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Uber Promo Codes 2017

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Active Uber Discount Codes, Vouchers Codes, Offers & Deals for October 2017

  • Exclusive Free £10 Off Your First Ride

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    • Exclusive
    • Terms & Conditions
    Ends: 31/10/2017 -

    Experience the Uber experience for yourself, and save money in the process with this awesome Uber voucher code. Using this promo code will get you a massive discount of £10 off your first journey. Even if you're travelling to a city that has Uber, you won't be able to use this deal on holiday - it's valid for UK journeys only. Where will you go? Try it for yourself today.

    Terms & Conditions

    Valid for new Uber customers only, for a free first ride, up to £10 / a discount up to £10 on their first ride, in the UK.

  • Uber Rides In London From £5

    Get This Offer

      Browse Uber and reserve a vehicle for your journey at an economical price.

      90 used today

    • Uber Fares In Cardiff From £3

      Get This Offer

        Browse Uber and reserve a vehicle for your journey at an affordable price.

      • Great Deals on Airport Transfers

        Get This Offer

          Travel to and from airports the easy way. And you'll be surprised at how cheap it can be.

          82 used today

        • Enjoy Cheaper Rides with uberPOOL

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          • Terms & Conditions

          Share your ride with someone heading in the same direction and split the costs. Now you can save even more money on taxis with Uber.

          79 used today

          Terms & Conditions

          Certain conditions apply

        • Glasgow Uber Fares From £3

          Get This Offer

            Book a vehicle for your journey at a low price from Uber.

            72 used today

          • Manchester Uber Fares From £2

            Get This Offer

              Are you searching for car rentals in Manchester? Then reserve a vehicle for a reasonable price from Uber.

              78 used today

            • Split Fares And Share Payments With Friends

              Get This Offer

                Enjoy your ride by sharing the fare with friends from Uber.

                77 used today

              • Great Prices On City Fare Bookings

                Get This Offer

                  Book your city fare from Uber at an affordable price.

                  77 used today

                  Offers for Uber were last updated

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                  About Uber

                  Do you need an easy way to ride through the city? If this is so then you should check out Uber app. Uber offers people the ability to request a driver to arrive anywhere they are and take them wherever they want to go. So no more hailing cabs in the freezing cold or busy city! No more searching for mini cab offices. You don't have to have cash or go via a cash point wither, as it is all linked through to your bank card! Plus, tipping the driver is no longer required.That's not all, you can use an Uber Promo code to get a first free ride as well as lots of other offers along the way!
                  Uber Shopping Guide
                  Written by Category SpecialistRyan Broadfoot
                  Uber Promo Codes Homepage Image

                  More Information about Uber

                  Uber promises to give you comfort for everyday travel. Through their effort of connecting drivers to their rides, the company makes the city a more accessible place to be. Created in the year 2009, it has now launched in over 500 various cities and it will continue to expand to bring people closer to their cities.

                  Uber is basically a technology company that created software that allow people to request a ride by means of a mobile app, through the web or a text message. What is good about this is that drivers will arrive in just a matter of minutes. It is even possible to track the arrival of your ride and you will get a message as soon as the driver arrives at your location. The credit card on your file is also going to be charged after each ride, and for security purposes, you will receive an email receipt about your trip.

                  So how do you use this wonderful technology? All you have to do is to download Uber through Google Play Store or the App Store. Open the phone app on your unit and follow the instructions you will get. Now, you should choose your preferred vehicle by selecting them at the bottom of your screen. You should position the pin exactly at the map where you like to be picked up or you can press on the location bar if you like to manually type your location. By this time, you should tap “set pickup location” and confirm your pickup details found on the following screen. In case you decided that you no longer need the ride, you can simply click “Cancel”. But please bear in mind that rides cancelled after 5 minutes will be charged a cancellation fee of £5.

                  If you do not wish to install the app then you can directly go to m.uber.com. Follow the instructions on how to sign up for an account or sign in if you already have one. Log in the address wherein you like to be picked up and click on the word “search”. Choose your desired vehicle and click on “yes, pick me up”.

                  What is good about Uber is that it gives coupons and discounts to help you save. For example, it is now offering a £10 for your first ride. You can also signup for their newsletter to get discounts.
                  Using Uber, you do not need to give any tip to your driver. This is for the reason that 20% of your total ride cost will be paid to the driver. This way, you will really be able to save.

                  Uber Services Guide

                  Best Gift Ideas for long distance Riders: Uber Car Pool

                  If you’re travelling long distance and want some company for the journey, you will be delighted with Uber’s car pool service. The uberPOOL provides you with the benefits of sharing fuel costs with other passengers heading in the same direction and by sharing a car with new people, journeys tend to be livelier and interesting. If you like to share your knowledge and experiences about your destination and discover new information from others, Uber’s car sharing experience provides an excellent opportunity for half the cost – or less. Best Gift Ideas for Newbies: First Ride DealsNewcomers to Uber are invited to take advantage of the generous first time rider deal. Cash in on this discount offer and save £15 on your first ride with Uber. All you have to do is enter the special voucher code and register your details on Uber’s website, download the app onto your smartphone and book your ride. Going places is easy with Uber – and with the first time rider deal, it’s £15 cheaper too.

