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Virgin Media Promo Codes 2017

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Active Virgin Media Discount Codes, Offers, Vouchers & Sales for November 2017

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    About Virgin Media

    Virgin Media are a digital company offering a range of phone, mobile, television and internet services. Now with TiVo, superfast fibre optic broadband and more innovations than ever before: an increasing number of people are choosing Virgin for all their entertainment needs. With our range of voucher codes, you can now stay connected for less. With these Virgin Media promo codes and sales for low-price mobile tariffs, personalised television packages and even up to half off broadband, there are loads of deals to take advantage of. If you want top-of-the-range services without topmost prices, MyVoucherCodes can help keep your bills down – browse our vouchers for use on virginmedia.com.
    Virgin Media Shopping Guide
    Written by Category SpecialistRyan Muldoon
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    More information about Virgin Media

    Virgin Media is one of the leading mobile, TV, broadband and home phone providers in the UK. It was established in 2006 as the companies of NTL and Telewest merged and rebranded under Richard Branson’s media corporation. Today, Virgin Media is now part of Liberty Global plc: the world’s largest international cable company and one which serves 25 million customers in 14 countries around the world. Virgin Media is the only cable company of its kind in the UK, delivering its fibre optic broadband to over half of all homes in the country.

    Whether you’re looking for fast broadband or TiVO, Virgin Media aims to provide loyal customers with great value deals across the board. It’s always worth checking how you can save before signing up, there’s bound to be a promo code or some Virgin Media offers or deals to help bring down your monthly bill.

    Virgin Media Gift Guide

    Best Gift Ideas for Freelancers: Superfast Broadband and Phone

    Freelancers working from home rely on a super-fast internet connection and cost-effective phone calls to keep their business running smoothly. And the Virgin Media superfast broadband and telephone package provides the ideal solution to get the job done in double-quick time. Virgin Media use next generation fibre-optic cables which produce ultra-fast download speeds of up to 50 Mbps – on average four times faster than standard broadband connections! You can also connect up to four wi-fi enabled devices and download unlimited media files – superfast.

    Best Gift Idea for Budget TV: Fibre and Player TV Bundle

    TV fans can get access to over 70 free-to-air channels with Virgin Medias Player TV bundle. And if that’s not enough, you can always access the wealth of multimedia channels available on the internet with Virgin’s superfast broadband. So, when you want a quiet evening in front of the TV, you will not be short of something to watch. On the contrary, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And for just £29 a month for the first year, you be getting twice as much for half the price.

    Good news sports fans: BT and Sky Sports Package

    Now that Sky and BT are sharing Premier League football matches and various other top sporting events, it can be a toss-up as to which brand you choose. But with Virgin Media’s ultimate sports package, you get both Sky and BT sports – so the only people flipping a coin will be the referees. Now you can sit and watch the action from the comfort of your living room regardless of which channel has TV rights to the best events. And with playback, record and rewind, sports fans need never miss a moment and you can watch the highlights over and over again.

    Best Gift Idea for families: Full House TV Bundle

    Virgin Media Full House TV bundle has something for everyone; sports, films, Nat Geo documentaries and Disney cartoons – together with over 245 TV channels. And as if that is not enough, you also get 200Mbps of broadband internet – the fastest wi-fi in the UK. You can sync the broadband with at least 10 devices and stream in HD and 4K ultra as much as you like. A with a whopping 1TB of storage, you can keep your favourite programs and films and watch them anytime you like.

    Best Gift Idea for TV Lovers: VIP TV Bundle

    Virgin Media’s VIP TV bundle gives you access to more channels, films and sports than any other media bundle on the planet. With 245+ channels to choose from – including both Sky Sports and BT Sports – you’ll never be stuck for something to watch. And with a 200 Mbps fibre broadband thrown into the mix, you can even surf the web four times faster than with your standard broadband connection.

    Take advantage of our amazing deals with Virgin Media today and you can enjoy more TV, films and sports for less.

    Fibre Optic Cables: The Dawn of Superfast Internet

    Do you remember back in the 1990s and early 2000s when the internet was a dial-up modem? Slow, irritating and noisy. That whiney connection could be heard all over the house and attracted attention from nosey parents wanting to know which websites you were surfing.

    Internet speeds have come a long way since then. And thanks to fibre-optic cables, we are in the midst of the halcyon days we have dreamed of for years. Super-fast internet. Instant page downloads.

    It has taken internet companies well over a decade to pick up the painfully slow speeds of the 56kbps dial-up to the lightning quick connections available today.

    Virgin Media has the fastest broadband – a whopping 200 Mbps. Can you imagine? And it’s silent. You can browse the internet in peace on over 10 devices and nobody would ever have to know. Except your internet service provider of course.

