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    About SofaBedsWorld

    SofaBedsWorld is the largest online retailers relating to products for the home UK. They sell an incredible range of sofas and other home furniture. You can find amazing individual pieces or sets to fit your home perfectly. you are sure to find something you truly love at SofaBedsWorld to incorporate into your home, making ti even more beautiful and comfortable. Get all the greatest coupons and discounts from now to save on your next shop at SofaBedsWorld

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    They are the largest online retailers relating to products for home and gardening in UK.

    Great Gifts From SofaBedsworld

    Best Gift Ideas for Chilling: Sofa Recliners

    There are some days when you want to get home from work and literally ‘put your feet up.’ If you feel like this on a regular basis, you need a reclining sofa. Being able to adjust your position also has health benefits that help you chill and relax after a hard day. Reclining whilst in a seated position aids blood circulation which promotes stress relief and can help to relieve aches and pains in your joints. Reclining sofas are also an ideal for pregnant women that are struggling with swollen ankles.

    Best Gift Ideas for Freelancers: Faux Leather Armchairs

    Freelancers that work from home spend much of the day sitting down which can be damaging to health and could have a negative effect on spine structure later in life. So why not treat your hard-working home worker to the comforts of a faux leather armchair so they can sit longer without damaging the skeletal structure. Faux leather armchairs help you to sit in an upright position which supports the lower back and frees the diaphragm so that you can breathe more easily and deeply thus taking in more oxygen and helping the brain function.

    Best Gift Ideas for University Students: Chair Sofa Beds

    When teenagers first go to University and split up from the mates they grew up with, it is common for them to visit one another in their respective new homes. However, having visitors over can pose a problem with sleeping arrangements as most student accommodation is only furnished to accommodate one person. The dual functionality of chair sofa beds resolves the problem. Your child has a spare bed to accommodate their friends and an extra seating option to relax and study.

    Best Gift Ideas for Bedsits: Faux Leather Sofa Beds

    Bedsits and small apartments do not have a lot of room to accommodate a lot of furniture. Sofa beds provide an ideal solution. Furthermore, the faux leather sofa bed provides style and sophistication to your living space and enhances your self-image. Leather sofas are the most comfortable materials as well, so whether you are watching TV or settling down for the night, you can be guaranteed sheer comfort.

    Best Gift Ideas for the Time-Conscious: Express Sofa Beds

    If you live in a small apartment or often have guests over to stay for the night, an express sofa bed is a great option. There are various styles to choose from including futons and faux leather beds, but the one redeeming factor they all share in common is they collapse into a bed in a matter of seconds. Throw a sheet and quilt on top and hey presto, from sitting down to laying down in the blink of eye.

    Whether you are looking for a sofa for the living room, a little 2-seater for the spare room or space-saving sofa beds, check out the discount deals we have on offer with SofaBedsWorld and you will make huge savings on your next purchase.

    The Surprising Benefits of Sofa Beds

    Sofa beds, you might think, are straightforward. They collapse from a sofa into a bed, hence the name, sofa-bed. And that’s it. But there is more to the simple sofa bed than you might imagine and the benefits they offer have a surprising number of uses.

    Space saving

    The dual functionality of the sofa bed is its greatest appeal. They provide a solution for people with small spare rooms that don’t leave much space once you’ve wedged in a single bed and a wardrobe.

    But sofa beds also give you more options than simply making up a guest room. If you do have a spare room, why not make better use of the space by making it into a room that serves a purpose.

    If you have a hobby such as art, writing, or simply reading, the spare room provides you with alternative space where you can be alone to relax.

    Installing a sofa bed enables you to create space and gives you something to sit on without compromising the option to have guests over to stay for the night.

    Funky furniture

    Sofa beds typically have sleek designs which have a welcoming appearance. They, therefore, do not look out of place in the living room where they can be used as a settee. An ideal solution for homeowners that are challenged for space.

    If you live in a bedsit or renovating your bedroom, a sofa bed will easily collapse from a seating position to laying down. Furthermore, you can buy express sofa beds which convert from one to the other in a matter of seconds and the minimal amount of fuss.

    Storage solutions

    A lot of modern sofa beds have storage space which you can utilise as an extra draw to store blankets, quilts and sheets or whatever else you don’t have space for in other areas of the house. Not only do sofa beds create extra space, they help to keep your home clutter free as well.

    Suitable for multiple rooms

    Sofa beds do not have to be restricted to the spare guest room. The stylish designs and dual functionality are fitting for any room in the house.

    If you have a small apartment or bedsit, sofa beds can be used to provide seating and sleeping arrangements. They also slot neatly into spare rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to create extra seating and sleeping options.

    Portable sofa beds

    Sofa beds are adaptable and built with sturdy materials so they last for years. And because they fold into accommodating sizes, they are easier to move from one room to another and perform multiple functions as and when you need to.

    And sofa beds will also fit into the seat of a car, particularly sofa chairs that are designed for individuals. Therefore, if you or your child rent apartments or are moving away to University, you can take the sofa bed with you in the back of a car.

    Sofa beds provide excellent options for a number of solutions, so if you can benefit from a sofa bed, we can offer you, even more, benefits with generous deals on sofa beds and SofaBedsWorld. Check out our vouchers today.

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    • You can now get a discount of £15 off on orders above £200 ay SofaBedsWorld.
    • They charge 0% finance.
    • You can now sign up or register your email address on their website to get the latest promotional discounts and offers on your email address.
    • You can now get up to 69% off on selected Faux Leather sofa beds.
    • Get up to 65% off on selected storage sofa beds and on selected day beds and get a discount of 69% on selected Clic Clac Sofa Beds.
    • You can now avail a discount of 45% on selected sofa care products.
    • Get up to 60% off Heartlands Furniture as well as up to 57% off on Futon Sofa Beds and selected chair sofa beds.
    • Get up to 69% off on selected 3 seater soda and up to 73% off on selected corner sofa beds.
    • Get up to 31% off on selected handmade sofa beds and up to 54% off on selected futon mattresses.
    • Get up to 33% off on selected bean bags.

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    You can now get the latest promotional discounts and special offers by downloading our mobile app. The app is currently available on all major app stores like Google Play for Android, iTunes for Apple and on App World for Blackberry users. You can also invite your friends and ask them to share the discounts and vouchers with the Facebook share feature that is in-built in the app.
    They have a wide variety of products for your home and garden.


    • What are the methods of payment?
    • They accept payments made through VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

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    10/04/2018Up to 51% off Selected Leather Recliner Chairs*******
    03/04/2018Up to 14% off Selected Armchairs*******
    24/03/2018Up to 51% off Selected Leather Sofas*******
    19/03/2018Up to 20% off Selected Fabric Sofa Beds*******
    13/03/2018Up to 14% off Selected Armchairs*******
    13/03/2018Up to 51% off Selected Leather Recliner Chairs*******
    12/03/2018Up to 50% off Sale Items*******
    27/02/2018Up to 26% off Selected Express Sofa Beds*******
    27/02/2018Up to 38% off Three Seater Sofas*******