NHS Discount Codes You Might Not Know About

By Jordon Cox, published on May 23rd 2022

You can be saving money too with NHS discount codes.

No matter whether you’re a nurse or an admin assistant - if you work for the NHS, you could be in discount heaven. These deals reach far and wide, on everything from restaurants to your next holiday. Your mobile phone contract to your next drink at Starbucks.

There are plenty of offers available to you, so make sure you find out about as many as you can - and store them in the back of your mind.

How Much Money Can NHS Discount Codes Save You?

Most retailers that offer a discount fall between the 10-20% off range. This may not seem like much - but this will quickly add up. If you use your discounts wherever you can, you could easily be saving £100s a year (more retailers accept it than you might think). It’s a great perk to have, and the fact that you can get discounts where nobody else can, is VERY satisfying.

Am I Eligible For An NHS Discount?

Before you start tearing up the town with all of your discounts - make sure you’re eligible. For the most part, it doesn’t matter what your job role is within the NHS or how many hours you do. As long as you have some sort of identifier like an ID card, or even an NHS email address - you should be eligible for most deals. Each deal has a different way of verifying that you work in the NHS, but these three methods are the most common:

NHS Email

• When signing up for online codes (such as on MyVoucherCodes), you’ll need to log into your account with your NHS email (usually ending in NHS.net)

NHS ID card

• If you have some sort of Identification with the NHS logo on it - this will usually be enough for deals in store.

Blue Light Card

• This is a discount card for NHS (and also emergency service members). It costs £4.99 to get for 2 years, but you’ll have access to lot of offers and store discounts. More info at Blue Light Card.

5 NHS Discount Codes You Should Know About

If I listed all of the discounts you can get - we’d probably be here all day. So instead, I’ve picked out some of the best NHS discount codes (or most interesting) that perhaps you didn’t know about.

Nandos - 20% Off

• When you show an NHS ID at Nando’s restaurants nationwide, you’ll get 20% off your food bill, up to the value of £20. This can get a maximum of £4 off your food - which is a decent discount considering it’s hard to get a peri-good deal at Nando’s.

Vodafone/EE/O2 - Up To 25% Off

• If you’re with one of these three phone network providers, you could seriously cut down the cost of your monthly phone bill. Vodafone will get you 15% off SIM-only plans or SIM plans with a device. To claim it, all you need is your NHS email address when signing up. If you sign up for NHS perks on the EE website, you can get 20% off discounts on pay monthly, SIM only and mobile broadband plans. O2 offer a whopping 25% off an Airtime contract when you buy a new phone or tablet in store - potentially saving you a lot of money each year.

Expedia - 10% Off

• You can relax on holiday, with the peace of mind you’ve saved a bit of money! When shopping through Expedia, you can get a 10% off code, right here at MyVoucherCodes.
Sign up for an account with your NHS email account, and you’ll be given the code to use at the checkout of Expedia’s website.

Starbucks - 10% Off

• If you don’t want to spend a latte on your coffee - Starbucks gives you a discount. When you’re signed up to the Blue Light Card scheme - you can get.
• Simply flash your card in store and you’ll get 10% off your food and drink. Some outlets do not participate (as Starbucks is a franchise) - but it’s worth giving it a go.

McDonald’s - 20% Off

• You never have to pay full price for your McFix again. A brand new feature in 2022 to the McDonald’s app, gets NHS employees 20% off an order every week. To claim it, you’ll need to sign up to the McDonald’s app with your NHS email address. You should have the offer appear under the ‘deals’ tab - which you can use when ordering meals through the app.
So there you have it! This is just a very small glimpse at the savings you can make. There is a huge list of big name clothing retailers, restaurants and more included also, that will easily add up your savings.
There are plenty more NHS Discount Codes to be claimed on MyVoucherCodes too. Check out all of the other offers that you can claim if you’re an NHS worker.

- By Jordon Cox, published on May 23rd 2022