Decorating your Kitchen on a Budget

Updating your kitchen doesn't have to break the bank when you check out our easy and affordable ways to transform your kitchen space on a budget.

A modern kitchen with sage green cupboards and gold handles, with a farmhouse style ceramic sink, trailing plants, wooden shelves with plates and a black tap.
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Whether your kitchen could do with some serious TLC, or you’re just looking for some quick, easy and affordable ways to freshen up your space, we’ve got you covered. From transforming your space with a tin of paint and getting organised with refillable jars, to hanging prints, adding rugs, and more, we’ve compiled a list of ways to decorate your kitchen on a budget. 

Give your Kitchen a Makeover

A contractor's gloved hands framing a completed section of a kitchen custom design technical drawing.

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Whether you’d like to paint your kitchen walls, you’re looking to upcycle your cupboards, or you’re trying to think of Ways to Decorate on a Budget, B&Q and Wickes have an impressive range of DIY essentials including high-quality paint and handles, that you can purchase without having to break the bank. 

As always when starting a new decorating project, your best bet is to take an interior design quiz to find out what styles you love. Then, create a Pinterest board - find a source of inspiration to help you decide what look you’re going for. This way, you’ll be able to see your vision first, without purchasing a single thing.  

Add a Lick of Paint

A small paintbrush sitting on top of an open tin of green paint.

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Whether it’s for your walls or cupboards, some lovely kitchen paint colours that you can find at B&Q include Dulux Willow Tree, Dulux Natural Slate, Dulux Egyptian Cotton, and Dulux Saphire Salute. As with all types of interior and exterior paint, make sure you check what is compatible with your surface to be painted, and it is always a good idea to purchase testers to make sure you are happy with your paint colour first. 

Simply prep your walls or kitchen cupboards by sanding and clearing them of any debris as you would when prepping any surface to paint. Then, choose your paint colour, and go go go! 

Switch Out Your Cupboard Handles

A close up of a green kitchen unit with green drawers and small gold handles.

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Once your cupboards are dry, why not switch out the handles to achieve your desired look? 

If you’re on the lookout for sleek, simplistic options, then we’ve got your back. Make sure to take a look at the GoodHome Saffron Brass Effect Handles for £2.50, or the Brushed Bar Cabinet Handles for £3 from B&Q. Furthermore, at Wickes, check out the Wickes Como Knob Handle Matt Black for £8 which is a good idea if you want to avoid messy fingerprints, the Wickes Unvarnished Cabinet Door Knob for £6, the T Bar Cabinet Handles for £4.50, or the T Bar Door Handles in Brushed Nickel for £2

Alternatively, if you’re after something with a bit more texture or something that will make more of a statement, look no further. At B&Q, they have GoodHome Ancho Brushed Silver Cup Handles for £2, Sumac Brushed Nickel Bar Handles for £4, and Toum Pewter Silver Cabinet Handles for £3. Similarly, at Wickes, you can find Birdcage Cabinet Knobs in Black for £5.50, Georgian Drop Handles in Antique Brass for £4.50, and Carlisle Brass Knurled Knobs for £3.50.  

Kitchen Organisation

An organised kitchen pantry with a variety of foods in glass jars.

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Whether your kitchen is the most used space in the house or is pretty much just for show, it’s definitely worth keeping it organised. From spice racks, meal planners, and food container labels, to jars, shopping lists, and more, we’ve found some of the most affordable bits and pieces on the market.  

Add a Utensil Holder

A white wall background behind a metal pot holding an array of wooden cooking utensils.

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If you’re a keen cook, then it’s definitely worth purchasing a utensil holder. Not only do they look lovely on your kitchen counter, but they make cooking much more convenient. You can use anything as a utensil holder, so if you’re looking to save some cash, why not look through your cupboards for any spare vases or cups to use?

If you’re looking for something new to help freshen up your space, then Ikea is a great place to look. For a modern, textured look, check out the Välvårdad Cutlery Stand for £4. This one can be used for either utensils or cutlery so you can use it however suits you. If you’re after that modern farmhouse feel, then the Sockerärt Vase for £12 is a must. This is available in white and dark grey beige so whether you going for 

Another place for affordable utensil holders is Dunelm. For lovers of neutrals, you’ll love the Ceramic Utensil Holder Grey for £7 or the Hang Tag Utensil Jar for £8. These would look great in every kitchen, whatever your style. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little different, then check out the Curves Utensil Pot Gold for £10 to add a pop of gold to your space. Another great option is the Pack of 10 Matte Black Rail Hooks for £7 which is a sleek, modern option that would look lovely if you’ve got other matte black accessories in your space.  

