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How can you save money with Myprotein promo codes?

Keep fit for less with Myprotein discount codes.

Are you looking to build muscle and bulk up, or increase your energy and endurance? Myprotein voucher codes help you improve your health and wellbeing whilst saving money.

Myprotein have everything you need to keep fit, whether you’re hitting the gym, running marathons or simply keeping healthy with some light fitness. Their huge selection of fitness supplements help you reach your health goals. Whatever they are, you’ll find a Myprotein supplement to help you get there, and Myprotein discount codes to help get you started.

There’s plenty of protein options with non-dairy and vegan offerings, not to mention creatine, amino acids and carbohydrates to help maximise your performance and dominate the gym.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry - Myprotein has got you covered with its handy Goal-Selector. Simply pop in your details, choose your fitness goals and Myprotein will tell you exactly which supplements you need to get you on your way. Then, get them for even less with our Myprotein voucher codes.

MyProtein Hints & Tips

From fitness enthusiasts, to those looking for a little healthy living, It’s worth checking out MyProtein, and with these tips and tricks, your bank balance will be looking a little stronger too:

  • With free delivery on orders over £40, you can pack in the protein without splashing out on shipping.
  • For those with like-minded friends you can help them along with 3 months free delivery when you use the MyProtein refer a friend scheme. On top of that you’ll get yourself a tenner for every friend you refer.
  • You can get a MyProtein student discount with both UNiDAYS and Student Beans, so whatever account you have, as a student, you can make sure you’re getting your money's worth.
  • With the MyProtein MyHealth Hub, you can get support with your goals, and get recommendations on what you need to help with those goals, making sure you only spend money on the essentials.


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How can I get a MyProtein discount code?

The easiest way to grab MyProtein codes is to check in with MyVoucherCodes before you place your order. The team works to keep the page updated with all the latest deals. You may even find an exclusive code for savings you won’t find anywhere else.

Can I get a MyProtein UK free delivery code?

You don’t need a code to bag free delivery at MyProtein. There are plenty of delivery options once you meet payment thresholds. However, there are offers available that unlock free delivery on specific categories. You’ll find all of these on MyVoucherCodes, alongside all the regular deals.

Can I get a My Protein Student discount?

Yes, if you’re registered with Student Beans or UNiDAYS, you can grab a discount on all your orders. Registration for these sites is simple, but you will need to verify your student status. Once complete you’ll save on all your workout supplements and gym wear.

How do I get a MyProtein Referral Code?

If you introduce a friend to My Protein, you can bag £10 store credit for your next order. They’ll also receive three months of free next day delivery too. All they have to do is mention you when they place their first order and you both win.

How To Boost Your Workout

myprotein man and woman exercising
Whether you’re a keen gym goer or are planning to kick start a new fitness regime, it’s always helpful to know how to get the most from every workout.

An uninspired approach is likely to result in insignificant improvements to your health and vitality. Create a positive and proactive action plan and enjoy benefits and improvements all round.

The Action Plan

Keep An Eye On The Clock
Start as you mean to go on by limiting idle chit-chat whilst exercising. Think like a pro and see your workout time as sacred. Set your stopwatch and stay focused on the exercise. Pause only to take a breather and a sip from your water bottle.
Mix Up Strength And Cardio
Strength and cardio exercise doesn’t have to be two separate workouts. Combining the two – adding a cardio interval during strength training, or vice versa – helps to maximise the results of your efforts.
Explore Balance
It’s a good idea to include exercises that challenge your core muscles. A wobble board or a stability ball are both perfect for stimulating maximum core muscle requirement.
Add Explosive Movement
Introducing a few explosive movements can seriously ramp up your muscle response and fitness levels. Try out kettlebell swings, box jumps, intense push-ups and other powerful movements that require a faster response.
Include Resistance
Picking up a heavyweight for just 8-10 reps can double your calorie burn, compared to lifting much lighter weights for a longer rep period. Build your resistance by gradually increasing the weight you are lifting.
Complete The Circuit
Circuit training provides an excellent all-around workout that targets key muscle groups. Quickly moving from one exercise to the next is a time efficient way to burn plenty of calories. Make sure that you alternate between cardio and strength as you complete the circuit to avoid burn out and to aid muscle recovery.
Keep A Record
Keeping a written record of the exercises performed and accomplished can help you stay motivated and on track to your fitness goals. Writing down your exercise plan details will also enable you to clearly see your improvements and achievements week to week. Use a workout journal or a fitness app to keep track.
Get A Gym Buddy
People who have an exercise partner are far more likely to stick to their workout action plan than the majority of people who exercise alone. A gym buddy makes you accountable for your actions and can help motivate and inspire you to keep on going.
Get Involved On The Social Side
If you’re a member of a gym you are likely to be surrounded by other people who share similar fitness goals. Social support is an important part of any weight-loss target or gets fit goal. Get to know people who you see working up a sweat on a regular basis.Meeting up for a protein shake post workout is an excellent way to relax, make new friends and to discover tried and tested ways to stay motivated.

Why Protein?

myprotein man lifting weights
Using protein is an excellent way to enhance your performance in the gym. Proteins are the body's building block, providing the materials needed to build and repair tissue. When you're pumping weights your muscle tissue will need much more protein than usual. Of course, protein can be sourced from meat, fish or dairy, as part of normal diet. However, taking protein supplements, such as Myprotein Whey Isolate or Impact Whey Protein at specific times, such as before and after your workout, helps to provide protein at the most opportune times to help your build muscle.