                  Best Gift Ideas For City Slickers: Discount Deals

                  Uber is gradually spreading its taxiing service across the UK and more cities are planned for the future. Most principle cities are already covered and to appeal to residents, the firm is offering deals that enable you to get to where you’re going for less. If you need a driver to safely get you to where you need to go, check out the latest offer to see if you can grab more rides for less money in your city.

                  Best Gift Ideas for Social Users: Special Offers

                  Facebook and Twitter users can get instant alerts on the latest services simply by following Uber. If you travel around a lot and need drivers on-demand, this is great opportunity for you. Staying socially connecting with Uber promises to save you a fortune in transport fares – and could even provide you with some inspiration for a special trip. Uber not only provides inner-city services, but also covers long distance journeys too, and with updates about the uberPOOL service, car sharing can save you even more money.

                  Best Gift Ideas for Money Savers: Free Registration

                  Registering with Uber is easy – and also free. So why register with Uber? Because the company provides a highly efficient service that puts most taxi firms to shame – and the fares you pay are agreed before you even get in the car. Uber is the fastest, most cost-effective and safest on-demand taxi service in the world and is the fastest growing start-up on a global level. With a presence in over 80 countries and more than 560 cities, Uber’s reputation is recognised around the world despite only making an appearance in 2009.

                  If you want the opportunity to cut down on transport costs, Uber provides a safe and cost-effective solution. And with the great discount deals we have on offer, you can make even more killer savings.

                  Uber: The Safety First Taxi Service

                  Grabbing a cab can carry a risk. But Uber has created a secure system that puts the safety of its drivers and passengers first. The San Francisco born taxi service even have community guidelines to ensure passengers and drivers have a safe and enjoyable journey.

                  That trust factor not only involves safe journey’s, but extends to fair charges. Prices are predetermined before you get into the car and you even get a driver rating before ordering your ride.

                  How does Uber work?

                  Uber has taken advantage of mobile technologies to provide a taxi service that offers fair pricing, a fast service and people safety. The process enables passengers and drivers to stay safe, before, during and after the trip.

                  Using the Uber service is pretty straightforward. Once you have registered your personal details and payment plan, you download an app. Upon opening the app, you are presented with a map which uses the geo-targeting capabilities of smartphones to establish your location.

                  The app also lists available drivers in your area. Because Uber has so many drivers on-board, taxis are generally pretty close and can be with you in a matter of minutes.

                  When you request a car, the app sends a message to the drivers that are within easy reaching distance of you. Once a driver responds, passengers are sent their name, a photo ID, licence number, driver rating and the cost of the fare.

                  Drivers are provided information of your personal details too, together with your precise location. Because Uber insist on providing a door-to-door service, riders can stay in the warmth and safety of the indoors without having to wait on the streets to flag down a taxi.

                  The details of both the driver and passenger booking the car are registered in a central database at Uber HQ. Should you choose to use the uberPOOL car sharing option, you are also given details of the other passengers travelling with you. And you have safety in numbers.

                  How Uber makes taxiing safe

                  Once you have been collected by the Uber driver, you can share your estimated time and arrival with others. Friends and family can even track your journey in real time.

                  After every trip, passengers are invited to rate the driver and provide feedback. This option is anonymous, but helps to inform other passengers of the level of service provided by individuals and can help drivers secure more work.

                  If at any point you have a question or concerns about your driver, Uber provide a 24/7 support service. The hotline team can answer questions about your journey and help you recover any items you leave in the minicab.

                  Furthermore, Uber have established response units in every city they are based. The specially trained team are available throughout the day and night to answer any emergencies.

                  Uber also collect information about every journey, so in the unlikely event that anything does happen to either passengers or drivers, the company can assist law enforcement officers to resolve the case. This alone is an incentive to prevent anybody from doing anything stupid, dangerous or illegal.

                  If you want to travel safe and save costs, Uber provides an excellent solution. And by taking advantage of the discounts we have on offer, you can go further for lower costs.

                  How To Book An Uber

                  Uber is one of the easiest ways to travel for a fraction of what a black cab or mini cab might cost.

                  Here are a few hints to book your Uber:

                  1. Open the app and wait for it to load
                  2. Drop the pin in the correct area of where you are (the map isn't always completely accurate)
                  3. You can add address to find you as well as your destination at the top
                  4. Click on pick up point. This will show you how long the wait is (hopefully it will be a few minutes).
                  5. You can check the fare estimate before you confirm your Uber. This can refer to what kind of Uber you get.
                  6. Once you are happy, click on Request uberX
                  7. A driver will approve your request and come to you.
                  8. If you have any queries, you can contact them and check where they are.
                  9. Once you are in your Uber, you can close the app and you will receive a receipt in your emails with the amount the journey cost.

