your life who love nothing more than the great outdoors, they’re sure to love these affordable gardening gifts. From gardening gloves and bird feeders to insect hotels and more, these wonderful gifts are sure to make their day. 

If your special someone loves the idea of helping the environment and encouraging insects and wildlife, then check out the Insect Hotel Wigwam, £7.50 from MenKind. With this adorable gift made of spruce wood, bamboo, pinecone, and more, you’ll help attract all kinds of bugs that are sure to spend a night in this garden hotel. 

The Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plant, £13 from MenKind, is the perfect present for the men in your life who love all things plants but want something a little different. When you purchase this super cool gift, they’ll get two packs of seeds of carnivorous plants, all the gear they’ll need, and a handy instruction manual with tips too. 

For lovers of Harry Potter, and for men that you know love to be creative, the Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut Terrarium Built It Kit, £25 from MenKind, is simply a must. This is ideal for people of all ages, and children over seven. Included in this kit are moulds, plaster, paints, seeds and more, so they’ll have everything they need to keep them occupied for hours. What’s more, once it’s been decorated, he can enjoy the magic of growing the seeds included. 

Whether you’re on a strict budget, trying to find something for a stocking filler, or you’re looking for a small gift to go alongside other gifts, this is ideal. The Plant a Tree Card, £1.99 from Etsy, is a thoughtful gift idea for those who love a kind gesture. When you purchase the card, you’ll be able to make someone’s day that little bit more special, knowing that your gift to them is planting a tree.  

Chocolate Lovers

A brown box of chocolates on a slate surface.

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You can never go wrong with chocolate. So, if you’re really struggling with gift ideas for a fussy man in your life, check out these delicious treats. 

If you’re looking for a little present to go with your others or you’re getting close to your gifting budget, then something like the Thorntons chocolate bags are simply irresistible. From their Coffee Creams, £4.50, and their Fudge Brownies, £4.50, to their Viennese Truffles, £4.50, it’s sure to be a winner. 

A luxury option is the Dark Fix Pocket Selection, £9.95, or the Chocolate Macarons, £9 from Hotel Chocolat. For those who love chocolate liqueurs, take a look at The Velvetised Cream Collection, £12, or the Velvetised Chocolate Tasting Experience Gift Set, £14.95, from Hotel Chocolat

If it’s a classic box of chocolates that you’re after, then you can always rely on one of the Thorntons collections, whether it’s their Classic Collection, £8, or their Continental Collection, £10, they’re simply irresistible. For those who can stretch their budget further, take a peek at The Signature Collection, £16.95 from Hotel Chocolat

For the vegan men in your life, Hotel Chocolat has the Unbelievably H-Box, £15.45, and a range of chocolate goodies that are suitable for vegans, including the Rose & Violet Creams, £4.95, the Hazelnut & Ginger Chocolates, £4.95, Pecan Nutmilk Pralines, £4.95, and a selection of the Nutmilk Chocolate Batons, £7.95. 

Coffee Lovers

A close up of a man holding some coffee beans.

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Is your dad really your dad if he doesn’t have a morning coffee every day and an espresso here and there? Get his day off to a good start with a delicious cup of coffee, whether he’d be up for trying something a little different, or would prefer to stick to a traditional blend, we’ve got you covered. From coffee subscriptions that are good value for money, flavoured ground coffees and espresso mugs to coffee-tasting bucket lists, and coffee plants, keep reading to find the perfect gift. 

For luxury coffee without the luxury price tag, check out the Whittard House Blend, £7.50 from Whittard of Chelsea, or if he’s happy to try something new, then the Salted Caramel Ground Coffee, £9, the Vanilla Ground Coffee, £9, the Amaretto Ground Coffee, £9, or the Hazelnut Ground Coffee, £9, are delightful options. A cute little gift would also be the Dark Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans or the Milk, Dark & White Chocolate Espresso Beans, £7.50. 

If your male family member has enough coffee to last him a lifetime, then maybe a mug is a better option. Some affordable, high-quality espresso mugs are the Stoneware Espresso Cup, £3, and the Swoon Roche Stoneware Espresso Cup & Saucer, £10 from John Lewis

If you’re happy to spend a bit more on full-sized mugs that are sure to last, then you can’t go wrong with an Emma Bridgewater mug. The Black Toast Tea & Coffee Mug, £25, is a good option, or the Stormy Stars Dad Mug, £25, for a personal touch. If you’re looking for a Christmas mug, then the Personalised Christmas Holly Mug, £31, is adorable. 

For some quirky coffee-related gifts, check out the 100 Coffee Scratch Bucket List Poster, £12.99 from Notonthehighstreet. For those men who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, the Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit, £19.95 from Notonthehighstreet, is perfect. 

