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Express Chemist Vouchers 2016

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Express Chemist is a UK registered pharmacy selling to the international market through the website. They do not only supply customers with medicine but also medical related equipment such us blood pressure machines, mobility and disability aids, medical supplies, day to day toiletries plus much more. Product range and affordable prices are the goals of Express Chemist.

Active Express Chemist Discount Codes, Promo Codes, Vouchers & Deals for October 2016

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Express Chemist Shopping Guide
Written by Category SpecialistAmy MacGregor
Express Chemist homepage

Voucher Codes, Discounts and Vouchers for March 2014

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How to Redeem a Voucher Code

Whenever you opt to purchase any of our products, you are advised to take advantage of the current vouchers. When you have chosen on a voucher, there are two types which are redeemed differently. The first one is whereby the discount is directly forwarded to the website and it will be automatically applied and deducted from your final price.
The second is exclusive promotional codes. To redeem you type the code in the text box at checkout. If you download the vouchers to your mobile, the rules for the former and the latter still applies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Where is my code and how do I apply it to my order?

    A: Click on the square box on the offer and an orange squared box with the word “Voucher” written on it will emerge. A small box then pops-up with your voucher code. In most cases, the voucher code is always a unique figure from any other hence it’s very important you copy the code. Then go to the Express Chemist website and paste the copied code on the appropriate box after placing an order for the desired products. When dealing with most of the remaining vouchers, you will be automatically directed to the website of the merchant offering that voucher code and the purchased you make will be automatically billed less the value of the code.

  • Q: My voucher code is not redeemable, what might be the problem?

    A: All the vouchers are never permanent. They are always released with an expiry date meaning they cannot be redeemed any day beyond the expiry date. Your voucher may have already gone beyond the expiry date hence they cannot be redeemed.

  • Q: I have difficulty accessing the box needed to enter the details of my voucher code. What might be the problem?

    A: Not all the vouchers are redeemed by putting the required values in a box. Some companies design vouchers that are directly applied whenever you make your payments for the given product.

Contact information

  1. Express Chemist
  2. 5 Coombe Terrace
  3. Lewes Road, Brighton
  4. East Sussex, BN2 4AD
  1. 0800 542 1203 within UK, +44 (0) 1273 626 095 abroad.

Expired Codes & Deals

  • Expired: 11/10/2016

3% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Jungle Formula Products

  • Expired: 11/10/2016

10% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More La Roche Posay Products

  • Expired: 11/10/2016

5% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Vogel Products

  • Expired: 11/10/2016

5% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Aloe Vera Digesting Aids

  • Expired: 11/10/2016

5% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Centrum Products

  • Expired: 30/09/2016

3% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Optrex Products

  • Expired: 30/09/2016

Up To 5% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Anti Dandruff Shampoo products

  • Expired: 30/09/2016

5% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Lamberts Products

  • Expired: 30/09/2016

Up To 10% Off When You Buy Any 3 Or More Sun Cream Products

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