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Myprotein Discount Codes 2017

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Are you the type of person who to build muscle, goes to the gym every day after work? If so, you might be interested in a way to enhance your muscle development even further. Your body needs protein to build up muscles, and if you are lacking in protein intake the easy solution is to buy a protein supplement from Myprotein. You can choose tasty protein filled milkshakes, protein bars for a quick fix and even vegan supplements. If you visit the online store with Myprotein discount codes, you’ll be able to take advantage of many fantastic deals such as buy one get one free on selected Myprotein products.

Active Myprotein Promo Codes, Offers, Voucher Codes & Deals for March 2017

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Myprotein Shopping Guide
Written by Category SpecialistRyan Broadfoot
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Information about MyProtein

Since 2004 My Protein has grown exponentially from a promising UK sports supplement brand to the number 1 in Europe. It's popularity is owed to the highest quality ingredients that go into their products, huge products range, affordability and unparalleled customer service. Their products are stringently tested to ensure they are 100% safe and don't contain harmful ingredients. For all these reasons heir customers trust the brand 100%. Our codes can help you cut the costs on your fitness journey.

MyProtein: Best Gifts To Get

Best Gift For Him: Meal Backpack

Designed for optimal nutrition throughout the day, the MyProtein 8 Meal Backpack is a stylish functional food bag for everyday use. The insulated black rucksack features a robust design and construction that is conveniently pre-loaded with handy sized ice packs and containers. The various compartments are generously sized to accommodate your food and drink requirements when you are on the move. The mobile food management backpack is great for maintaining healthy eating habits before and after working out at the gym. It’s also ideal for use when taking your exercise outdoors.

Best Gift For Her: Trendy Leggings

Elevate your fitness levels in a pair of funky MyProtein Triometric Leggings. The super stylish, ultra-trendy leggings are made from comfy 4-way stretch, polyester/elastane wrap knit that offers optimum compression, maximum support and complete freedom of movement during any form of exercise. The fine knit yarn is woven with silver to prevent unpleasant sweaty odours. The leggings’ advanced Isotherm technology helps to regulate body temperature so that you can enjoy your exercise experience. The vibrant patterned leggings are available in a choice of eye-catching designs.

Best Gift For The Gym Bunny: Foam Roller

The MyProtein Foam Roller is a versatile all-around fitness accessory that is great for anyone who enjoys upgrading gym workouts. The lightweight cylindrical roller is made from high-density EVA foam that maintains its shape no matter the challenges that you set. The foam roller is designed to improve core balance, stability and flexibility, and can also be used to relieve muscles aches and pains. Use the roller as a prop to increase core strength and to intensify an abs workout. Grab the foam roller and enjoy working up a sweat at home or in the gym.

Best Gift For Personal Trainer: High Protein Foods

Say a big ‘thank you’ to your personal trainer with a choice of sweet treats that deliver that all important high protein requirement. MyProtein has a wide choice of delicious including brownies, natural cashew nuts, almond butter, peanut butter and beef jerky. There is also a seasonal Flapjack Box filled with delicious healthy options to satisfy the sweetest of cravings. The versatile snacks have authentic flavours and are packed with energy to keep your personal trainer going all day.

Best Gift For New Gym Members: Fitness Supplement

Boost your performance and focus with MyPre. The pre-workout supplement is designed to enhance energy, reduce fatigue, improve alertness and provide continual focus throughout your exercise routine. The powder mix contains creatine, caffeine, amino acids, vitamin, minerals and additional ingredients, and is available in a choice of seven tempting flavours including sour apple, watermelon and blue raspberry. The premium pre-workout formula is easy to mix up and prepare and is suitable for men and women. Simply add 1-2 scoops to water and enjoy 30 minutes before commencing your exercise plan.
If you’re looking for the ideal gift for the fitness fanatic in your life, they will be pumped with the special vouchers deals we have on offer with MyProtein.