Homeware Accessories

Man hanging a framed print onto his wall at home.

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We all know someone who forgets to add accessories and decor to their homes, so if the man you’re buying for could do with some extra why not give them a friendly push in the right direction? 

Add some mood lighting with the Mini Himalayan Salt Colour Changing Lamp, £8 or the LED Strip Light with Remote Control, £12 from MenKind

If the person you’re buying for isn’t decorating rented property, then prints that they can hang and display are always a nice gift. If you’re looking for something for a grandad or a dad with a personal touch, then the Coat of Arms and Surname History Print, £20 from MenKind, is perfect. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that you can do with your dad, then the 100 Things to do With Dad Bucket List Scratch Poster, £13, is adorable. 

If it’s a specific room in the house you’re buying prints for, then fear not - Etsy is the perfect place. Some great, affordable prints for an office or man cave include the Casino Wall Print, £3.43, Antique Wrestling Print, £8+, and the Man Cave Definition Print, £5.99+. For lovers of sport, check out the Set of 3 Football Prints, £17.50+, Eat Sleep Football Repeat Print, £2.80+, Sports Balls Print, £9.95, Michael Jordan The Shot Poster, £11.04+, Wimbledon Art Print, £8+, Frank Ocean Nickes Print, £6.35+, and the Sneakers Print, £13.60+. All of these prints are available in various sizes and would look great in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more. 

Alcohol Gifts

An open box with a bottle of wine showing.

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Whether it’s beer, wine, spirits, or something alcohol-free, make sure the man you’re buying for can drink it in style. At MenKind, they have a Giant Beer Stein, £10 which is a great way to get that authentic feel from the comfort of your own home. Another funky glass is the Sinking Ship in a Glass, £13 from MenKind, which is unique and fun. 

If you’re after something a bit different for beer lovers, why not check out the Craft Beer Gift Pack, £19.95 from BrewDog, or the 100 World Beers Bucket List Poster, £13 from MenKind

For those who love an occasional glass of wine, don’t miss the Magic Wine Aerator and Decanter, £15 from MenKind. With this nifty little gadget, your special someone will be able to experience an enhanced, aged flavour of wine, without having to wait. 

Don’t let being alcohol-free mean that your special someone has to miss out on the fun. At Days Brewing Company, they have a Non-Alcoholic Taster Pack, £10, which is ideal for those who fancy trying something new. You can also find non-alcoholic beer at Tesco, including the Heineken Alcohol-Free 12 pack, £11.50, Peroni 0.0% Beer 12 pack, £11.50, and more. For lovers of alcohol-free gin, check out the Tanqueray Alcohol-Free Spirit, £17.50, or the Gordons 0.0% Spirit, £15, from Tesco

Grooming & Self Care Gifts

An array of brown parcel packages, with one open in the centre filled with face and body care products.

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Whether the man in your life is into self-care or you’d like to help give him an at-home pamper night, self-care essentials are always a thoughtful gift and are even better when it’s male grooming essentials on a budget

If it’s your husband or partner that you are buying for and you’re looking for date nights on a budget, why not hit two birds with one stone and make an evening out of it? You can certainly do this with the Hot Stone Therapy Kit, £20 from MenKind. With this handy kit, you’ll have everything you need to give each other a night of total relaxation. 

Once you’re done, why not treat him to a face mask with the L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Tissue Mask, £1.99 or the L’Oreal Men Expert Charcoal Tissue Mask, £1.99 from Boots

If you’re looking for male grooming products on a budget, you can never go wrong with the Bulldog Original Skincare Duo, £10, or the Nivea MEN Deep Cleaning Face Wash, £2.97 from Boots. Alternatively, if your budget can stretch that bit further, it’s definitely worth purchasing a cleanser from CeraVe, such as the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, £11.50, or the CeraVe Foaming Cleanser, £11.50 from Boots, his skin will thank you. 

For men who love a good bath, take their bath game up a notch with the Ted Baker Sterling Blue Bath Body Duo, £7, the Baylis & Harding Signature Men’s Black Pepper Set, £4.50, or the Champneys Mini Duo, £6.50 from Boots

When it comes to men who take pride in their facial hair, we’ve got you covered too. Check out the NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Grooming Bundle, £8.99 from Boots, and the Metal Beard Shaper & Comb, £10 from Next

Book Lovers

A man drinking a coffee while reading a book.

