How to Get Free and Cheap Cinema Tickets

Want to catch the latest blockbusters on the big screen without overspending? Check out our ultimate guide to saving money on cinema tickets. Discover tips and tricks to score cinema ticket discounts and free screenings.

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If you love catching the latest blockbusters on the big screen but want to save money while doing so, you've come to the right place. In this ultimate guide to saving money on cinema tickets, we'll explore the best ways to score discounted tickets, free screenings, and tips and tricks to get the most out of your cinema experience without breaking the bank.

So sit back, grab your popcorn, and get ready to learn how to enjoy the big screen experience without overspending.

Meerkat Movies

Meerkat Movies is one of the best deals available to ODEON customers. The easiest and cheapest way to qualify for this deal is to buy a single day of travel insurance, qualifying you for Meerkat movies for an entire year. 

According to CompareTheMarket, you can get travel insurance from as low as £2.23/month. Remember that insurance quotas fluctuate daily, so check back in regularly if you’re looking for a lower price. 

However, this price is still better than buying a second ticket and will qualify you for two-for-one tickets to be used on Tuesday or Wednesday every week for a year.

Use Discount Codes

A great and easy way to score some cheap and free cinema tickets is by checking out our discount codes page. We have loads of discount codes available for a plethora of retailers, so you're sure to find something that suits you. 


Cardyard is a gift card re-seller that sells gift cards at discounted prices. Currently, they only sell ODEON gift cards for cinemas, which are discounted by up to 12%, meaning you can pick up a £20 gift card for £17.60.

Microsoft reward points

If you’re a gamer who plays on Xbox or PC, the chances are you’re already earning reward points simply by playing Xbox Studios games or games via game pass. Microsoft is currently offering a Cineworld eGift Voucher worth £10 for 15,200 points. While this may sound like a hefty amount, these points accumulate quite quickly, and there are other ways of earning them, such as completing challenges and playing Xbox games. Most users earn, on average, between 5-15k points per month.

You can also earn more reward points by using Microsoft's search engine, Bing, and you can earn points for each unique search or complete quizzes on the Microsoft Rewards page to accrue a large amount of points quickly.  


Fever sells some seriously discounted cinema tickets from as low as £6.99 for ODEON and £3.99 for VUE. However, Fever works on a city-by-city basis meaning you’re restricted by which city you live in or close to, or simply your home city isn't supported by Fever such is the case with my nearest city Swansea.   

Screen Unseen

This one is a bit fun; if you’re not bothered about what movie you’ll be watching, this one is worth a go. Screen Unseen is ODEON's pre-screening program with a twist. Tickets cost £6, but you won't know what you’ll be watching until you're seated in the screening.  

If that twist isn't enough, you can add more suspense by going to a Scream Unseen viewing, which works on the same premise and price, except all the films are exclusively horror or thrillers.

Silver Screen

ODEON Silvers is a special screening for audiences over 60 with tickets reduced to £3.50, which includes a free tea or coffee and a biscuit. The viewings include everything from new movies to timeless classics.

Carer discounts are also available. You can find out more about that here.

Mini Mornings at VUE

Parents rejoice! This one's for you. Mini Mornings offers both adult and child tickets for only £2.49. Mini Mornings screenings are held every Saturday and Sunday morning from 10 am, making them the perfect family outing. Screenings are also held every day during the school holidays. Of course, these screenings are targeted at children, so there is no John Wick to be found here.  

Mubi Go

Mubi Go is definitely a fun one, especially if you consider yourself a film buff. The way it works is that you pay £18.99 a month, and each week, they handpick a movie for you to see at the cinema. 

You get to pick the time and cinema, so there is no need to worry about getting a screening you can't make. Another great feature is that you'll get one free movie to stream daily, included in your monthly subscription. Mubi Go offers a great way to expand your film palate and receive a cinema ticket discount. 

Cinema Memberships and Reward schemes

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My ODEON is free to join, gaining you access to Saver tickets, member exclusive offers, competitions and perks. Saver tickets are available on selected showings during Tuesday-Sunday and all-day on Member Mondays. Saver ticket prices start from £5, a fair saving considering the only investment required is that you create an ODEON account. 


myLIMITLESS is ODEONs premium member service. To become a member, there is a monthly charge of £14.99 which will grant you access to unlimited screenings. 10% off food and drink at ODEON and exclusive early screenings. This offer is only beneficial if you’re going to ODEON twice a month or more, as the cost is just under what you’d spend on two standard tickets priced at £10.00.

It should also be noted that myLIMITLESS comes with the added caveat of requiring customers to become members for at least three months, bringing the total cost to £44.97. This offer is really aimed at the movie buffs at heart. For casual cinemagoers, waiting for the Blockbuster season at the end of the year might be best to get the most out of your three months.   

VUE Members

VUE also has its own members program that's free to join. However unlike ODEONs My ODEON program, there aren’t consistent savings to be made in an equivalent style to ODEONs Saver Tickets. This one is a bit hit or miss but worth signing up for at the low price of free. 

