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About Oakley

Oakley is a brand that was originally created for all the world-class athletes and those that saw the limits of what was possible as just another challenge to face. Oakley is primarily known for creating a unique style of sunglasses especially suitable for sports and outdoor activities. But there's just so more to the Oakley Marque; innovative accessories, bags, footwear, clothing and even MP3 and Bluetooth glasses, to name but a few. So if you're looking for incredible design, practicality, and style, look no further than Oakley. You can save on everything you need with our Oakleys discount codes and voucher codes.

Buyers Guide: Your Glasses, Your Look

Oakley Custom Sunglasses

The only thing better than a fresh pair of designer sunglasses is a pair of designer sunglasses that have been customised especially for your lovely face. That’s exactly what you get the Oakley customisable range that’s packed with options to stamp your style on your new sunnies.

There are three base ranges you can choose to make your own. Whether you want something sporty that’s made for mountain living or a stylish pair for everyday wear, these bases will give you the designer frames you need.

Once you’ve made you selection it’s time to unleash all your creativity to splash your style all over them. You can paint your favourite frames with a massive range of colours and patterns that will make your shades stand out in a crowd.

After you get your colour scheme sorted, it’s time for the finishing touches. This is when you pick your lens type and colour. You can go route or pick something more eye-catching with a ton of snazzy choices.

You can even get your personalised pair etched and make them even more special. This is a whole new take on designer sunglasses, and it gives you the best of both worlds. Impeccable quality and design and a truly personalised pair that was literally made for you.

If you want to pick up your custom shades today, grab an Oakley discount code to save some of your hard-earned money.

Buyers Guide: Through the Prizm

Oakley Prizm

Oakley has always prided themselves on keeping themselves firmly on the cutting edge of glasses technology. Now that means viewing life through the Prizm and seeing more than ever before.

The Oakley Prizm lens has been born from nearly 50 years of dedication to the science behind the vision. Through constant research and testing, they have driven innovation and created superior lenses again and again.

The Prizm lens is right at the top of an illustrious list for three reasons. First, it has been tuned to create a vivid colour and a more vibrant world. Whether you're hitting the dirt trail or kicking back on the beach, they will bring your spot to life.

Second, the defined contrast increases depth perception and highlights features in your environment. This opens up the world and lets you see things in a new light.

Lastly, these incredible lenses enhance the world and reveal details that the naked eye simply can’t see. And, in action sports, when the smallest margins can make the difference between riding away clean and broken limbs, detail matters.

You can pick up these revolutionary lenses in Prizm Sport or Prizm every day that both contain subcategories to cover all your activities. If you hit snow-capped mountains, there’s a specific lens to give you the best performance. The same goes for mountain bike trails and the open road.

Check out the incredible innovation for yourself and pick up your new favourite pair.

Buyers Guide: Everyday Style

Oakley has a long history of supporting action sports because the freedom and creativity of those unique sports mirror the philosophy of the company. But you can’t push the boundaries 24/7 and sometimes you need to kick back and unwind with a good book.

Oakley Glasses

For those few days, they have taken the unmistakable Oakley sunglasses style and added to a massive collection of reading glasses. You can get your prescription lenses and the designer flavour from the biggest name in sunglasses.

You don’t get to be a famous name in anything without being at the top of your field, and Oakley glasses are renowned for their premium quality feel. They use the latest technology to make sure their glasses will sit on your face without feeling intrusive.

There’s a massive collection of styles to help you find the right fit for your face. To make sure everyone can find look Oakley frames come in four distinctive shapes, oval, rectangle, circle, and square. Every face has its ideal shape and this collection covers the spectrum.

Once you’ve had a browse through the collection and find your perfect frames, you still need to decide what colour and size you’re after. There are loads of choices with each pair and plenty of scopes to make the glasses your own.