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Tails.com Voucher Codes 2017

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Active Tails.com Promo Codes, Discount Codes, Vouchers & Deals for August 2017

  • 2 Week Free Trial With £1 Delivery

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    Ends: 31/08/2017 -

    Apply this voucher code at the checkout and get the week free trail at Tails.com.

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    • Chewie Dog Food For £29.70 Per Month

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        Only 2 days left - Ends: 23/08/2017 -

        Purchase dog food for your pet with high-quality nutritious. Get them now from Tails.com at an economical price.

      • Noodle Dog Food For £17.46 Per Month

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          Only 2 days left - Ends: 23/08/2017 -

          Get these food supplements with high-quality nutritious to maintain the growth of your pet. Purchase from this online store for a moderate price.

        • Scooby Dog Food From £9.75 Per Month

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            Only 2 days left - Ends: 23/08/2017 -

            Get the high-quality nutritious food that helps to the growth of your pet from this online retailer for an affordable price.

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            About Tails.com

            The Tails.com website was created as a vehicle to revolutionise the way people feed their dogs, and throught its tailor-made pet nutrition it has certainly suceeeded. Managing the weight of your dog can be tough when supermarkets and pet shops sell generic food for all types of canine. It is therefore hardly surprising that 1 in 3 dogs in the UK are overweight! The smart subscription system offered by Tails.com ensures that your furry friend never runs out of food by perfectly timing the next delivery. Remember to stay tuned to MyVoucherCodes to be the first to hear about all the latest offers and discounts.
            Tails.com Shopping Guide
            Written by Category SpecialistMatt Jones
            Tails.com Voucher Code Homepage

            More Information About Tails.com

            Tails.com offers some of the most personalised food on the internet, and it's just for your dog. It's common knowledge that individual people need different nutrition to suit their needs but nobody considered our furry friends in this truth. They have needs to that need to be met nutritionally too, that all dog food brands cannot live up to. That's where Tails.com comes into the scene. They tailor every bag of kibble they send out specifically for the recipient, maximising the health of that animal. They'll love the taste of the high-quality ingredients that go into the kibble, it was made just for them after all. It doesn't matter whether your dog has health issues or special dietary requirements, a perfectly unique meal is on offer for all dogs at Tails.com.

            5 Fitness And Training Exercises For Dogs

            Dogs need a health and fitness regime just as much as their owners. With one in three dogs overweight in the UK, the PDSA Animal Welfare report that pet obesity is becoming a national problem. Even if you're not into jogging or engaging in active sports, your dog loves to run about, so for your next ‘walkies’ try out one these fitness exercises for dogs. You can use them to improve your dog’s awareness and intelligence too.

            Dog games

            A cost-effective way of training and exercising your dog is to play a variety of games in their favourite stalking ground. Fetch is a common cure to keep dogs in shape and you can use a number of cheap dog toys including a rubber ball, tennis ball, Frisbee, or just a stick.

            But you should also vary the games to keep your furry friend interested by hiding the ball behind trees and under hedges. This also keeps your dog excited, on the move and alert. This is a good exercise for training your dog’s observation, smell and hunting skills.

            Join a dog walking club

            Dog walking clubs put you in touch with other dog owners and many provide facilities for owners to walk their dogs. If your best friend enjoys the company of other dogs, catching up their friends in the dog park is a great way for them to enjoy strenuous play and develop their social skills. Pet owners get the chance to make new friends as well!

            Get out into the great outdoors

            A long walk will tire out your pet and give them more sights, smells and patches to discover. Taking dogs for long walks increases your dog’s strength and stamina and helps to keep them healthy, agile and limber and eliminate common behaviour problems such as digging, excessive barking and hyperactivity. If you’re a long distance runner or enjoy swimming when the weather permits, why not take your dog with you.

            Join a Flyball Club

            Flyball is a game designed specifically for canines. It involves training your dog to release a tennis ball from a box then race down a course and hurdle over obstacles with the ball in its mouth. Admittedly, flyball is not a game every dog will excel at, but the competition with other dog’s makes play time with your pet fun and enjoyable whilst improving your dog’s level of intelligence and confidence.

            Brain exercises

            Dogs not only need physical exercise, they need mental exercise as well. When you’re at home, why not test your dog’s aptitude with some fun games to play that are entertaining for you and your dog. Hunting for dinner, food puzzle games and trick training are all ways to limber up your dog’s cognitive skills and obedience.

            Keeping your hound fit and healthy not only includes physical exercise, but ensuring your pet has a good diet as well. Tails.com don’t overfeed your dog like with tins of commercial dog food, but provide them with the right quantity of, protein, nutrients and vitamins they need. Take a look at our deals for the latest discounts.

            Example Offers and Voucher Codes

            Here are some examples of the deals and vouchers we upload on MyVoucherCodes.co.uk for

            • 50% Off 2 Week Trial
            • Nala Dog Food For £31.2 Per Month
            • Lily Dog Food For £8.65 Per Month
            • Scruff Dog Food From £8.15 Per Month
            • Arnie Dog Food For £10.65 Per Month


            How to Redeem a Voucher Code

            If you want to know how to save loads of money on your online shopping, look no further. To achieve that, you just need to become familiar with how to redeem a voucher code from our website. Read below to learn just that. We also have other offer types than vouchers, which you can read about after the voucher section.

            Voucher Codes

            To begin, click on the green label of an offer that possesses the 'Get Voucher Code' label. A code will be revealed that you should copy by using Ctrl + C. A new tab was also opened in the background, containing Tails.com, now is the time to go onto it. Complete a shop as normal, and enter the code into a box in the top right corner of the screen to redeem the discount.

            Other Offer Types

            For other offer types, it's even easier. All you have to do is click on the green label of any offer that isn't a voucher and you'll be redirected to the Tails.com website. From there you need to follow their instructions to complete the process. After you've finished paying, enjoy the money you saved thanks to My Voucher Codes.


            Is the food tailored specifically to my dog?

            Yes, it really is just for your four legged friends! Tails.com will ask you a series of questions about your dog (such as what your dogs breed, lifestyle, age and health issues) to determine exactly what nutrition it needs to be the best dog it can. Because of the personalisation, you are guaranteed to receive a product tailored specifically for your dog.

            Where do the ingredients come from?

            Tails.com attempt to source all of their ingredients from local farms, right here in Britain. Ingredients used by Tails.com must keep in line with the highest standards of UK law, being fit for human consumption too. Where British produce cannot be used, feel secure in the knowledge that it will only be of the highest quality.

            Do they accommodate dogs with special dietary needs?

            Most definitely. Whilst answering the questions needed to determine what your dog's formula needs to include, you'll be asked if your dog has any special requirements. Tails.com will then be happy to accommodate, it's what they do.

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            Archived Tails.com Discount Codes

            IssuedCode DescriptionCode
            12/08/2017Lily Dog Food For £8.65 Per MonthNo Code Required
            12/08/2017Nala Dog Food For £31.20 Per MonthNo Code Required
            12/08/2017Bessie Dog Food For £16.18 Per MonthNo Code Required
            12/08/2017Arnie Dog Food For £10.65 Per MonthNo Code Required
            01/08/2017Alfie Dog Food From £22.85 Per MonthNo Code Required
            01/08/2017Maisy Dog Food For £14.90 Per MonthNo Code Required
            21/07/2017Arnie Dog Food For £10.65 Per MonthNo Code Required
            21/07/2017Bessie Dog Food For £16.18 Per MonthNo Code Required
            21/07/2017Nala Dog Food For £31.20 Per MonthNo Code Required