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This one is a simple one if you know what kinds of books the man in your life loves, or would like to read. What’s more, it’s the perfect gift if you’re looking to save some money and want to buy books on a budget

If he’s new to reading and would like to start with the classics, some great options include:

  • Animal Farm, George Orwell
  • 1984, George Orwell
  • Lord of the Flies, William Golding
  • Frankenstein, Mary Shelley 
  • The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkein 
  • The Fellowship of the Ring, J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Dune, Frank Herbert
  • To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
  • The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Brave New World, Aldous Huxley 
  • Dracula, Bram Stoker 
  • Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck 
  • Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky 

Some other great fiction reads that he might like are some of the following: 

  • The Martian, Andy Weir 
  • Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir
  • The Thursday Murder Club, Richard Osman 
  • The Shining, Stephen King
  • Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, Gabrielle Zevin
  • Ready Player One, Ernest Cline
  • The Alchemist, Paul Coelho
  • The Road, Cormac McCarthy
  • Angels and Demons, Dan Brown

If it’s non-fiction books that you’re looking for, then it’s definitely worth taking a look at some of the following: 

  • Atomic Habits, James Clear 
  • The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle 
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari
  • The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk 

For lovers of biographies, don’t miss some of these great options: 

  • The Diary of a CEO, Steven Barlett 
  • Undoctored, Adam Kay
  • Will, Will Smith
  • Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, Matthew Perry 
  • Elon Musk, Walter Isaacson 
  • Pele: The Autobiography, Pele
  • Ian Wright: A Life in Football, Ian Wright
  • El Diego, Diego Maradona 
  • Tyson Fury: Behind The Mask, Tyson Fury
  • Ali: A Life, Jonathan Eig
  • Amir Khan: Fight for Your Life, Amir Khan

If you’re really unsure what book to buy, worry not - we’ve got you covered. You can always opt for a Waterstones Gift Card, so you can give them the gift of a new book, without the hassle, and for a fraction of the cost. 

Alternatively, at Bookishly, they sell a Modern Classics Book & Luxury Chocolate Subscription, £18, which is perfect for a bookworm who loves to read and indulge. Delivered to their home through the letterbox each month, you’ll be opting for a stress-free and thoughtful gift that is sure to put a smile on their face, for months on end. 

Another lovely gift idea is the 100 Books Scratch Off Bucket List Poster, £12.99 from The Literary Gift Company. This is a fun and interactive way of challenging your special someone to get reading. Featuring a mix of fiction and non-fiction titles, classics, and contemporary novels, they’re sure to step outside their reading comfort zone and discover a whole new world. 

If your book-loving man has got a shelf full of books still to be read, then let’s steer clear of books. Instead, why not opt for a new bookmark? The Personalised Custom Leather Bookmark, £10+, or the Leather Bookmark, £9+ from Etsy are perfect for the men in your life, and what’s more, you really can never have too many bookmarks.  

Movie Lovers

A man watching a movie in the evening while sitting on the sofa eating popcorn.

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Whatever genre of films the men in your life like to watch, sometimes things can get a little repetitive. Why not push them out of their comfort zone with the 100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Poster, £13, or the 100 Horror Movies Scratch Poster, £10, from MenKind? Say goodbye to the days of scrolling Netflix for hours each evening and make watching new films even more fun by discovering hidden gems that you might not have thought of before. What’s more, you’ll get double the satisfaction of watching a great film by ticking it off your poster.  

Games & Entertaining Gifts

Two men playing table football.

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You can never go wrong with a fun gift that you can play with, whatever the occasion. What’s more, you’ll keep the men in your home entertained for hours on end. 

If you’re on a bit of a tight budget, then check out the Instant Table Tennis, £13 from MenKind. With this portable version of table tennis, you’ll be able to play wherever you go, whether it’s on your next family holiday, or while hosting your next party, it’s sure to be a winner. 

For those whose budgets can stretch that bit further, take a look at the Space Coaster, £25, the Neon Table Football, £25, the Neon Air Hockey, £25, and the Table Top Pool, £25, from MenKind.  


A group of people enjoying wine and cheese tasting at a vineyard.

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If all else fails, then an experience with the men in your life is always a winner. Whether it’s a day trip to their favourite football stadium, a trip to a local vineyard for a day of wine tasting, or something a little different, we’ve got your back. 

For football lovers, make sure to check out the Manchester United Old Trafford Stadium Tour, £40, or the Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium & Museum Entry, £46, from Buyagift

Some other lovely days out include the Steam Railway Day Rover Tickets for Two, £28, or the Tour and Tasting at Chiltern Valley Winery & Brewery, £40, from Red Letter Days

If you’re after something a little different, don’t miss the Hidden Vintage Cinema Experience with Cocktails for Two, £29, or the Zip World Fforest Coaster Ride Experience, £27, from Buyagift

For those on a strict budget, don’t miss free days out in the UK, and if you’re looking for an activity to do with your husband or partner, it’s definitely worth checking out our handy ideas for date nights on a budget so you can give your special someone the gift of quality time together. 

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