How To Boost Your Workout

Whether you’re a keen gym goer or are planning to kick start a new fitness regime, it’s always helpful to know how to get the most from every workout. An uninspired approach is likely to result in insignificant improvements to your health and vitality. Create a positive and proactive action plan and enjoy benefits and improvements all round.

The Action Plan

Keep An Eye On The Clock

Start as you mean to go on by limiting idle chit-chat whilst exercising. Think like a pro and see your workout time as sacred. Set your stopwatch and stay focused on the exercise. Pause only to take a breather and a sip from your water bottle.

Mix Up Strength And Cardio

Strength and cardio exercise doesn’t have to be two separate workouts. Combining the two – adding a cardio interval during strength training, or vice versa – helps to maximise the results of your efforts.

Explore Balance

It’s a good idea to include exercises that challenge your core muscles. A wobble board or a stability ball are both perfect for stimulating maximum core muscle requirement.

Add Explosive Movement

Introducing a few explosive movements can seriously ramp up your muscle response and fitness levels. Try out kettlebell swings, box jumps, intense push-ups and other powerful movements that require a faster response.

Include Resistance

Picking up a heavyweight for just 8-10 reps can double your calorie burn, compared to lifting much lighter weights for a longer rep period. Build your resistance by gradually increasing the weight you are lifting.

Complete The Circuit

Circuit training provides an excellent all-around workout that targets key muscle groups. Quickly moving from one exercise to the next is a time efficient way to burn plenty of calories. Make sure that you alternate between cardio and strength as you complete the circuit to avoid burn out and to aid muscle recovery.

Keep A Record

Keeping a written record of the exercises performed and accomplished can help you stay motivated and on track to your fitness goals. Writing down your exercise plan details will also enable you to clearly see your improvements and achievements week to week. Use a workout journal or a fitness app to keep track.

Get A Gym Buddy

People who have an exercise partner are far more likely to stick to their workout action plan than the majority of people who exercise alone. A gym buddy makes you accountable for your actions and can help motivate and inspire you to keep on going.

Get Involved On The Social Side

If you’re a member of a gym you are likely to be surrounded by other people who share similar fitness goals. Social support is an important part of any weight-loss target or gets fit goal. Get to know people who you see working up a sweat on a regular basis. Meeting up for a protein shake post workout is an excellent way to relax, make new friends and to discover tried and tested ways to stay motivated.Keeping a healthy lifestyle can be hard work, but My Voucher Codes make it easier with some great deals with My Protein.

Why Protein?

Using protein is an excellent way to enhance your performance in the gym. Proteins are the body's building block, providing the materials needed to build and repair tissue. When you're pumping weights your muscle tissue will need much more protein than usual. Of course, protein can be sourced from meat, fish or dairy, as part of normal diet. However, taking protein supplements, such as MyProtein Whey Isolate or Impact Whey Protein at specific times, such as before and after your workout, helps to provide protein at the most opportune times to help your build muscle.

A common misconception is that Protein supplements are not just for athletes, gym bunnies and sports teams,far from it; everybody needs Protein for normal body function. So protein supplements can be incredibly useful for vegetarians and vegans, as a dietary supplement. To cater for this growing market, there are a number of non-dairy and meat free proteins available such as Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein and Soy Protein Isolate.

Meal replacement shakes have long been the go to product for those embarking on diets. Forget expensive diet shakes protein, such as Impact My protein's Diet Whey or True Diet, can be a cheaper, less gimmicky alternative. One of the key properties of protein is its ability to reduce hunger and can increase fat free mass, when combining with an exercise regime.

Another reason why people use protein supplements is to help fight stress. A study revealed that people who used whey protein experienced fewer symptoms of stress and depression, compared to test subject who were not taking protein. This is down to an amino acid (a long-chain fatty acid, a type of protein) known as tryptophan, an ingredient used by the body to make serotonin.