Utilise Food Containers

An array of glass jars containing cereals, nuts, seeds, and pastas.

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Whether you’ve got cupboards full of grains, pasta, and rice, or flour, sugar, oats, and more, food containers are probably what you need. Not only is it super aesthetically pleasing, but it makes your life just that little bit easier too. 

At B&M, they have a variety of glass containers and jars for you to use however you like. Whether you use their Natural Home Glass Jars 3pk for £12 for your tea, coffee and sugar, their Large Glass Jar with Cork Lid for £3.50 for pasta and rice, the Large Bamboo Clip Lock Glass Jar for £4 for sweets and biscuits, and their Ribbed Glass Jar With Cork Lid for £4 for something a bit extra, they’ve got something for you. 

If you’re tired of unsightly egg cartons, then check out Dunelm’s Ceramic White 6 Egg Holder for £2.  

Use a Lazy Susan

An array of various dipping sauces including ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce and more, in small bowls.

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This is a great hack for your cupboards and your fridge. If you’re a lover of condiments, whether it’s salt, pepper, vinegar and balsamic glazes, or tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, sometimes your cupboard space can feel cluttered and things can be difficult to reach. 

With a lazy Susan, say goodbye to disappearing condiments that require you to sift through random herbs and spices to find. Simply load it up and spin it to your heart’s content. 

Depending on the look and feel of your kitchen, there are some great affordable options at Ikea and Amazon. For lovers of wood, check out the Snudda Lazy Susan for £9 from Ikea. If you prefer something a little more subtle and easier to clean, have a look at the Lazy Susan Turntable Clear for £4.99 from Amazon.  

Hang a Spice Rack

A spice rack hanging on a wall with various spices in glass jars.

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If you simply can’t get enough of your staple kitchen spices, or you’re looking to grow your collection without making your cupboards feel cluttered, why not opt for a spice rack? What’s more, why not make a feature out of it too?

At Dunelm, they have a variety of modern, aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive spice racks that are sure to display your seasonings in style. For those with black accessories in your kitchen, see what you think of the Matte Black Hanging Spice Rack for £8. This makes cooking so much easier by taking your spices out of the cupboard. What’s more, if you’ve got some unused wall space begging for a piece of decor, then this might just be what you need. 

Alternatively, if it’s worktop space that you feel you have an excess of, make sure it doesn’t look bare with this Acacia Gold Spice Rack for £12. This works for those who only have a few staples and for those with more as you can simply purchase several and either stack them or slot them together. The gold detailing on the lid will certainly transform your collection from a cluttered mess to a classy statement piece.  

Use Meal Planners & Shopping Lists

A weekly meal planner next to various foods in bowls.

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Something that can not only help us feel more organised but will help our fridge space and cupboards appear more organised is meal planners and shopping lists. There’s nothing worse than having to decide on dinner seven nights in a row or returning from your food shop only to find you’ve forgotten something essential. 

A quick, easy and affordable fix is to opt for a meal planner or a shopping list. If you want to keep things simple, both in terms of organisation and maintaining a tidy fridge exterior, then take a look at the Amazon Clear Weekly Magnetic Whiteboard Weekly Meal Planner for £6. With the whiteboard design, you’ll minimise waste and mess, with one quick wipe clean each week. 

If you prefer to handwrite your shopping lists and meal planners with a good old-fashioned biro or pencil, then check the Meal Planner Notepad for £8.99 or the Weekly Meal Planner Notepad for £5.99. These two options are handy because they have both the meal planner and the shopping list which means you can list the ingredients for each meal you plan.  

Organise with Plate Racks

Various plates in a plate rack and bowls inside a cupboard.

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Are you getting fed up with the hassle of trying to slide plates out from beneath each other, knocking things over in the process? If that sounds like you, then maybe what you need is something like the White Wire Corner Plate Storage for £4 from Dunelm. This is available in Matt Black for £4 as well if you prefer that. Simply stack plates, bowls, and any other crockery and access with ease. 

When it comes to saucepans and frying pans, it can be even more difficult to reach. Their awkward shape makes them difficult to fit into drawers creating a cluttered space, and given that they’re something the majority of us use regularly, they should be easy to retrieve. Luckily for you, Amazon has a Slot Pan Lid Holder for £15. A slightly more affordable option is the Pan Saucepan Pot Storage Rack for £13.99 from The Range

If it’s those pesky lids that are getting you down, then check out the Saucepan Lids Holder for £11.99

Add Labels to Containers

A kitchen shelf displaying an array of plastic containers with non-perishable food in, and corresponding labels.

