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Ateronon Vouchers 2017

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    About Ateronon

    Ateronon is “The Tomato Pill”, a unique and natural supplement that helps to maintain a healthy heart function. Researched and approved by cardiologists, this groundbreaking product has been the subject of studies at Cambridge University UK, and at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a leading research institute in Boston USA. Scientists have proved that consuming ateronon improves cardiovascular health and supports an active lifestyle. The pill is equivalent to 2.2lbs of cooked tomatoes. Not everyone can eat so many tomatoes every day, and it is not normal. But you can always get one pill on a daily basis, and improve your overall health.
    Ateronon Shopping Guide
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    More Information about Ateronon

    Ateronon is packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant derived from tomatoes that is easy for the body to absorb. Lycopene has long been hailed as the secret to a long life and now the Mediterranean diet has been harnessed in a pill. Trials showed that the pill helped cells of the endothelium, the layer of cells that lines the blood vessels, to function better.
    The compound, made from the skin of ripe tomatoes, has the potential to cut the risk of strokes and heart attacks, and even fight cancer, experts believe.

    Ateronon, the company that is behind the pill, also runs a blog. At their blog you can keep an eye for all latest tips and tricks to look after your heart, as well as ground-breaking news and tomato fun on our social channels. Some of the articles include which foods are best paired to each other, and how to lower the risk of heart diseases. Read the blog here.

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    • Does Ateronon have any side effects?

    • Ateronon is a 100% natural food supplement, with no reported side effects. However, if you have a tomato or whey protein intolerance, do seek medical advice first.

    • How often should I take Ateronon?

    • You should take Ateronon once a day. It is easy to incorporate Ateronon into your lifestyle. Simply take one capsule a day and your body absorbs the lycopene goodness of over 1kg of cooked tomatoes.
      If taken daily you will reach the optimum lycopene levels in the blood in as little as two months. To maintain this level, continue to take it daily as part of your regular health care regime. You could take Ateronon every morning after a healthy breakfast to really kick-start your day.

    • When is it best to take Ateronon?

    • Ateronon is best taken with food, although its unique Lacto Lycopene formulation ensures that the lycopene is absorbed well, even when taken without food. It is recommended it is taken after a meal daily at approximately the same time of day.

    Contact Information

    1. ATERONON™ Customer Services CamNutra Ltd
    2. One Victoria Square
    3. Birmingham B1 1BD
    1. +44 (0)845 505 0090
    1. info@camnutra.com

    Archived Ateronon Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    22/07/2017Vitamin C Plus Bioflavanoids For £2 Per PackNo Code Required
    22/07/2017Evening Primrose Oil For £2.75 Per PackNo Code Required
    22/07/2017Cod Liver Oil For £2 Per PackNo Code Required
    26/06/2017Vitamin B Complex For £2 Per PackNo Code Required
    26/06/2017Cod Liver Oil For £2 Per PackNo Code Required
    26/06/2017Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL For £4 Per PackNo Code Required
    27/05/2017Ateronon Cod Liver Oil For £2 Per PackNo Code Required
    27/05/2017Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL For £4 Per PackNo Code Required
    27/05/2017Vitamin B Complex For £2 Per PackNo Code Required