Currys Clearance Information for 2022

Last Updated on 4th of July, 2022 by Harry Bowden-Ford

About the Currys clearance sale

Need new tech, but not fussed about cutting edge? Keep an eye on the Currys 'Clearance' sale. Throughout the year, you'll find electronics from huge name brands like Dell, Sony, Panasonic & Microsoft at discounted prices. Generally, these won’t be the latest and best models, but it’s one of the ways to grab some functional (and sometimes even impressive) tech at less than the usual asking price.

Why are items in the clearance?

The tech industry moves quickly, and with new models of all kinds of devices released regularly, there’s often a limited window in which one product is at the top of its range. Items that find their way into the clearance sale tend to be last season’s top picks, models that are due to be discontinued, or just the last of a batch of stock that stores are keen to shift.

With all this in mind, Currys like to give customers a little extra incentive to pick up perfectly good devices that might otherwise be overlooked, such as last year’s laptops, games consoles or smartphones, by placing them in the Clearance sale.

What’s included in the clearance sale?

Just like their full range, the Currys Clearance sale covers Appliances, TV & Audio, Computing, Gaming, Cameras, Phones, Smart Tech and Home & Outdoor. You can pick up anything from microwaves, laptops, smart assistants, headphones, lawn mowers and more, so long as you look at the right time. Be sure to snap up any deals you like sooner rather than later, because clearance items aren’t restocked once they’re gone.

How much of a discount can I get in the Currys clearance?

A Currys clearance event in June 2022 offered up to 50% off on a huge range of products spanning every category. Top picks included Dyson Vacuum cleaners, ASUS Laptops, BOSE Bluetooth Headphones and SWANN Smart security systems. However, not every item in the clearance is reduced, so watch for the red “Save X amount” text next to the price to make sure you’re making a saving.

To see what’s on offer and how much it’s discounted by, head to the ‘Clearance’ section of the Currys website. You can sort & filter by price, brand and item type to narrow down your selection and find something specific, or just browse through the full selection.

When’s the best time to shop the Currys clearance sale?

The Currys clearance runs all year round, but if you’re hoping to catch the newest devices possible, be sure to check in every time a new model of laptop, TV, phone or games console is announced or launches. This is when less recent models are likely to be relegated to Clearance so Currys can shift the stock ahead of the new device’s release.

If you can't find any appealing deals in the Clearance section right now, the best advice is to check in again in a couple of days, as new items are added regularly. You can also check out our Currys discount codes page for regular discounts on tech across the Currys range.

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