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About Box'd Fresh

There’s nothing worse after a long day at work than coming home to an empty fridge, or just not knowing what to cook. Well, with Box’d Fresh, that problem is becoming less likely every day! Their simple to use system lets you pick the recipes you want, the ingredients arrive at your door, and before you know it – you’re cooking up a storm! So, for all your foodie needs, let Box’d Fresh do the leg work and you just focus on the cooking. Be sure to visit for all the best money-saving Box'd Fresh voucher codes, discount codes and offers.

More About Box'd Fresh

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Founded by a self-proclaimed ‘Foodie’, Box’d Fresh looks to save you time and money by delivering the freshest ingredients – all pre-measured beforehand – straight to your door along with the recipes you need to turn a dinner into a meal – all in under 40 minutes!

So, if you’re looking to get dinner sorted out for you and the family, but you can’t face another trip to the supermarket, let Box’d Fresh do the leg work for you. And with great offers on your first order, your first four orders, and a free recipe book when you sign up, Box’d Fresh gives you everything you need to cook up a delicious and healthy meal in a quick and affordable way! And if you want the best deals and vouchers Box’d Fresh have, be sure to visit

Example Box'd Fresh Discounts

Looking to save money on the food shop and time in the kitchen? Well, we've got you covered! Here are some example offers that Box'd Fresh have run and you can find our live deals for Box'd Fresh at the top of the page.

  • 50% off your first order
  • Get 35% off your first four orders
  • Get 20% off your first order

  • How to redeem a discount code

    It’s really simple! All you have to do is:

    1. Pick between two and five recipes that you want sending straight to your doorstep
    2. Next just fill in your contact details so Box’d Fresh can get in touch about your order
    3. When you arrive at the payment screen, you can insert one of the many codes that MyVoucherCodes has into the discount box which is placed underneath the order’s total price.

    4. And that’s it! Why not put your feet up and relax whilst Box’d Fresh get to work on preparing your meals for the week ahead!

    Celebrate with a Biriyani

    Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or you’re just celebrating a Friday, nothing gets everyone together better than a biriyani. The rice dish is brought to life with the blend of potato, onion, and a variety of spice and herbs.

    Biriyani is a perfect dish simply because it’s nearly impossible to let it go wrong! With its origins stemming back to the military of Indo-Persian servicemen, the dish is based on letting the flavours of all different bits and pieces mix together. That means whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, or full on vegan, a biriyani offers something for everyone! And if the chef of the day is feeling generous, they might even make up a couple of batches to cater for all tastes!

    If you’re looking for a fresh twist on an old favourite, why not try out a biriyani with a mixture of seafood? Try garnishing the fish and prawns with some fresh lemon and just a touch of ginger, working to keep the mild spice of the biriyani alive and introducing the zingy aftertaste of paella in a fusion dish that brings two similar dishes together at last.


    Where does the food come from?

    All of the ingredients Box’d Fresh serve are sourced from British farmers, from vegetable, meat, and fish, so you know that you’re getting the best and freshest ingredients when you use Box’d Fresh

    How can I make a dish less spicy?

    This can be a difficult one, in many cases, people tend to suffocate the taste of chilli with something overpowering, which does little to stave off spice. If you love the taste of chilli but you can’t quite handle the heat, you can subdue the spicy aftertaste with a dash of coconut milk or natural yoghurt. These help to settle the fiery overtones of chilli without taking away the taste!

    How can I get fresh food for less?

    This seems to be a growing problem, with erratic farming seasons, and supermarkets reacting to a return to nutrition by hiking up prices for fresh food, it can be difficult to put a nutritional dinner together without paying over the odds somewhere. But there are a few things you can do to get more of the right food for your money.

    Let’s start simple, using a butcher or fruit and veg stalls may seem like an expensive choice, but in reality, both cater to how much you actually need. This means you can go and get just the right amount of meat from your butcher and pay a fraction of the price that you would for buying too much from a supermarket. So go and visit your local market, get the amount you need, and watch as the change flows back into your hand!

    Next, why not take a swing a growing your own food? No matter how small the space is, there’s always enough room for you to grow something. If you’ve only got a studio flat, why not grow some herbs on a windowsill? Nothing adds that bit extra to a curry like fresh basil! And if you’ve got a garden, why not use a few plant pots for tomatoes and lettuce? You can also check with your local council to see how much an allotment will cost to maintain each year, the food you can grow will quickly justify the price – and you’ll know exactly what’s going into the food that you grow!

    And of course, you should check back with for all the latest vouchers and discounts that Box'd Fresh have on - but you already knew that!

    Box'd Fresh: From Farm to Table

    Box’d Fresh are bring the affordability back to home cooking - and they’re even making the whole cooking experience quick and easy for you! Take a look at how they chose their ingredients and prepare them so you get no food wastage in your kitchen.


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        • 26/04/2018
        • Low Prices on Chinese Pork Fillet with Fried Rice
        • *******
        • 26/04/2018
        • Great Prices on Hoisin Duck Wraps
        • *******
        • 26/04/2018
        • Great Prices on Thai Fish Cakes with Cucumber Salad
        • *******
        • 19/04/2018
        • Recipe Box from £5.95
        • *******
        • 19/04/2018
        • Save £10 on Your First Order When You Sign Up
        • *******
        • 13/04/2018
        • 4 Person Plan for £6
        • *******
        • 13/04/2018
        • Couple's Box Meal for £7
        • *******
        • 30/03/2018
        • Great Prices on Monkfish Kebabs with Middle- Eastern Quinoa
        • *******
        • 30/03/2018
        • Low Prices on Beef Chilli Con Carne with Wild Rice Recipe
        • *******