Argos Clearance Information for 2022

Last Updated on 4th of July, 2022 by Aron Clinch

The Argos Clearance

The clearance is a safe pair of hands. It’s available most of the year, and it’s ideal if you want to get a discount. Typically, it’s on items that are a little out of season, whether that’s buying a Christmas Tree in June, or stocking up on shorts in the Winter, if you have the space to store some goodies, you can bag a bargain.

What's the difference between a clearance and a sale?

If an item is in a sale, it's had a temporary price reduction. But if an item is in the clearance, it's there until it's gone. Sales are there to draw customers in and get them spending at a certain store, while clearances are largely for getting rid of stock that's out of season, so it can be replaced with newer, more seasonal stuff!

Why are items in the clearance?

This usually means that the items are being discontinued and the retailer wants to get rid of their remaining stock and so they sell them fro heavily discounted prices. However, it can also just be that the items are out of season.

What’s included in the clearance sale?

A little bit of everything. Argos have toy clearances, garden clearances, furniture clearances, tech clearances, and everything in between. The trick is to find out when the cheapest time to buy is. For garden gear, you'll find they're selling at their best in the Spring and Summer seasons, so it makes sense that Argos would want to empty those products from their shelves at the end of Summer and during the Autumn and Winter months.

Coats and Winterwear are much cheaper in the warmer seasons, while shorts and sunglasses are cheap in the colder months. A good rule of thumb is to find out when a category is at its most popular and keep your eye out for deals when they aren't.

Sometimes you'll find that items are in the clearance around 2-months into their peak period. So while Spring starts in March, the Spring clearance might start in May.

How much of a discount can I get in the Argos clearance?

There’s usually up to 50% off selected products. However, not all items in the Argos clearance are reduced. Argos are simply trying to clear some items from their shelves, and so it’s important you keep your eyes peeled for that red discount text.

The clearance isn't the only sale Argos offer. By heading over to our Argos sale information page, you can get the full picture of when is the best time to save.

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