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This one isn’t a must, but it’s super satisfying to do. So, whether you want to jump on the hype and add labels to your containers for the aesthetic, or they’ll actually help you locate your cooking essentials and ingredients faster, it’s a win-win. 

On Amazon, they have a wide selection of labels, including different styles and fonts, as well as sets. Whether you’re looking for a Full Collection of Labels for Jars for £19.75, their Essential Collection for £7.95, their Baking Collection for £7.95, or their Herb & Spice Jar Labels for £8.99, they’ve got something for everyone. 

Additionally, once you’ve worked out When is the Best Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances, you’ll want to make sure all of your cleaning supplies are organised too. Whether you’ve got the luxury of a utility space or your washing machine is in your kitchen, you can do so with the Minimalist Laundry & Cleaning Sticks for £7.99. With their water-resistant design, you can rest assured that they’ll last for years to come. 

Decorative Items

A kitchen full of decorative items including wooden shelves, plants, a spice rack, plates, a soap dispenser, and more.

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Now that your space is nicely organised, it’s time for some fun decor. Whatever your style, whether it’s a classic farmhouse kitchen with neutrals, raw wood, rustic details and shaker-style cabinets, a contemporary style with a monochrome design, chrome hardware, and under-cabinet lighting, or something a bit more out there, it’s the little things that can really elevate your space.  

Display a Spoon Rest

A pair of wooden spoons on a wooden kitchen table.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Whether you’re looking for a way to avoid putting spatulas or wooden spoons onto your work surface while cooking, or your countertop is looking a little lacklustre, then it’s worth adding a spoon rest somewhere. 

If you’re after something textured or patterned to help add a little something to your kitchen, then check out the Botanical Spoon Rest for £2.99 or the Pimpernel Spoon Rest for £4.99 from The Range. Another great option is the Habitat Reactive Glaze Spoon Rest for £5 from Sainsbury’s

For those lovers of neutrals, you’ll love the Cream Swirl Stoneware Spoon Rest for £6 from John Lewis, and for those with matt black accessories, the Black Spoon Rest for £4.50 from Matalan is the one for you. 

If you’re after more of a statement piece, then don’t miss the John Lewis Hammered Gold Stainless Steel Rest for £8.  

Switch Out Your Soap Dispenser

A white kitchen sink with a black faucet and an amber soap dispenser bottle.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Switch out your unsightly soap dispensers with some modern ones that you’ll be able to accessorise with. Whatever your style, there’s an abundance of stylish, aesthetically pleasing soap dispensers on the market that you can customise to suit your kitchen best.

If you’re after a minimalistic option, check out the London Ribbed Glass Lotion Dispenser for £6 from Dunelm. Alternatively, if you’re after a set of soap dispensers that can be used in both your kitchen and bathroom, along with labels, take a look at the White Soap Dispenser Set for £9.99 from Amazon. Despite being a little more expensive, it’s a good investment if you’re looking to save money on extras including labels. 

Currently, amber bottles are all the rage and if you’re ready to jump on the trend, then we’ve got you covered. An affordable option is the Amber Refillable Soap Dispensers for £8.99 from Amazon. These are also suitable for shampoo and shower gel so if you’re looking to decorate your bathroom on a budget, bear these in mind.  

If you’re not on a strict budget and are looking for a more luxurious option, then check out the Amber Glass Apothecary Bottles for £10.95+ or the Set of 2 Amber Glass Bottles & Bamboo Tray for £17.99 from Etsy

For something a little different, you might like Dunelm’s Bubble Glass Green Lotion Dispenser for £7 which is ideal if you’re looking for ways to add more colour and texture to your kitchen. If you’re looking for a pop of gold, then you won’t want to miss the Silvtjarn Soap Dispenser for £8 from Ikea.  

Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

A white kitchen with white tiles and black countertops, with under cabinet lighting.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

You don’t need to pay for an electrician to transform your kitchen with under-cabinet lighting. With the Under Cabinet Lighting Kit for £14.99 from Amazon, you’ll be able to do it all yourself, for less. It’s definitely worth adding some under-cabinet lighting to your space, especially for those who have dark tiles or a darker splashback, as it helps to make your kitchen appear more spacious. What’s more, it makes a good alternative to your main light and can help create a more cosy, chilled-out atmosphere.  

