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About Good Energy

It is incredibly important that we look after the state of our planet, but we can also make savings as the same time. Good Energy is an ethical and well priced energy supplier that helps their customers purchase 100% renewable electricity plus you will be able to invest in renewable energy as a shareholder of good energy. Make sure that before you place your order that you check out the latest Good Energy voucher codes and deals and bring the price down on your order.

Information About Good Energy

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Good Energy has been very active in the renewable energy market and is pioneering heating incentives to help homeowner’s lower energy bills and the carbon footprint of the UK. They are the only company in the UK that promises 100% renewable energy and are leading the way in introducing local tariffs that aim to reduce utility costs by 20%. The company continues to invest heavily in a range of renewable energy sources including wind, solar, water and bio-gen facilities. Because of their proactive approach and dedication to a healthier Britain, Good Energy has been named Company of the Year at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards twice, Leaders of the Year at the British Renewable Energy Awards, New Energy Champion of the Year and twice named Social Impact Company of the Year at the Small Cap Awards.

How To Save Money On Renewable Energy

The switch to renewable energy sources in the UK was a slow-burner, but now more people are adopting clean fuel strategies, homeowners should start to reap the benefits of lower energy bills.

It is still uncertain how much savings homeowners will make on utility costs, but as more households adopt green fuels, the lower the prices will get.

A search among energy companies in the UK provides you with ample choice to save money on your energy bills by switching to renewable energy suppliers rather than paying standard tariffs for traditional energy sources that are being phased out.

When choosing an energy company, focusing on price is entirely justified, but you may also want to pay attention to where your energy is coming from. Just because you are on a tariff for renewable energy doesn’t mean that the energy being supplied to your home is coming from renewable sources.

However, regardless of the actual source, by switching to a green-deal tariff, you have the peace of mind that you are contributing to the renewable energy program and helping the UK meet our 2020 energy targets. And contribute to lowering utility bills by funding more renewable energy sources.

How is renewable energy produced?

Renewable energy is primarily sourced by using the natural environment. In the UK, energy companies are generating electricity by using wind and wave power, heat from the sun, hydroelectric power from water and biomass products including wood and manure. Although the number of energy generators is growing year on year, all the electricity produced by green-fuel plantations is still fed through the national energy grid. Together with the “big six” energy companies, independent firms such as Good Energy are investing in their own infrastructure to ensure that 100% of the energy they supply to UK households comes from renewable energy generators rather than traditional fossil fuels. Renewable energy companies typically sign deals with plants that generate electricity using green-fuel methods together with homeowners that are feeding unused electricity back into the grid through renewable energy sources built into their homes such as solar panels and biomass generators.

Choosing a renewable energy tariff

The push to convert homeowners to renewable energy tariffs is a highly competitive market. Subsequently, there are plenty of discounts to take advantage of by switching from standard tariffs to renewable energy tariffs. Energy providers are obligated to disclose where they source their fuel from. Given energy companies use multiple sources, this may be a significant decision for some customers when choosing a renewable energy company. If you are committed to green living, the only company in the UK at the moment to promise 100% clean fuel from renewable energy sources is Good Energy. They source electricity from over 1000 renewable energy providers. To save money on your fuel bills, the best options open to you right now is to switch to renewable energy. For even greater savings, take advantage of our deals with Good Energy and help the UK lower our carbon footprint by improving energy efficiency nationwide.

Example Vouchers

My Voucher Codes take pride in delivering affordable services that add value and convenience to the lives of our customers. So it gives us great pleasure to partner with Good Energy and give you the chance of reducing your CO2 emissions – and your energy bills. Keep an eye out for the special deals we have on offer with Good Energy and you can make some great savings on your utility like the deals below:

  • Renewable electricity for £48.09
  • Get £30 off single fuel sign up
  • 10% off Ecolife when you shop online
  • 10% off your surf lesson at Extreme Academy
  • £50 off dual fuel sign up
  • £25 off when you refer a friend to Good Energy
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Redeeming the voucher code:

To redeem discount voucher codes with Good Energy, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the option you would like to choose and go to the Good Energy website
  2. Enter your postcode and click next.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and answer the questions when prompted
  4. If you choose to switch to Good Energy or take advantage of any of our discount codes, the discount will be automatically discounted from your invoice


Is renewable energy cost-effective?

In 2017, bills for renewable energy sources were lower than traditional fossil fuels for the first time and as more renewable energy resources become available worldwide, energy bills are expected to drop quite significantly. Some experts claim renewable energy will save home owners around 30% - 40% on your annual energy bills.

Where does Good Energy buy their renewable fuels?

Good Energy source renewable energy from over 1000 service providers including solar energy, wind, hydro and bio-gen facilities. The energy they provide is 100% renewable and carbon free.

Specific product services:

Good Energy is committed to helping UK businesses save money on energy bills and lower your carbon footprint. The company only supplies 100% renewable energy sourced from over 1000 generators. You can find more information about the arrangements Good Energy offers businesses of all sizes by visiting their website and get a quote.

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Archived Good Energy Discount Codes

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    • 16/05/2018
    • Get £30 for Every Single Fuel Sign Up
    • *******
    • 11/05/2018
    • 100% Renewable Electricity and Green Gas for £104.02
    • *******
    • 07/05/2018
    • Get £30 for Every Single Fuel Sign Up
    • *******
    • 07/05/2018
    • £25 off Your Bill When Your Friend Switches to Good Energy
    • *******
    • 03/05/2018
    • 100% Renewable Electricity and Green Gas for £104.02
    • *******
    • 30/04/2018
    • 100% Renewable Electricity for £51.65
    • *******
    • 30/04/2018
    • 100% Renewable Electricity and Green Gas for £104.02
    • *******
    • 24/04/2018
    • £25 off Your Bill When Your Friend Switches to Good Energy
    • *******
    • 23/04/2018
    • 100% Renewable Electricity and Green Gas for £104.02
    • *******