Savvy Shopping: Post-Christmas Bargains

We put together a list of products you should look for in the post-Christmas sales to save money.

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As the festive cheer of Christmas fades, January emerges as an opportune time for bargain hunters across the country. With retailers keen to clear their shelves of holiday goods ready for the new year's inventory, savvy shoppers can find significant bargains on various items. So, we put together this list of things you should look out for after Christmas. 

When do Sales Start After Christmas?

Most sales and discounts start the day immediately after Christmas, and most sales last until the end of January, except for gym and some fashion deals, which can last until February. The deals you need to jump on soon are the food ones, which should be bought straight after Christmas day to make the most of yellow-label and out-of-season foods.

Christmas Foods

Post-Christmas, supermarkets dramatically reduce prices on festive foods. This includes delicious things such as Christmas puddings, minced pies, cheeseboards and speciality chocolates, which often have a long shelf life. It is the perfect opportunity to stock up on these treats for immediate enjoyment or to nibble on for the first few weeks of the new year. Look specifically for yellow-labelled and Christmas-themed packaging at supermarkets such as Morrisons, ASDA, and Tesco for the best deals; everyday packaged food will likely be regular. 

Gift Wrapping and Cards

One of the most discounted items post-Christmas is wrapping paper and seasonal greeting cards. Retailers are eager to offload their stock, often slashing prices by up to 80%. Buying in bulk for the following year may be wise if you give a load of cards around Christmas time. The same goes for wrapping paper and accessories, which you’ll always need, and they never go out of style. Hallmark and Moonpig sell their Christmas-themed cards and accessories straight after Christmas. They sell out fast, but storing cheap cards for the following years is an excellent way to save money. 

Christmas Decorations and Trees

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Decorations and artificial Christmas trees see significant markdowns after December 25th. Retailers need to free up space, so expect to find deals ranging from lights and ornaments to high-quality artificial trees. Good quality artificial trees can also last a lifetime and save money in the long term; for more information, visit our article on whether to buy a faux or real tree. It’s an ideal time to replace old decorations or opt for a more luxurious tree for the next Christmas at a fraction of the price. Seasonal stores such as Christmas Tree World often try to clear as much stock as possible in the months following Christmas. 

Electronics and Gadgets

While not specifically Christmas-related, many electronic stores in the UK continue sales into January, it’s a great period to invest in bigger-ticket items such as televisions, laptops or gaming consoles that may have been over your budget before Christmas. Currys, Eufy and Acer often have sales during January on items that may have been out of reach before Christmas. January is also when the Consumer Electronics Show takes place, so older models of great tech products such as televisions, cameras, headphones and more by big-name companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG will likely be reduced. 

Winter Clothing

With the fashion industry always looking ahead, winter clothing collections are often heavily discounted post-Christmas to make way for spring lines. You may have to wait until the end of January or February for the most significant deals, post-Christmas is an excellent time to purchase high-quality coats, boots and knitwear at a reduced cost. It’s also the perfect time to buy discounted Christmas-themed jumpers and PJs for the following year. 

Fitness Gear

It may sound counterintuitive because of the number of people signing up for gym memberships during January. The desire to get fit, join gyms and buy gym gear is fragile, and fitness companies know this, so they capitalise on the new year new me tradition. If you plan on updating your fitness wardrobe or buying fitness gear such as protein, shakers and equipment, waiting until after Christmas can save you considerable money on these items. MyProtein, in particular, has excellent post-Christmas sales, with an honourable mention to Bodybuilding Warehouse

Toys and Games

Toys and games that were hot commodities in the lead-up to Christmas often see price reductions in January. It’s an excellent time to buy for upcoming birthdays or stash away gifts for the next Christmas. Stores such as Zavvi, Hamleys and Smyths often have Toys and Gifts after Christmas deals. 

Gift Sets

Gift sets such as bath sets, lynx sets and more are often discounted by a significant amount straight after Christmas as they are taken off the seasonal aisles in supermarkets and beauty stores such as Boots. Stocking up on these little gift sets and storing them until next Christmas or giving them out for birthdays throughout the year could save you a fair bit of cash. 

The Verdict

As you can see, the period after Christmas is rife with opportunities for the astute shopper. From festive foods to winter clothing, the deals available can lead to significant savings. Planning and being aware of what items will likely be reduced can help make the most of these post-Christmas sales. With a little strategy and timing, the post-holiday period can be as financially rewarding as festive.

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