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    About Slimming World

    At Slimming World you can discover your amazing side! Losing weight has never been easier and more fun thanks to this site. You can find many tips and recipes to help you make your journey to losing weight a success. Shave inches off your waistline and shopping bill using our range of Slimming World vouchers and offers.

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    Additional information about the store:

    In the United Kingdom today, Slimming World is the most advanced organization for slimming and weight loss. It was originally founded in 1969 by the driving force behind this company even to this day, Margaret Miles-Bramwell. They have years of experience to handle a lifetime of weight problems and with Mrs. Bramwell’s enthusiasm and unique vision has created a company that is very successful.

    How to buy a gift from Slimming World

    Slimming World encourage all of us to live happy and their motto is “Slimming World – Touching hearts, changing lives”. So, what better gift for a loved one than one that will allow them to change their life for the better and live happy? Most of us think of diets as restrictive and dull, constantly feeling hungry and not being able to eat out with friends and family. But not so with a Slimming World diet!

    Their ‘Food Optimising’ concept puts you in control and means that you don’t have to count calories or be regimental by weighing everything you eat. It’s a whole body, mind and soul approach which you manage by setting your own goals with constant support from other members and trained Slimming World consultants. You can decide whether you want to join online, or with your nearest support group where you’ll have access to local like-minded people and the trained consultant who leads the group. No food is banned – Slimming World works on a simple premise that each food has a number of ‘syns’ attached to it – you’re given a set number of these syns per week depending on your start weight, goal weight and activity level, and you decide how you want to use them. Lots of foods are ‘free’ meaning you can fill up on these and save your syns for treats; a desert or your favourite tasty sauce on your main meal, or even better, use them to balance your meals throughout the week. Joining your nearest group also means that you can get inspired and even inspire others with weight loss and exercise tips. You’re much less likely to give up before your goal weight with this kind of support, and understanding that normal people like you also have bad weeks will help you when you’ve had one yourself.

    This is all wonderful, we hear you say, but how is this a gift? Well, it might be one where you have to tread carefully – buying a Slimming World membership for someone who doesn’t want to lose weight isn’t the most sensitive of gifts. But if a loved one does want to make changes, and needs a little bit of encouragement to get back on track and start the journey to a healthier being, then it could be a gift you’re thanked for, forever (even if at first, you’re not…) Or, why not join up together? You can go to the meetings together, share recipes, start jogging or join an exercise class together. Your first Slimming World meeting can feel daunting – public weigh-ins, bells when you lose weight, what happens when you don’t, humiliation (there isn’t any, Slimming World promise that) – so what better support than to join and go along together? Or even if you don’t join, you can still get involved with the recipes, the spirit of eating according to syns, exercise and generally healthier lifestyle.

    Think about it carefully, be gentle in your delivery (prepare your gift giving speech well!) and use one of our discount codes to buy a Slimming World membership or two. Neither of you will regret it!

    Losing Weight with Slimming World Recipes

    Slimming World make it super easy to get motivated to lose weight and support you throughout your weight loss journey with their helpful hints, tips, recipes and app. They have lots of inspirational stories on their website to jump start you and keep you going if you ever feel like giving up. They also have handy online weight loss tools including a BMI calculator, diet profile, height and weight charts and waist calculator. And if doing it all online isn’t your thing, sign up for the Slimming World magazine and take it with you for inspiration and guidance wherever you go.

    Online or in Group

    There’s two ways to lose weight with Slimming World, using the online tools and recipes or going to your local group where you’ll have regular weigh ins and discussions with like-minded people along with the online support. It’s entirely up to you which one suits you better. With both the online and the group membership you’ll get a bumper book pack, filled with all the basics you’ll need to get started, the most recent Slimming World magazine, interactive online weight loss tools, recipes galore and amazing special offers. With group membership, you’ll also get expert guidance from a trained Slimming World consultant, support from other group members and telephone support when you need it.

    Slimming World Recipes

    Slimming World recipes will leave you feeling full and satisfied whilst enabling you to lose weight at the same time. You can enjoy eating out and enjoying all your favourite things and not deny yourself treats. Slimming World works on a system of ‘syns’. Each food has a syn attached to it and you have a set number of these syns depending on your start weight, activity level and goal weight. So, if your favourite cake is a certain amount of syns, then you know what to do…

    They call it Food Optimising, where you eat at any time of day, to satisfy your appetite without counting calories. There are a number of ‘free’ foods too, that have zero syns and can be eaten in addition to your number of syns per day or week.

    The Slimming World recipes are delicious and so easy to make at home. Try the syn free chicken tikka masala or Slimming World chips, the Lancashire hotpot or the spiced apple and plum crumble. These and hundreds of other recipes become available when you sign up so you can get going with the new you immediately.

    Keeping Fit with Slimming World

    As we all know, losing weight isn’t just about eating the right things, it’s also about getting outside, moving more and getting our heart beating faster. Slimming World encourages you to start small and build up your fitness levels. You’re less likely to over exert yourself and give up, breathless, this way. Use your group sessions or go online to get inspiration and ideas for activities in your local area or even start your own jogging club. The possibilities are endless!

    For the best deals on Slimming World, use one of our vouchers as your first step towards the new you.

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    Sample Vouchers:

    When you visit you can save on all the items you want. You can find a very diverse selection of discounts and savings at is where you can see the most up to date discounts that are available listed. You are always guaranteed to find the best deals here first, saving money all the while!

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    Redeeming the voucher code:

    To redeem your selected discounts on your purchases, just follow these easy steps:

    1. Go to the website to search the items you want and then add them to your shopping cart.
    2. Progress onward to the checkout.
    3. Next select your code and copy it. There is a box marked Discount or Promo Code, just paste it.
    4. Lastly, the slimmingworld.comsavings are delivered along with your savings!

    Details on the Store’s mobile app:

    Everyone enjoys browsing and shopping especially when they are on the move! With the mobile app, shoppers can do exactly that! You can simply search, select, and make your purchases right from your very own phone! Your slimmingworld.comaccount is connected through a variety of devices. That way you can enjoy saving on all kinds of items from your phone, laptop, or your tablet! Online shopping made easier than ever before!


    The Slimming WorldFAQ’s for the voucher codes:

    • Where can I find my own voucher code?
    • The voucher codes will appear in a box that is separate on your screen, once you have chosen the voucher you want. You can find the code and select it, copy it, and then paste right in the box in the shopping cart screen. You will have another option for the selection of ‘deal’ or ‘sale’ and base don the page you have chosen you will be redirected.
    • Next, where do you enter in the voucher code?
    • The majority of the time, the shops and stores willallow the consumers to have the ability ofselectingoptions of placing in the voucher, discount, or promo code when they get ready to go throughthe checkout process. The box is located right near thee end and it is prior to the order confirmation option.
    • The code I entered doesn’t work, so what do I do next?
    • Here at MyVoucherCodes we work hard to make sure all of the codes offered on our site are current when they are selected. Once in a while, a code may come up that is expired. If that happens, simply visit slimmingworld.comand search for the current codes they are offering.

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    Archived Slimming World Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    16/04/2018Free Life Membership When You Achieve Your Personal Achievement Target*******
    16/04/2018Register for Free*******
    16/04/2018Free Digital Magazine*******
    16/04/2018Free Slimming World Membership*******
    04/04/2018Group Membership from £4 Per Week*******
    04/04/2018One Month Membership for £20*******
    04/04/2018£5 off Plus Free Weight Loss Planner When You Join*******
    28/03/2018Free Seven Day Eating Plan When You Register*******
    28/03/2018Free for Teens*******