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Best Time to Buy Throughout the Year


Getting the best deal doesn’t just happen, you’ve got to put the work in. That means doing your research and shopping around before you hit the checkout. To get you started, we’ve created this guide to the cheapest time to buy on a range of products and categories.

When's the best time to buy oak furniture?

Best Time to Buy Fancy Furniture

Whether you’re furnishing your first home or replacing a tired looking sofa, buying furniture is a huge investment. Anything that can trim the costs will come in handy. If you’re looking for the cheapest chest of drawers or a discounted dining table, start shopping in January or July. After an expensive Christmas , big buys are often ignored throughout January. And the golden rule of saving is whenever there is low demand, you’ll find the best deals. The same thinking applies to July too. With minds on holidays , furniture isn’t high on the shopping list in summer either and it’s superb time to buy.

Suggested Furniture Shopping

Discover the best time to buy fashion

Best Time to Buy Fabulous Fashion

Getting the best deal on a wardrobe refresh, you want to hit the racks at the end of the big fashion seasons. There are four seasons in the world of fashion, but it’s the Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer that really matter. So, the cheapest time to update your style is June and Dec. You’ll find that prices will start to come down on current season fashion as the new collections start to take over the hangers. If you get the timing right, you can score an incredible saving and keep bang on trend for the season.

Suggested Fashion Shopping

Uncover the best time to pick up Tech

Best Time To Buy Top Tech

The best time to shop for the latest tech is no secret and every store will be shouting about their Black Friday offers. That’s because it’s one of the biggest shopping seasons in the calendar and every retailer is trying to keep shoppers away from competitors and enticing them through their checkout. All that competition and consumer interest is the perfect breeding ground for deals and that’s why you’re guaranteed to find incredible tech savings online during Black Friday and Cyber Week.

Suggested Tech Shopping:

When should you book your holidays?

Best Time to Book Terrific Travel

Traditionally, the best time to book your next holiday is at the start of January and this is still true today. However, these days you can also find some incredible Boxing Day sales a week earlier that will give you a jump on the deals. If you want to maximise your savings, the data suggests that you’ll bag the biggest savings on your trip if you book your holiday 5-6 months in advance on a Sunday evening. So, settle down with a glass of wine on a Sunday night and let holiday shopping help you forget that a week of work is about to begin all over again.

Suggested Travel Shopping

These are the best times to eat out

Best Time to Eat Out

Getting a tasty deal on eating out is a bit different to your average retail shopping. There are different deciding factors that go into restaurant pricing and many of these are not dictated buy the consumer. This makes it difficult to predict when you’ll find the best savings. However, if you look at the quietest period’s restaurants face, you can take can count on deals to entice any potential customers through the doors. With new school/university routines starting, families don’t tend to eat out as much during September and you can expect to find family dining offers throughout the month. Of course, right now the Eat Out to Help Out scheme is running in midweek, so its never been cheaper to grab a bite.

Suggested Restaurants

Savvy Sports Shopping

When it comes to picking up sports and fitness equipment, it’s best to plan for your inevitable fitness kick. It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to guess that these health spurts usually start in January to combat the effects of an indulgent festive season. This means the best time to buy all your workout gear and equipment is in December. Nobody is starting a health kick a few weeks before a gluttonous Christmas dinner and you’ll find gifting deals to drive prices down even further.

Suggested Sports Shopping

We'll tell you the best time to buy some bling

Save on Sparkle

If you want to treat yourself to some stunning jewellery, you’ll find the best deals in March. The January sales are good, but after a sparkling Valentine’s Day jewellery sales dwindle, and retailers try grab the attention of as many shoppers as they can. This makes it a superb time to treat yourself to something special and save some money.

Suggested Jewellery Shopping

Wonderful White Goods

When your kitchen needs an upgrade, the best time to shop for all the essential appliances is September and October. Manufacturers release new ranges and you will see prices plummet on the older models to clear stock. Shop around and checkout the clearance sections to find some incredible deals on top appliances.

Suggested White Goods Shopping

That’s our whistle stop guide to the best times to buy a selection of popular products and categories. If you would like to find more insights into key shopping times, check out our handy calendar and save all year round.

The MVC best time to buy calendar

Ashley Bird

Ever since the birth of his first child, Ashley has been trying to squeeze a little more out of every penny. Three years and another child later, he's a dab hand at finding a deal and getting things done for less. Whether you need help planning a budget friendly family day out, or saving on all things home, he can help you out.


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