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    About Gtech

    Gtech specialises in the design and retail of innovative garden and home care technology products. You'll find a nice selection of high tech vacuum cleaners, mowers, power sweepers and more, as well as all the accessories you need to make your life easier. They've even created a battery powered bike, so not every journey will be an uphill struggle. Don't forget, you can use one of our Gtech discount codes to bring the price down, giving you excellent value for money.

    Gtech Shopping Guide
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    More information about Gtech

    Gtech stands for Grey Technology and they design and manufacture a range of cordless products, ranging from cordless vacuum cleaning including Gtech Multi and the Gtech Air Ram to garden tools such as hedge and grass trimmers.

    From just a quick glance on the Gtech website, you can clearly see the passion and attention to detail the company puts into their products. Founded in 2001, Gtech was established with a clear vision that was to become a premium retailer of vacuums, floor care products and garden tools. The company started off as a lowly, home based small business in Worcester. Nowadays, Gtech has expanded into a global business operating in 19 different companies.

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    Our Guide to Buying a Gift at Gtech

    If the thought of buying a vacuum cleaner as a gift fills you with the fear of perhaps being firmly told this isn’t a suitable gift, or worse, then fear not! Gtech, although they’re excellent at them, don’t just sell vacuum cleaners.

    They also sell handheld power sweepers! What’s that? No? We’re kidding (well, we’re not, as they do sell power sweepers) but we mean they also sell cool garden gadgets and eBikes too, which can make perfect gifts.

    Gtech Garden Tools

    Gtech stock lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and grass trimmers all with the superior cordless power, design and performance that you’d expect from a Gtech vacuum cleaner. They all make ideal gifts for the gardener in your life and will make them the envy of the street.The Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawn Mower turns the chore of lawnmowing into a positively pleasurable experience. No more annoying garden-suitable extension cables trailing through the kitchen window knocking everything over, or dangerous jerry cans of petrol stored in the shed. This cordless machine can mow an average sized garden twice on a single charge. It has a huge 40L grass bin that lets you know when it’s full, carbon steel blades that cut right up the edges of your garden and is super simple and effortless to use – just press and go.

    The HT20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer is balanced and lightweight (2.25kg) to minimise the strain on your arms and back. One charge gives 45 minutes of cutting time, it can adjust through 135 degrees allowing simple and neat cutting of the tops of tall hedges and can be turned into a branch cutter with a simple change of cutting head. Trim tall bushes without a ladder and trim low down hedges without bending down. The HT05-Plus Extendable Hedge Trimmer allows easy trimming of even higher hedges, up to 10ft tall.
    The ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer weighs only 1.75kg which makes grass trimming and edging a breeze. One charge lasts 30 minutes and it’s one handed power trigger is super simple to use. It has a safety switch too, which takes any accidental-starting fears away. What’s more, you get free, easy to change, replacement blades for life!

    Gtech eBike

    This bike is a true innovation. It’s an electric bike that makes easy work of long distances and hills. Ideal for someone who loves to cycle but is perhaps less able than they want to be.It rides like any regular bicycle but when you begin pedalling, the lithium-ion battery-powered motor kicks in to give you a boost. Pure pedal power! With no gears to complicate your ride, or messy chains, simply pedal to go faster and use the brakes to slow down. The Gtech eBike has a high-performance carbon belt in place of a traditional chain, similar to those used on motorbikes.
    If you fancy it, you can easily turn the motor off, and switch it back on if you get tired or reach a daunting hill. One charge will give you an enormous 30 miles of pedalling. Choose from the Sports model or the slightly smaller, more upright, City model.

    Head over to Gtech with one of our voucher codes today, and find the perfect gift!

    Our Guide to buying a Gtech Vacuum Cleaner

    Choosing a Gtech vacuum cleaner (or hoover, or carpet sweeper or whatever you call that cumbersome thing under the stairs/in the bathroom/generally in the way) is easy. There’s no endless list of cleaners to choose from, there’s just upright or handheld, two models of each, and they’re all far from cumbersome.

    Whether upright; the AirRam MK2 range, or handheld; the Multi-range, you can expect lightweight and compact and a cleaner that gets the job done. The biggest bonus is that they’re all cordless so you won’t be dictated to by the length of the cable, you can literally vacuum anywhere you like. Because who wants vacuuming to be any more of a chore?

    So now you’ve decided on a Gtech, how do you decide between upright or handheld? Well, let us help you!

    Gtech AirRam MK2

    This is the second generation Gtech upright cleaner. It’s ultra-lightweight (only 3.5kg) and has superior cleaning ability on both carpets and hard floors. Switch it on and go, there’s no settings to choose from, it just adapts to the floor type (we think, by magic). It’ll run for four hours on one charge and the LED battery indicator clearly displays how much charge is left.

    It’s patented AirLOC system means it picks up bigger bits of dirt than just dust and it’s ideal for cleaning stairs and awkward corners (it prides itself on getting right up to the edges). All dirt gets compressed into a dirt capsule which is easily, and satisfyingly, ejected straight into the bin with one press of a button.