Refresh Your Tea Towels

An array of patterned white and grey and navy tea towels arranged in a storage basket.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Out with the old and in with the new. Tea towels are something we all purchase when we first move into a new house and then forget to replace. So if, like me, you’ve got a drawer filled with embarrassingly worn-out tea towels, it’s probably time to give them a refresh. 

If you’re after an affordable set of neutral tea towels, then take a look at the Pack of 3 Waffle Tea Towels for £3.49 from The Range. These are available in several colours, including black, grey, sage, and cream, so whether you’d like them to match your kitchen perfectly, or complement it, they’ll have something for you. If it’s muted colours you’re after, then the Waffle Pack of 5 Tea Towels for £8.50 from Argos is for you. 

For lovers of texture and pattern, you’ll love the Set of 4 Mixed Anti-Bacterial Tea Towels for £3.99 from Dunelm, and if you’re after that vintage farmhouse feel, look at the Vitnoppa Floral Green Tea Towel for £6 from Ikea.  

Upgrade Your Kitchen Roll Holder

A roll of kitchen roll on a wooden holder on top of a kitchen countertop, and in front of a tiled background.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

This one is ideal for those who have some free wall space or if you’re tight on counter space. Displaying kitchen roll doesn’t have to be boring, so make it more stylish with the Matt Black Hanging Kitchen Roll Holder for £6 from Dunelm. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the Under-Shelf Kitchen Roll Holder for £4.50 might be for you.  

Add Storage Baskets & Jars

A person pulling a glass jar from out of a drawer that is filled with organised baskets of tea towels and kitchen accessories.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

These aren’t a must, and you might not necessarily need them, especially if you’ve organised your cupboards and fridge using our suggestions mentioned above. Nevertheless, they’re a great multifunctional item that not only creates an element of decoration in your kitchen but keeps your bits and pieces neatly stored away too. 

If you want to jump on the Kardashian biscuit bandwagon, then why not check out the Habitat 1.6 Litre Glass Jar for £5.50 or the Dunelm Large Vintage Sweet Jar for £10 based on what kind of look you’re going for? Both are ideal for storing and displaying biscuits, sweets, and more that will make your space feel super homely. 

If you’d prefer not to have something that attracts fingerprints, then take a look at something like the Small Black Food Storage Basket for £7 from Dunelm. Whether you use it for fruit and veg, or for showcasing your homemade sweet treats and baked bread, it’ll look super modern in your space.  

Display Decorative Chopping Boards

A wooden chopping board on top of a patterned tea towel and marble surface.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

We’ve all got that drawer full of old, unsightly, chopping boards that look like they’ve been through the wars. If this sounds like you, then pay attention to this hack that will take your chopping board game up another level and make your kitchen feel cosy and luxurious. 

If your kitchen has wasted wall space below your cabinets, your space might feel empty and underwhelming. Simply find a chopping board that makes you swoon and lean against the wall, horizontal or landscape, whatever suits you. You’ll break up the wall space, and can even use it as a feature to highlight other pieces of decor, such as your sugar, tea, and coffee jars, or a vase of flowers. 

We suggest using a wooden chopping board that you won’t be actually using to cut any food to ensure that it stays looking its best. If you’ve got a bit of a tight budget, or looking to save some money, then Ikea has a fantastic range of affordable chopping boards that you are sure to love. For a classic rectangular option, check out the Aptitlig Chopping Board for £4, the Proppmätt Chopping Board for £4, the Småäta Chopping Board for £7, or the Ostbit Serving Plate for £7

If you’re looking for a chopping board that is something a bit different, then have a look at the Fascinera Small Chopping Board for £7 or the Fascinera Large Chopping Board for £13 from Ikea. 

For those who are happy to spend a little more, don’t miss the Habitat Industrial Wooden Pixxa Board for £18, the Habitat Acacia Groove Chopping Board for £18.50, the Black Wooden Serveboard for £10 from Dunelm, the T&G Heart Oak Wood Chopping Board for £10, or the Kitchen Panty Rectangular Marble Board for £18

Accessorise with Decorative Mugs

A selection of mugs and ceramic jugs on display on a wooden shelf.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Whether you love a traditional cup of tea, you’re a coffee connoisseur, or hot chocolates are the way to go, you can never have too many mugs. If you’re looking to save yourself some money, then be sure to dig through your mug cupboard and see if you can find some that you don’t use anymore or that you wouldn’t mind sacrificing for decor. 

