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    About SofasWorld

    When it comes to sofas we usually search high and low and in every corner to find the one thing that we want and usually, if not always, it ends with disappointment until we have to settle for the next best thing. That’s where Sofas World comes in. You can search high and low, or you can shop at Sofas World where you are guaranteed to find that perfect sofa you have been looking for. From reclining sofas, sofa beds, arm chairs, 2 seaters, 3 seaters and many more to boot. Or with their unique ‘Design you own Sofa’ you can always make that exotic design a reality and get your dream sofa made exactly the way you want it. At SofasWorld, there's so many fantastic options in their online store you can get it all for less with our SofasWorld vouchers.

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    More information about SofasWorld

    As one of the largest sofa providers in the UK, SofasWorld continues to uphold WorldStores brand of excellence across all aspects of the homeware market. Boasting frequent sales and discounts on an almost daily basis, you'd think it'd be criminal. But no, SofasWorld is committed to ensuring that your shop is smooth and without complications. Start saving on a large variety of sofas and furniture today.

    SofasWorld Gift Guide

    Best Gifts For Lounging: 2&3-Seat Sofas

    Two and three seater sofas are great for lounging on whilst watching the TV, especially if you like to relax laying down whilst you take in a movie with a beer or glass of wine. With a wide variety of styles and colours, these modern designs blend comfort with eye-catching quality. Choose from a variety of fabrics including polyester and faux leather, together with a vast choice of styles that best match the furniture and décor in your living space. Ideal for living rooms or bedrooms.

    Best Gift For teenagers: Chair Sofa Bed

    The double function of chair sofa beds provides versatile furniture like no other. The chairs fold up and do not take up much space so are ideal as an extra item of furniture in the bedroom of your teenage children. And because they are very accommodating for guests, your student child can take it with them to University. Dorms often only have single beds and when their hometown friends come to stay, chair sofa beds provide a convenient solution for the sleeping arrangements.

    Best Gift for Style: Leather Sofas

    For the ultimate in stylish furniture, leather sofas ooze panache and sophistication. Choose from a wide range of two and three seater leather sofas in black, brown and red fabric. There are multiple styles to suit all tastes ranging from modern to classic and everything in between. Leather settees always impress visitors and are so comfortable to sit on, you struggle to get out. Leather sofas are also available as two-seaters and are the perfect compromise if you only have a small space to arrange your furniture.

    Best Gift Ideas for kids: Snuggler chair

    If you have two children but not a lot of room for family furniture in your living room, why not buy a snuggler chair. These wide, spacious and comfy seats easily accommodate two young children but take up far less floor space than two individual armchairs. Not only that, snuggler chairs have a swivel function, which is an entertaining feature for children in moments of boredom. There is a choice of soft fabrics including velvet and Bergen and Baily fabrics which are all kind to the skin and with a range of modern styles, a snuggler chair should complement and enhance the rest of your living room furniture. You can even cuddle up in front of the telly on your own or with your partner once the kids have gone to bed.

    Best gift for families: Corner Sofas

    The timeless corner sofas always exude a modern, sophisticated ambience despite being around for several decades. They complement the look and feel of living rooms, but also bring families closer together when spending quality time together. The seating arrangement is also ideal for having a good natter when friends come round to visit.

    Whatever type of sofa you’re looking for, we are confident you will find the ideal choice at SofasWorld. And the special prices available with our voucher codes, mean you can find the right sofa for you at the right price.

    How To Choose A Sofa For Your Living Space

    Sofa shopping is not as straight-forward as you might think. Sofas are a long-term purchase and have to fit with the surroundings. They also have multi-uses. So there are several considerations you have to process such as fabric, colour and size, not to mention style and comfort. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to think about when buying a sofa.

    Style and size

    The size of your living space will be the first consideration. If you have a large living room, you have more choice to play with. However, you still need to consider how much space you want to reserve for your sofa. You may have a coffee table, for example, so don’t want a bulky sofa that takes up too much floor space. If you have a fairly small living space, a couple of two-seaters may be more suitable than a three-seater sofa and an armchair.

    Consider the fabric carefully

    Fabric choice is another big decision. If you have pets or children, soft foam sofas can get ripped to shreds and spillages are difficult to clean away. Leather sofas clean easily, but are more expensive and typically takes up more space because of their bulky designs. Leather also makes you sweat, so if you like lounging round in your underwear, a soft fabric is more suitable.

    What purpose are you using it for?

    You may think that sounds like a stupid question, but hear me out. You have a choice of multi-purpose sofas such as sofa chair beds that can be used as bedroom furniture or the spare room for when guests stay over. You may also like entertaining friends, whereby a corner sofa is an ideal choice for intimacy and conversational seating arrangements. You may even want to use your sofa with decorative elements such as a throw or colourful cushions and make it a focal point of the room.

    Orientating a sofa arrangement

    Organising how you will arrange the seating pattern of your living room also has to come into the thinking of your purchasing decision. Orientation has an impact on the size and style of sofa that best suits your ideals. Semi-circle styles, for example, are pleasing on the eye and ideal for hosting or bringing the family closer together, but take up space that is difficult to fill. Two-seater chairs are ideal for smaller spaces but don’t leave much elbow space for a family of four or when entertaining couples.


    The pattern and colour of fabric you choose should blend well with your existing décor. Alternatively, if you are thinking of decorating, decide on a colour scheme and choose a sofa that will fit in. The safest option is to go for a plain fabric so when you update the décor of your living room there is less risk of a clash. However, you can get patterned materials that add character and vibrancy to a room so if you are risqué, why not choose a patterned material. You can always refurbish it with another fabric when you want a change.

    SofasWorld has a wide choice of sofas for all styles, sizes and colour schemes, so take advantage of our vouchers and you can make some great savings on your next sofa purchase.

    How to Redeem a Voucher Code

    In order to redeem any available (note: some codes have an expiry date, you should check to make sure it is still usable, or it will return with an error) voucher code go to the online store, select the item along with its size and then you get an option at the end of the page to enter your voucher code or gift certificate, giving you the option to avail any discount available on that offer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why is my voucher code not working?
    • All vouchers are published with an expiry date, if you cross that date then you will not be able to use that specific code, you will need to get a new code if that offer is still available. We have many similar offers on our Furniture Village page.
    • Where to enter my voucher code?
    • Go to the site where you want to make the purchase, go to its store and you will get a relevant field where you can enter the voucher information.
    • Why don’t I see any box to enter my voucher information?
    • Voucher codes are not usable on all store items. You will get that option only with the items for which those codes were generated.

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    Archived SofasWorld Discount Codes

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    15/04/2018Up to 50% off Easter Sale Items*******
    13/04/2018Up to 15% off Selected Reclining Chairs*******
    12/04/2018Up to 55% off Easter Sale*******
    11/04/2018Up to 20% off Selected Fabric Armchairs*******
    11/04/2018Leather Sofas from £210*******
    09/04/2018Sofa Beds from £50*******
    09/04/2018Up to 22% off Selected Recliners*******
    04/04/2018Sofa Beds from £50*******
    01/04/2018Up to 55% off Easter Sale*******