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About Zipcar

Zipcar is the UK’s leading car sharing service. With its ‘pay as you drive’ concept, it provides a convenient and money saving solution for those that need the use of a car every now and again.

Whether you can’t afford to buy outright or simply care about the impact of congestion, with our voucher codes you can feel even more confident that Zipcar is the right choice for you. With special offers on rental and excellent price promotions on membership, we’re your first port of call.

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More Information about Zipcar

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With over 1500 locations throughout London and hundreds more across the UK, you’ll be sure to find a Zipcar close to you. Join now and you’ll discover a more cost effective alternative to owning or renting a car. With their amazing app, Zipcar certainly put the power in your hands, with you hiring a car wherever you are, giving you control over your life. The uses of Zipcar are almost endless; you can use the service to help you move house, for transporting the fruits of a particularly fruitful shopping trip or for a random trip with your friends to the beach or a theme park. Whatever you use it for, we're sure you'll soon discover how handy Zipcar membership really is. Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing network and is redefining the way people think about getting from A to B. The American owners of Zipcar were inspired by the custom of car sharing in Europe, and because they feel too many cars are on the road, decided to provide a cost-effective alternative to public transportation and car ownership for small businesses. In their own words, the owners of Zipcar are ‘ambassadors for change.’ Following their unrivalled success through North America, the car-sharing company now has a presence in the UK and provides car and van hire services for businesses, universities and the general public.

Using Zipcar – Our Definitive Guide

You’ve probably heard of Zipcar. How great they are and how they can simplify your driving life. But do you know how you actually go about using them? No? Well wonder no more, for we’re here with our definitive guide!

Joining Zipcar

Joining is so simple and quick. It takes two minutes to apply online, then Zipcar will look over and approve your application. You can either join as yourself, as your household (as a family) or as a company. You can even request to join other individual or company accounts, which first need approval from the account holders, obviously. Either way, simply add your details (you’ll need your driving licence and payment details to hand too), think of a user name and password and you’re good to go. You can even start using Zipcar before your Zipcard arrives by using their free remote unlock service. (Your Zipcard allows you to easily unlock your chosen Zipcar but more on that later.)

Reserve Your Car

When you’re ready, you can reserve your rental car either on the Zipcar website, or on their app. Their app is suitable for both Android and iOS device users. Both the website and the app will show you where all your nearest Zipcars are located. You can choose to reserve your Zipcar either by the hour or for up to seven days. The best bit is, there’s no limit on how many miles you drive, and if you stay below 60 miles within any 24-hour period, you don’t pay for ANY fuel! Miles over this cut off are charged at a really reasonable rate too, worked out on how long you’ve reserved the car for. There are lots of makes and models to choose from too. And you can narrow down your search to manual or automatic.

Unlock Your Car

Each Zipcar has a microchip in the front windscreen. When you find your rental car (and they’re always where the website or app say they’re going to be!) simply wave your app or Zipcard over this chip and the doors will unlock. The keys are then inside in the glove compartment and you’re free to start the engine and be on your way.


It really couldn’t be simpler. Zipcar advise that you have a little look around the car to begin with, as if there is any damage you’ll need to report it before it gets blamed on you. But Zipcars are rarely rented out damaged. Your Zipcar will also be clean and have at least a quarter of a tank of fuel. When you need to fill up, simply use the fuel card inside the car to pay for it.

When you’ve finished with your car, make sure it’s filled at least a quarter full. Then leave it in its reserved place, which is where you picked it up from. If you can’t remember, then your app will remind you.

It all makes owning your own car sound so terribly awkward, doesn’t it? Check out the Zipcar website for more information and to sign up. And make sure you check out our Zipcar voucher codes too!

Perfect Car Rentals from Locations All Over the UK with Zipcar

If you think belonging to a car club means high costs and prohibitively expensive sports cars, think again. (Although expensive sports cars would be nice, they’re just way beyond the pockets of most of us!) Renting a car from Zipcar can be from as little as £5 per hour. Interested? Thought so.

So here’s our top reasons for joining rental car service, Zipcar…

Zipcar is the Biggest Car Club in the World

And you need to be part of it! It operates in more than 50 cities in locations all across Europe and North America. And these include London, Bristol, Glasgow, Oxford, Cambridge and Maidstone here in the UK. And what’s more, choose from over 1,500 cars in the UK, all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Zipcar is Eco Friendly

Each Zipcar on the road, means 17 fewer privately owned cars on the road in the UK. Put another way, just the presence of one Zipcar rental car means that an average of 17 drivers have decided against owning their own car. That’s 17 cars not churning their pollution out into the atmosphere. It’s also a fact that those who own their own cars rather than drive rental cars, drive lots more short journeys. We assume that’s because car rental folk walk these shorter journeys, therefore making it better for their health, too!

Zipcar Rental is Easy Peasy and Cost Effective

Either organise a rental car (or van) by the hour, or by the day. Have it your way. Your fuel (up to a certain limit) is included in the price, as is your insurance and any congestion charges. You’ll always know exactly what you’ll be charged for your car rental. It couldn’t be simpler. You also won’t have to pay for the usual upkeep and tax costs that you would on your own car. Saving you hundreds of pounds a year.

Zipcars Are Easy to Locate

Use either the Zipcar website, or their app to find your nearest zipcar rental car. Once you’ve located and reserved your nearest car, either use your ‘Zipcard’ or your mobile phone to unlock it. Each rental car has a chip in the windscreen that opens the car. The ignition keys will then be inside the car, and off you go!

Zipcars are clean and safe

When you’ve located your rental car, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it’ll be clean and safe. And with at least a quarter of a tank of fuel. That’s the rules. Everyone must leave their car in this lovely state for the next person. It’s only fair, isn’t it? And there’s zero tolerance for smoking in them too, so you’ll never have to breathe in someone else’s smoke.

So now you know the basics, check out all the other privileges and what kind of car you can hire over on the Zipcar website. It’s just as easy to follow as it is to hire a Zipcar. And our voucher codes will help make the costs even lower!

How to Redeem a Code

Not all offers need to use a voucher code in order for you to enjoy amazing savings. Look out for sales and deals and you enjoy great promotions and discounts without using a code at all. If you have got a voucher, here’s how to use it.

  1. Click the button ‘Get Voucher Code’ and you code will pop up.
  2. Once it appears, copy the code.
  3. Make your booking.
  4. Proceed to the payment area where you’ll be asked for a code.
  5. Paste your code into the code box as directed.


Q: What do I need to join?

A: Firstly, you need to be 21 or over and hold a current driver’s license. You must have held your license for at least a year and you must not have over 6 penalty points. There are other conditions – please see the frequently asked questions section for more details.

Q: Can I cancel my booking?

A: If you have booked for less than 8 hours you can cancel up until 3 hours before it is due to begin without any charge. Bookings over 8 hours are subject to a 24 hour cancellation period.

Q: How easy is it to book?

A: Booking is super-simple, either use the mobile app or log in to your account and book online.

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    • 20/05/2018
    • Membership Plan for £6 Per Month
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    • 16/05/2018
    • Up to 60 Miles Free Fuel Per Day
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    • 13/05/2018
    • Free First Year Membership
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    • 12/05/2018
    • Car Hire from £3 Per Hour
    • *******
    • 06/05/2018
    • Oxford Car Hire from £5
    • *******
    • 06/05/2018
    • £15 Driving Credit Back Every Month and Monthly Membership for £5 Per Hour
    • *******
    • 03/05/2018
    • Free First Year Membership
    • *******
    • 02/05/2018
    • 5% off for Business Accounts
    • *******
    • 02/05/2018
    • Annual Membership from £60
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