If you’re looking for some new mugs to help your space feel fresh and put together without having to break the bank, then we’ve got you covered. There is an abundance of affordable, high-quality mugs on the market that you’re sure to love. 

For lovers of minimalist, modern decor, Dunelm has the Lynton Mug for £1.50. Not only is this an absolute steal, but it is available in an impressive range of colours, including beautiful olive green, navy, forest green, ivory, grey, graphite, silver, blush, and sage, so you’re truly spoilt for choice. Another lovely option from Dunelm is the Waters & Noble Latte Mug for £4

You can also find some beautiful, homely mugs at the likes of John Lewis, and Argos. If you’re after festive mugs, then the Mistletoe Mug for £7 is stunning and will add texture, dimension, and a touch of greenery to your shelves. Additionally, the Home Pumpkin Halloween Mug for £5 is ideal if you’re looking for Autumn Decor on a Budget

For those who are looking to stock up their mug cupboard to enjoy warm beverages as well as being able to display one or two in their space, it’s definitely worth checking out the Habitat Set of 4 Mugs for £8 from Argos. These are available in grey, green, white, brown, pink, and white, so whatever your preferred look, you can achieve it with these. 

If you’re after something with more pattern and texture, then check out Dunelm’s Floral Wax Resist Mug in sage for £3.50, Carbon Mug for £3.50, and Reactive Glaze Mug in Charcoal for £3.50. At John Lewis, they also have the ANYDAY Check Mug in Pink for £4 for lovers of pastels and is also available in a blue-grey colour which is the ANYDAY Check Mug Grey for £4, which is ideal for those wanting a bit of a statement piece with texture. Finally, don’t miss the Habitat Sun & Moon Set of 2 Mugs for £8.50 which would look beautiful together on your kitchen shelves. 

Whether you’ve got a bit more money to spare, or you’re looking for a present idea for someone whose kitchen might be in need of a mug on display here or there, you can never go wrong with Emma Bridgewater. Some pieces that you’re sure to love are the Polka Dot Small Mug for £18 and the Pink Hearts Small Mug for £18

Hang Decorative Shelving

A cream wall with a pair of modern wooden kitchen shelves hung up and decorated with plants, jars, bowls, and more.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Providing that you’re not Decorating Rented Property, and you’ve got some bare walls that are screaming for attention, hanging decorative shelving might just be the solution for you. 

There is a wide variety of inexpensive kitchen shelving on the market if you know where to look. Buying second-hand is a great way to find high-quality pieces for a fraction of the price, as well as purchasing from sites like Etsy

Whether you’re going for that modern farmhouse feel, or you need a bit of wood to help add a rustic feel to your kitchen with dimension and texture, then don’t miss the Westerton Scaffold Board Reclaimed Shelf for £13.50+. These are available in several sizes, and come with brackets too, making your life that little bit easier. Simply hang them up and display your favourite cookbooks, mugs, plants, and more.  

Add Vases

A bouquet of flowers in a glass vase in front of a large window.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Vases are a great item to add to your kitchen, whether you fill them with fresh flowers, or simply display them as they are, they can make your kitchen feel homely. What’s more, if you’ve got any shelves that are feeling a bit underwhelming, then it might be that you need to add some varying heights, and displaying a vase is a great way to do so. 

Some nice options include the Gradvis Vase for £10  and the Pådrag Vase for £1.50 from Ikea. If you’re after a more detailed list of affordable suggestions, then be sure to check out the vase section in our handy article on Decorating your Lounge on a Budget

Add Texture with a Rug

A close-up of a white textured carpet on a deep laminate wood flooring.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Sometimes our kitchens can feel a little cold, especially if they are our most unused rooms in the house. If this is the case, then why not add some warmth and softness with a rug? Some nice options include the Habitat Spot Mat and Runner set for £26 from Argos. Although this is on the pricier side, it is machine washable meaning you’ll be able to keep it clean and feeling brand new, for years to come. 

Another suitable option is the Moretti Indoor Outdoor Runner for £7.25-£45 from Dunelm. This rug is available in a wide variety of sizes and in three colours including black, grey and blue. 

Upgrade Your Bin

A person removing a bin bag from a small kitchen bin.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

We all know that a kitchen bin is a must, and it can often be unsightly and ruin the aesthetic of your home. Fear not - we have some handy solutions to help. 

If you’ve got some spare cupboard space, then why not keep your bin hidden safely away? At Amazon, they have a Kitchen Door Hanging Garbage Bag Supporter for £1.95 or the Kitchen Waste Cupboard Rack for £3 which you can simply fit onto the inside of your cupboard door along with a bin bag. This way, when discarding food or rubbish, you can store it away until it needs to be emptied. 