Myprotein was founded by entrepreneur Oliver Cookson in 2005 and has rapidly transformed into a highly successful, revered and multi award winning enterprise. Myprotein takes pride in the dedicated following of customers, rewarding them for their loyalty. Each time you buy something you’ll earn points which can be used to get money off future orders. If you need a little support or advice about getting the most out of these products and your workout, the customer services team will be happy to inform and advise you 24/7. If that’s not enough, check out the well written, informative articles in The Zone to get all you need.

Apple Pie Flavoured Protein Bar Recipe

There are so many delicious culinary used for protein supplements but this no bake apple pie protein bar has to be one of the best. They make the perfect healthy pre-gym snack, or just as tasty treat, This is really simple, you certainly don't have to be Mary Berry. Why not have a go yourself?

Here's what you need:

2 cups of oat flour, gluten free is better
½ cup of sifted coconut flour
½ cup of your favourite protein powder, whey protein works but vegan protein works better
2 tablespoons of any sweetener
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of mixed spice
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
1/4 cup your favourite nut butter such as smooth peanut or almond butter
½ cup of brown rice syrup (if you don't have it use a sugar syrup instead)
1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce
1 table spoon of any milk - almond milk works best but cowjuice is fine


  • Get a big baking tray or dish lined with greased parchment paper ready.
  • Grab a big mixing bowl, add the flour, protein, sweetener and the spices and mix together.
  • Next add the butter and brown rice syrup to a suitable bowl or container give it a blast in the microwave until nice and melted.
  • Add both bowls together, along with the apple, and mix to a batter. It should be crumbly.
  • Add the mix gradually until the mixture is thick and smooth.
  • pour the mixture into your tray and whack it in the fridge for half an hour.
  • Enjoy. Don't forget to take a snap and show your friend on Facebook.

    See. We told you it was easy. These apple protein bars make a great addition to any lunch box and are perfect for growing kids.

  • Example Voucher Codes

    • 25% Off New Product Orders
    • 20% Off for New Customers
    • Up To 50% Off Clearance Items
    • Free Blender With Orders
    • Free Mystery Gift when you Spend £10


    Using a Promotional Code

    Using a voucher code to save money on your order couldn’t be easier, just follow these steps:

    1. Click ‘Get Voucher Code’ to open your code.
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    3. Select your items and add them to your basket.
    4. Once you are finished head to the checkout page.
    5. You should see a box for your code. Paste it there and click apply.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: How long does delivery cost and how will it take?
    • A: Standard delivery is free on all orders and should take 2-3 working days. Next day delivery options are also available from £3.95.
    • Q: How can I pay for my order?
    • A: Visa credit and debit cards, Mastercard, Switch, Maestro, Solo, Delta, American Express andPaypal can all be used.
    • Q: What is the returns policy?
    • A: You can returns items for any reason if you get in touch with the customer services. You have 28 days from receipt to make your decision. Postage will not be refunded unless there is a fault or the item was sent in error.

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    Contact Information

    1. Myprotein Customer Service Department, Meridian House
    2. Gadbrook Park, Gadbrook Way, Rudheath
    3. Northwich, Cheshire
    4. CW9 7RA
    1. 0161 813 1487
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    Archived Myprotein Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    23/03/201730% Off Entire Order When You Buy Any AccessoryACCS30
    23/03/201740% Off DessertsDESSERTS40
    23/03/20173 For 2 On Organic ProductsORGANICS342
    23/03/201730% Off Entire Order When You Buy Any Essential ClothingESSCLOTHING
    23/03/2017Extra 10% Off Sale OrdersEXTRA10
    19/03/201730% Off ClothingCLOTHING30
    19/03/2017Exclusive Any Two Selected 2.5kg Products For £40TWOMVC
    18/03/2017Extra 20% Off Sale OrdersEXTRA20
    18/03/2017Up To 40% Off Weight Loss ShakesNo Code Required