Cineworld Unlimited Cinema

Cineworld offers a premium membership service that is very similar to ODEONs. Cineworlds' unlimited cinema membership allows you to watch any movie, anytime, as many times as you would like, for a very competitive price of £10.99 a month, just £3 more than a standard ticket. Like ODEON, this membership works for at least 3 months, bringing the total cost to £32.97, making it £12 cheaper than ODEON's MyODEON membership.

Cineworld also operates a referral program for each friend you can get to sign up to Cineworld Unlimited Cinema, netting you a free month per friend, giving this membership a lot more longevity than ODEONs, assuming you have at least one friend or neighbour you can get to sign up. 


Everyman has three separate membership options EVERWHERE, EVERYICON, and EVERYMAN. All of these memberships work on an annual basis. These memberships are by far the most costly covered in this article, but if you’re really looking for that boutique cinema experience we recommend the EVERYMAN membership as not only is it the ‘cheapest’ at £89 a year, but it still grants you access to Member’s Monday which is essentially their 2-for-1 scheme which is really the only benefit worth considering across all of their memberships. 

Showcase Insider

Showcase Insider is a free membership program that only requires creating an account with Showcase. The Insider program has great rewards and features, including discounted tickets (£7.50) from 7pm onwards on Sunday and all day Monday-Tuesday. You can get up to 10% off on your tickets, food and drink via the program. If you’re lucky enough to live near Showcases’ de Lux cinema in Leicester you can also get tickets for just £4.99 all day, every day of the week for all films.

Mobile network reward offers

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O2 Priority

O2 Priority has previously offered redeemable codes, allowing its members to see any movie they want at any time of the week. It's always worth checking your rewards app no matter your mobile network provider, or you can check back here and we’ll update the page as deals become available.  


Vodafone and Voxi offer 2 VUE cinema tickets for £7 (usually £15+) on their respective reward platforms. These tickets can be used any time of the week to see any 2D movie, including weekends, which is rare but ideal for most. It should be noted that tickets refresh once every week and are limited on Voxi rewards meaning you have to be quick to not miss out. 



Most of the offers covered so far have been aimed at ODEON and VUE customers, however if you’re a Cineworld goer here's one for you. Three+ offers its members a redeemable code via its app which gives their members a Cineworld standard ticket for just £3. These tickets can only be used on Fridays, Saturday and Sunday for standard 2D screenings. 

Bank reward schemes

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Lloyds bank

Are you a current Lloyds bank account holder, or looking to set up a new account? Lloyds are currently giving away 6 ODEON cinema tickets via its Lloyds Club reward scheme available to both current and new account holders. The tickets can be redeemed for standard 2D or 3D admission tickets, or can be used towards payment on upgraded seats. The tickets are valid for 6 months. 

If ODEON isn't your thing Lloyds are also giving away 6 VUE tickets subject to the same conditions. These VUE tickets also give 50% off on your popcorn.  



NatWest also offers specific account holder rewards, if you’re a Silver or Platinum account holder you’re in luck! You can buy cinema tickets for ODEON. VUE and Showcase tickets with a discount of up to 40%. These tickets also have the added benefit of being usable any time or day. Additionally, you can acquire up to 6 codes per booking, perfect for family movie nights. 


Royal Bank of Scotland also offers the same offer as the above NatWest deal to their Silver and Platinum account holders. 

Supermarket Rewards

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There are plenty of perks to take advantage of with supermarket reward schemes. Here are the ones that can get you a cheaper cinema ticket.

Tesco Clubcard

With Tesco Clubcard you can exchange every £0.50 on your Clubcard account for a voucher worth £1 to use at Cineworld. In addition, Clubcard members can exchange every £10 on their Clubcard for £30 to be used with a Cineworld Unlimited Pass. 


LIDL Plus members can get up to 40% off on their tickets at select cinemas, including ODEON, VUE, Showcase and Empire. While each voucher will have its own terms and conditions based on seat type etc, in general, these vouchers can be used for any film at any time or day. 


Asda has a unique promotion apart from its reward schemes which they call ‘BIGGER MOVIE NIGHTS’ which allows you to claim a free VUE standard ticket if you buy an Asda £6 Pizza Meal Deal. While this ones a little weird in that you can’t actually take your pizzas into the viewing, it's well worth doing if you’re doing your weekly shop at Asda anyway. 

Sainsbury nectar points

Currently, Sainsbury nectar points cant be used to redeem any vouchers or discounts on cinema tickets. However, in the past nectar points have been spendable on VUE tickets and it's likely to return in the near future as Sainsbury’s own website indicates as much. 

Key workers discounts

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NHS Discounts

NHS workers who have a blue light card can save at a plethora of cinemas including ODEON, VUE, Cineworld, Picturehouse, Empire and Merlin. The savings vary from cinema-to-cinema and even location. 

However, We’ll list the savings for the most popular cinemas below:

  • ODEON standard adult tickets are available for £8.12 a saving of £1.88
  • VUE standard adult tickets are available for £4.75 a saving of £1.74 and cheaper than a discounted ODEON ticket by £3.37
  • Cineworld standard adult tickets are available for £5.30 a saving of £2.69 and cheaper than a discounted ODEON ticket by £2.82

VUE is by far the cheapest option if you have a Blue Light Card. It should also be noted that Blue Light Cards aren’t exclusive to the NHS if you work for the police, fire or any other public sector organisation you could be eligible. 

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