Some other similar products include the Wall Mounted Waste Bin Kitchen Cabinet Trash Can for £18 which is available in grey or white, whatever your preference. Although these are more expensive, it can be easier to keep things fresh and clean and keep all of your rubbish concealed in a container. Just make sure you measure your cupboard first to ensure that your new kitchen cupboard bin fits well. 

If you’re looking for a bin to keep in your cupboard but don’t have the space for a hanging one, then check out something like the Hållbar Bin With Lid for £6 from Ikea. Although it’s on the smaller side, meaning you might have to empty it more regularly, it’s a great alternative if your kitchen is on the smaller side, and will help minimise clutter. 

For those who are happy having their bin on show, we’ve got some great suggestions for you too. Although these aren’t the most affordable bins on the market, the high-quality and sturdy design is sure to last you for years to come. 

Gone are the days of boring black bins or finger-print magnet chrome bins, why not check out the Habitat 30 Litre Square Touch Top Bin in Cream for £29, or the Habitat 30 Litre Round Pedal Bin in Cream for £30? These are also both available in grey if you’d prefer that. The best part about these bins is the matt finish means maintaining a clean bin is easier for you.  

Display Kitchen Prints

A set of three abstract floral prints.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A fantastic finishing touch to any room of the house prints, and it’s no different when it comes to your kitchen. As usual, Etsy is the go-to for affordable, high-quality prints. 

Calling all coffee lovers, these are the prints for you. At Etsy, you can find their But First Coffee Minimalist Line Art Print for £6+, the Coffee Essential Guide Wall Art Print for £8.95+, the More Espresso Less Depresso Funky Kitchen Art for £3.99+, and the Coffee My Darling Print for £12.80+. These are all available in various sizes for whatever suits you best. 

Some other adorable kitchen prints from Etsy include the Croissants Breakfast Print for £12.80+, the Set of 3 Line Drawing Kitchen Decor for £4, and the Put The Kettle On Print for £5+. Again, these are all available in different sizes and colours.  

Show Off Cookbooks

A person holding a recipe cookbook.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Whether you’ve hung your kitchen shelves or you’ve got some extra space on your window sill, the top of your fridge, or on your kitchen counter, displaying cookbooks in a kitchen is a must. From regular cookbooks you’ll actually use to aesthetically pleasing cookbooks that just look great on your shelf, we’ve got you covered. 

One of the most affordable options you’ve got is to seek out charity shops. More often than not, they’ll have stacks of second-hand cookbooks for a fraction of the price compared to buying new. Another option is to ask your friends and family if they’ve got any old or unused books that you can have to display. 

If you’d like cookbooks that you can discover new recipes from, then we’ve noted a few from Amazon that you’re sure to love. This includes the Mary Berry Cook and Share Fuss-Free Recipes for £13, One: Simple One-Pan Wonders for £13, Fakeaway: Healthy Home Cooked Takeaway meals for £12, The Roasting Tin: Simple One Dish Dinners for £10, and Jane’s Patisserie Everyday: Easy Cakes and Comfort Bakes for £11.

Alternatively, if you’re all about cookbooks with beautifully modern front covers, then don’t miss out on the following items. These are definitely more on the pricey side, but if you’re happy to invest, then you’ll love these suggestions. What’s more, if you’ve got too many cookbooks in the kitchen, you can always display these in another room that’s in need of a good coffee table book. 

At Amazon, they have a variety of lovely books including Deliciously Ella Healthy Made Simply for £16, The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings for £26.79, Sunday Suppers for £24.99, Aran Recipes and Stories from a Bakery in the Heart of Scotland for £20.05, and the Magnolia Table Vol. 3 for £26.79

Use a Cookbook Stand

A plate of pink cupcakes with a recipe book page of the same pink cupcakes open on a cookbook stand in a kitchen.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Another nifty hack, now that you’ve stocked up on some cookbooks, is to purchase a cookbook stand. Not only is this super handy when cooking to help you follow the instructions, but it also acts as a display stand. 

Provided that you’ve got some extra countertop space, position your cookbook stand in the corner or the edge of your space, and open your preferred cookbook to a page (preferably with an image or two) to display. A tip with this is to choose a page with some colour that complements your space nicely. 

If you’re after a good stand, check out the Recipe Book Stand for Kitchen for £11.99 from Amazon, or the Medium Recipe Stand for £12 from Dunelm.  

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