    So, for easy, switch-on-and-go, no-stooping vacuuming, with easy storage, go for the Gtech AirRam MK2.

    Gtech AirRam MK2 K9

    We mentioned each of the two types, upright and handheld, has two models. The AirRam MK2 K9 has the same functionality as the MK2, with added resistance to per hair. Pet hair can clog the mechanisms of vacuum cleaners, and this model has stronger aluminium components designed to withstand the extra strain, and refillable air freshener tabs to sweeten each room as you go.

    Gtech Multi

    This lightweight handheld vacuum doesn’t scrimp on power. It includes all the power and attachments that an upright cleaner has, all packed neatly into an easy to store handheld. You can clean floor to ceiling with it too, thanks to its genius extension tube and concealed flexible hose, and it’ll reach into all those awkward corners. One charge will allow a 20 minute vacuuming session, and it’s neat enough to take outside to vacuum the car. No more lugging a vacuum up the stairs either, this handheld makes light work of those, and the curtains, and there’s no need to stoop to clean the skirting boards due to the extension tube.

    Gtech Multi K9

    All the power of the Multi, with the same added aluminium components and air freshening tabs as the AirRam MK2 K9.
    Head over to Gtech for more information and don’t forget to take one of our voucher codes with you!

    Gtech - Home of Innovative Technology

    The phrase 'bagless and cordless vacuum cleaner' doesn't tend to get many people excited, quite understandably so, perhaps. This certainly wasn't the case for the boffins at Gtech, though, as they passionately sought to create the world first. One may wonder why. Well, before Gtech released their AirRam model back in April 2012, users often struggled with cords, accidentally unplugging themselves and having to scrabble in the back of dark cupboards to find vacuum bags. Their cordless vacuum cleaners allow you to use it all over the house, without worrying if your cord will stretch into the next room. Of course, there was always the Dyson, but even that brand hasn't created a bag-less option at that point. Gtech's revolutionary AirRam freed users from these issues, making vacuuming fuss free. Now you can truly dance when doing the vacuuming, making household chores fun.

    Some Gtech's other biggest selling such as the Falcon, the company's battery-powered lawnmower, also utilise cordless technology. Cordless appliances prevent issues such as cutting through or tripping over wires and unplugging and plugging in appliances, making their products safer to use than others on the market. Gtech's designs are also lightweight and comfortable, making them more convenient and practical when completing everyday tasks. Shop this range of safer and more convenient home and garden appliances, and make those aggravating tasks around the house easier and quicker. With our range of money saving voucher codes and discounts, you can save money on anything from vacuum cleaners to hedge trimmers. So, browse through this selection of innovative home and garden appliances and see how much you can save with deals on these great products!

    Sample Vouchers

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    • Free Delivery On All Orders
    • Free Spare Battery
    • Gtech Multi Cordless Only £149 Plus Free Delivery
    • Save £30 on Gtech AirRam

    How to redeem a voucher code

    Redeeming your voucher codes is simple, all you have to do is follow these steps:

    1. Search for the items you want on the website and place them in the shopping cart.
    2. Go through to the checkout.
    3. Now, highlight the code and then copy it. Paste it in the box ‘Promo or Discount Code’.
    4. Have your delivered with your savings right there!

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    Today in our moment to moment society we live in, most people enjoy browsing and shopping while they are balancing other activities. With the mobile app you can easily juggle your shopping when you are on the go! It is so easy to search and purchase directly from your phone. With your, you can be connected through a variety of devices, which means you can dial up savings not only through your phone, but also you tablet or laptop! Shopping online today is so each, as well as other features that are cool, you will find the possibilities for savings are limitless.


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  • Where is the code for my voucher located?
    Selecting vouchers will bring a separate pop up box that you will see on your screen. The code can be located here and you can copy and paste it. Whenever you select the option of ‘deal’ or ‘sale’, it will redirect you to the appropriate page.

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  • The majority of shops and stores offer customers the opportunity to enter the promo codes at checkout. Sometimes, before you get ready to confirm the order, the discount or promo box will be right there at the end.
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  • At we work very hard to make sure all of the vouchers are current each time they are accessed, however in some instances you may run across an expired one. If this occurs, just do a search on the website at and it will reveal to you the latest codes.[/bulet]

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    Archived Gtech Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    23/03/2018Cordless Grass Trimmer for £99.99*******
    22/03/201840% off Cordless Lawnmower*******
    21/03/2018eScent Mountain eBike for £1899.99*******
    18/03/2018Power Sweepers from £70*******
    17/03/2018Garden Tools from £100*******
    16/03/2018Garden Accessories from £3*******
    15/03/2018Leaf Blower for £285.99*******
    13/03/2018eBike Accessories from £10*******
    11/03/2018Falcon Cordless Lawnmower for £399.99*******