                  To add your bank details, go to the Payment tab on the app. You will be able to scan your card and it will automatically take the details from the card. This will then be automatic when ordering an Uber. Great for when you don't have cash on you!

                  Working For Uber

                  In need of a change in career? Uber is a great company to work for. Whether you have worked as a hire driver before or not, you could work for Uber and start a new journey!

                  All you need to get started is a car. If you are set to go then you are well on your way! Uber drivers are independent contractors, which means they can pick and choose the areas they go to and how many hours they work. That means you can work beyond the 9 to 5 but monitor it your way!

                  Don't want a boss? Well don't worry - you are your own boss. There is no office, no management, just you in the car, picking your times and work.

                  If you would like some more information check out Uber's Recruitment Page.

                  How Does Uber Work?

                  • Uber is a smartphone app that connects customers to drivers.
                  • In cities it operates in, it allows the user to use the app to pick someone in the area to drive them to their destination.
                  • Your app allows you to pick the location and then will tell you when your driver has arrived.

                  As your card is connected to the app, you won't need any money and it will go through automatically. Some cities allow you to pay by cash but you have to pick the option before.

                  Can The Uber App Tip The Driver?

                  • For most cities used, Uber is a cashless experience.
                  • Tipping is completely voluntary. You are not obligated to offer a tip to your driver.
                  • A tip can be given over in cash if you would like. This again, is not mandatory. It might be something that is more commonplace in other countries. Etiquette for tipping anywhere can be different in other countries.

                  Is Uber Always Available?

                  • You can request a ride anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
                  • It is good to the check the ETA before you request your ride.
                  • It may take a little longer further out of a city or in busy periods.
                  • If you do pick to use an Uber in a busy period, it may cost a little more.

                  A busy period can include commuting times, the end of the night or after a sporting event. If this is the case, there might be a surge. A surge will be over the usual amount. For example, you could have a 1.4x surge which means it will have a little extra on top of your final bill. You can choose to accept this fee or wait until this dies down to ensure a cheaper journey.

                  Is Uber Available In My City?

                  Uber is available all over the world! There are currently over 500 cities varying from Africa to America and Europe to choose from. This is great for safe and secure journeys when travelling or in the comfort of your own city. In North Maerica, there is well over 100! See the full list of Uber Cities.

                  Is There A Minimum Age For Riders?

                  To use the app to request a ride, you must be 18 or over. It's worth checking out the other terms and conditions before you travel. This however does not apply to the other passengers in the car.

                  Uber can be a safer way to travel, especially as a customer by yourself in a different area or late at night. University students would benefit from this as late night journeys after a night out could be when they are at their most vulnerable.

                  How To Get Free Taxis

                  A big issue when going from A to B is picking a form of transport that can be easy, comfortable and good value for your money. Public transport can be inconvenient, busy and end at a certain time.Don't cram yourself onto a busy night bus - that is the last thing you need! Some clever spark came up with the idea of the taxi. All the ease of a chauffeur driven car but none of the extra upkeep and costs!

                  The new thing that is making lives easier is the variety of new apps on offer to make ordering a cab a thing of ease! Check out Uber, Kabee and Gett. If you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, then you can just get your phone out and order your trip.

                  Using GPS the apps can locate you and pass the information to the driver. You won't need cash either. Simply connect your card to the app and it will automatically go out of your account and give you a receipt.

                  Wanna know how to use all of these and get a free taxi journey? It's simple. Once you sign up to one of these apps, Kabbee and Uber will give you a referral code which gives you £10 free credit whenever you refer a friend. Uber then gives the friend a £10 credit for their first journey. Gett has codes to give you £10 for your first journey.

                  Why not sign up to all apps, referring friends as much as you can and making sure all of your trips are free? Once you run our of friends, don't worry! In comparison to mini cabs and black cabs, Uber and apps like it are a lot cheaper. They aim to compete against the lowest cost so you will have cheaper journeys from now on!

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                  Archived Uber Discount Codes

                  IssuedCode DescriptionCode
                  31/08/2017£10 Off Your First Ride029jf
                  05/07/2017Manchester Uber Services From £2No Code Required
                  30/06/2017City Rides In Glasgow From £3No Code Required
                  30/06/2017Uber Services in Oxford From £5No Code Required
                  28/06/2017Uber London Prices From £5No Code Required
                  26/06/2017Uber Manchester Prices From £2No Code Required
                  24/06/2017Uber Cardiff Prices From £3No Code Required
                  18/06/2017Uber Glasgow Fares From £3No Code Required
                  16/06/2017London City Rides From £5No Code Required