A common misconception is that protein supplements are just for athletes, gym bunnies and sports teams, far from it; everybody needs protein for normal body function. So, protein supplements can be incredibly useful for vegetarians and vegans, as a dietary supplement. To cater for this growing market, there are a number of non-dairy and meat free proteins available such as Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein and Soy Protein Isolate.

Meal replacement shakes have long been the go to product for those embarking on diets. Forget expensive diet shakes protein, such as Impact Myprotein's Diet Whey or True Diet, can be a cheaper, less gimmicky alternative. One of the key properties of a protein is its ability to reduce hunger and can increase fat free mass, when combining with an exercise regime.

Another reason why people use protein supplements is to help fight stress. A study revealed that people who used whey protein experienced fewer symptoms of stress and depression, compared to test subject who were not taking protein. This is down to an amino acid (a long-chain fatty acid, a type of protein) known as tryptophan, an ingredient used by the body to make serotonin.

Myprotein was founded by entrepreneur Oliver Cookson in 2005 and has rapidly transformed into a highly successful, revered and multi award winning enterprise. Myprotein takes pride in the dedicated following of customers, rewarding them for their loyalty. Each time you buy something you’ll earn points which can be used to get money off future orders. If you need a little support or advice about getting the most out of these products and your workout, the customer services team will be happy to inform and advise you 24/7. If that’s not enough, check out the well written, informative articles in The Zone to get all you need.

Get Back into Fitness


After a long few months of lockdown, many of us may need a little extra push towards our long-awaited fitness journey. Myprotein has an impressive range of whey protein to support your workout goals, helping you see and feel the aftereffects of hard work.

Whey protein contains essential amino acids which are organic compounds that combine to form proteins naturally within the body. Whatever your aim, Myprotein has an abundance of options to facilitate your dietary needs and to support your body along the way. Choose from concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate whey protein powders depending on your desired outcome, all three forms of whey protein have different nutritional compositions which cater to your body in unique ways.

While Whey protein shakes are hugely beneficial for your diet and body, you can also reap the benefits of the range of flavours on offer to turn the whey protein experience into a fuelling treat for your taste buds, kickstarting your body into gear. The highly convenient shakes are ready and waiting to give your body a boost wherever you are, whether it’s at the gym, between meals to keep you going, pre-workout or post-workout, you’re guaranteed to keep coming back for more.

Upgrade your whey protein shakes by making the most of the delicious choice of flavours on offer, even with the classic vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, there's no such thing as boring with Myprotein. Or, get a bit more creative by exploring the peanut butter, cookies and cream, banana or caramel protein powder shake. There's no better way to combine your love for fitness with your love of sweet treats, all without the guilt.

Plant-Based Protein


Who says that the only way to reach your protein goals is by consuming a colossal amount of eggs and chicken? With vegan protein, it’s easy to fuel your training while maintaining a plant-based diet with Myprotein’s exceptional range of vegan protein shakes and powders.

Derived from various plants and beans vegan protein utilises plant-based sources, naturally high in proteins such as pea, rice, and soy. Although it's more challenging to obtain enough protein into a plant-based diet without the help of supplements and extras, vegan protein shakes offer a super-easy way to boost protein, supporting the vital needs of your body throughout workouts and training. The Myvegan Vegan Protein Blend is a reformulated plant-powered nutrition combining both complementary pea and bean-based protein sources to get you closer to achieving a complete amino acid profile, without the need to rely on animal products.

Indulge in the range of vegan protein flavours on offer to make your essential protein consumption less of a chore and more of a treat. Go for a refreshing fruity shake with the banana, blueberry, lemon, lime, raspberry or strawberry options to enjoy this summer while making the most of outdoor workouts. Or, why not try the carrot cake, chocolate, cocoa & orange, blueberry & cinnamon, coconut, coffee & walnut, latte, mocha, or vanilla flavours for a shake that resembles something closer to a tasty treat.

Next-Level Training


Take your training to the next level with the addition of creatine for an ultra-sweaty session. Creatine is known to increase physical performance by helping the body to generate ATP in bursts of short-term, high-intensity exercise, making it a popular supplement for those who love to get the most out of a workout.

While creatine naturally occurs within our bodies, produced in your liver, pancreas and kidneys and through the consumption of foods such as beef, pork and fish, sometimes we all need a little extra help to boost our diets in the best way possible. Creatine supplements from Myprotein also ensure that vegetarians and vegans aren’t left out of the fun, explore the range of vegan creatine range and fuel your plant-based diet to make sure you’re never a step behind.

Push your body to its ultimate capacity and watch your fitness levels grow by leaps and bounds with the help of Myprotein supplements. With the extensive range of creatine options to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone. Enjoy the benefits of increased physical performance, alongside refreshingly fruity flavours including berry, citrus, lemon, lime, pink grapefruit, plum, raspberry, strawberry and tropical. Whether you’re new to your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, there’s powders, tablets and chewable creatine to best suit your lifestyle and training schedule.

Whether you go for the Creatine Monohydrate powder, Tablets, or 100% Creatine Gluconate Powder, explore new heights of working-out and experience the best version of yourself.