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Festivals are going supernova with popularity. It seems that every genre of music, comedy or art has their own festival now, with fans everywhere flocking to join in the fun. Going to festivals is as much a skill as it is a holiday. Become a veteran and a savvy saver with our festival voucher codes, discount codes and offers. You can save on the likes of tents, chic festival fashion and wellies, food and sanitary essentials and much more - including the essential extra battery for charging all your electronic devices!

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Festivals are quickly becoming a yearly staple in the lives of music lovers across the globe. There is now something for everyone, whether it is immersing yourself in Boomtown’s fantasy city or head banging at Download. The only downside of this rapidly expanding culture is the rapidly rising price of tickets. Luckily, festival organisers, such as Reading & Leeds, having introduced a phased payment method. This allows festivalgoers to pay for their tickets in four monthly installments, drastically reducing the impact of the ticket price. Most festivals sell their own tickets so the only way to get them cheaply is to wait for individuals re-selling their tickets.This can be a risky strategy but the reward can be great.

It's summer, the sun is finally shining and you are ready to go. The festival awaits. Before you do, however, there are some things you need and this very useful list from Eventim will help a lot. While some less experienced festivalgoers would spend a fortune on things they do not need, you are smarter and have come to MyVoucherCodes to get it all for less. First things first, tents. You want a tent that will both be durable and compact enough to easily carry through endless queueing. Your best bet is to get a tent from Blacks; they offer tents for every person’s needs. A marquee is essential for bigger groups going together as the shade will be vital if the sun is strong or the rain is falling. If you are not willing to fork out a fortune for food while at the festival, a portable gas cooker never goes amiss. Otherwise, a loaf of Soreen can be a lifesaver when you are finally hungry. Food in general needs to be simple at a festival, don’t bring anything that can go rotten or stale quickly in the oven that will be your tent.

Now that you are ready to go to your festival of choice, you need to look the part. Festivals offer a unique opportunity when it comes to fashion. They’re a bubble of zero judgment, meaning that fashion can be bolder than you would ever dream back at home. There’s no consequence to looking totally bonkers at a festival if anything it's encouraged. Festivals are all about freedom and expression, so you need to pack in as much colour and pattern to your wardrobe as possible. If you’re a woman and the weather shines, cute bralettes paired with shorts are a mainstay, with some excellent pieces available from Missguided and PrettyLittleThing. For men, a simple t-shirt with shorts is a staple look. The more outrageous the better, with plenty of great options on asos. As for footwear, there is only one real option: Wellington boots. Wellies are synonymous with festival fashion, especially as you can get a lot more than plain ones these days, and you cannot beat a pair from Hunter. If all these staples sound too boring then do not hesitate to whip out the fancy dress, this is the time to do it.

Ok, you have your tent; you have your sizzling outfit prepared; now you need to iron out the finer details. Human beings need a lot of food to fuel a weekend soaked with sordid joys. As previously mentioned, food is quite expensive at festivals and a loaf of Soreen, while incredible, can only get you so far too. Inevitably, you are going to need to bring some food with you. When choosing what to bring you need to consider two things first, will it go stale or off with no fridge for 4 days? If the answer is yes, then you need either to eat it fast or leave it in the shopping aisle. This generally leaves dry foods such as biscuits, dried fruits and processed bread like packet brioche. Moving on to hygiene. Dry shampoo and baby wipes. Lots and lots baby wipes. These two items will get you through the whole experience smelling like daisies relative to the rest of your smelly friend group going without. The other key part of any festival, in between the bottles of booze, is to drink plenty of water. If you’ve ever had dry mouth before with a hangover, you’ll know the struggles of stumbling to the sink for water. Now imagine the water is a good 10-minute walk away. The best way to combat this is to stock up on water bottles and fill them all up before sleep. It is vital.