    Stepping up to broadband

    Dial-up internet made it difficult to download anything. It could take an entire day to download a film. If you were lucky. Some downloads could last for days – even weeks.

    The introduction of broadband was like breath of fresh air. At least it was supposed to be. But the promises made by internet companies still left the air smelling like the countryside.

    Still, broadband was a step up from dial-up and separated the internet from the telephone. And got rid of the whiney noise that made web browsing sound like you were sending a fax.

    Faster connections gradually improved. But have you ever met anybody that had stable broadband connection and was happy with their internet service provider (ISP)? No, we haven’t either.

    The stumbling block for broadband connections was they still had to use phone cables. And the UK telephone infrastructure was not designed to support heavy loads of data it takes to communicate with the internet.

    The technology gradually improved and ISP’s became very competitive. All manner of broadband bundles were put together in an effort to lure customers. Connections also became more stable and internet users were suffering less down-time.

    The emergence of fibre-optic cables

    But the game-changer for broadband came with the installation of fibre-optic cables. These magical tiny tubes carry data at the speed of light. Not only do they make broadband connections super-fast, they also provide enough bandwidth to support multiple devices.

    Fibre-optics is not new to technology. Alexander Graham Bell patented an optical telephone system in 1880. John Logie Baird, the inventor of the TV, also submitted a patent to use array rods in the 1920’s.

    However, the ideas of these groundbreaking inventors were not realized until 1930, when the German scientist, Heinrich Lamm became the first person to transmit data through optical fibres. It was an image of a light bulb filament.

    BT and Virgin Media began building an infrastructure of fibre-optic cables around 2008. In 2017, 95% of the UK is expected to have access to fibre-optic cables – thus super-speedy broadband connections.

    Virgin Media has put together various TV, film and sport bundles in fabulous packages that include Fibre – the fastest internet connection in the UK. And with our fabulous voucher codes, you can get super-fast internet for unbelievable prices.

    Example vouchers from Virgin Media

    If there’s an opportunity for you to save money on your utility bills, you’ll find it with MyVoucherCodes. Here’s a small selection of vouchers we've promoted in the past:

    • 6 Months Free Netflix with the VIP and Premiere Collection
    • £5 Off Broadband Only Deals for 3 Months
    • Free Installation on Selected Packages
    • 6 Months Half Price and Free Installation on 60Mb Virgin MediaSuperfast Fibre Optic Broadband and Phone
    • Free Mobile Insurance Worth £7.99 a Month with Pay Monthly Phones

    We’re always hunting down the biggest deals for Virgin Media. If you haven’t found one that’s right for you, try checking out our voucher codes for TalkTalk, Tesco Broadband and Sky too.

    Netflix and Chill

    Not like that, we’re talking about an innocent night in with your duvet and your favourite new show as company. Virgin has tons of TV packages making it super easy for you to get obsessed with newest hit shows. With savings on Virgin TV you also get access BBC, ITV as well as a huge store of on demand box sets. Virgin offer ‘Big Bundles’ allowing you to mix and match the TV channels you want, along with your choice of phone minutes and internet, our voucher codes will help you save more on your ideal bundle.

    One great show well worth your time is Orange is The New Black. A Netflix original series that helped show that the online streaming service could create quality TV programming that its audience would buy into. The fourth series began on the 17th July 2016, and has been renewed for a fifth, sixth and even seventh series. Success. We couldn’t be happier as its one our all-time favourites. Set in a women’s prison, the show is based on the memoir, ‘Orange is the new black: My year in a women’s prison’. What really sets the series apart is its down-to-earth portrayal of a women’s prison, the real life authenticity shines through. The show is pioneering for its delicate portrayal of important issues, the LGBT community, race, gender and body types. Even better is the dark humour that runs through the show, which stops the drama getting too intense, this is where many other women’s prison tend shows fall down. The forerunners don’t try too hard to remind the audience that these women are dangerous and that they can ‘hang with the boys’. Instead, we are treated to nuanced characters and watch the fascinating attempt of polar opposite characters trying to coexist.

    Don’t just take my word for it though, Orange is The New Black has won an armload of awards, including the 16 Emmy noms and 4 wins. And its thanks to Virgin’s TV deals that you can binge watch all four series! Don’t blame us if you become addicted, well really you should thank us after all.

    How to redeem your Virgin Media voucher code

    To redeem your Virgin Media savings, do the following

    1. Browse the Virgin Media online shop and find the package that best suits you.
    2. Once you are ready, continue to checkout your order
    3. If you have an applicable code, copy & paste it into the ‘enter promo code’ box
    4. Enjoy Virgin Media at a great price!

    Virgin Media on your mobile

    There are loads of great ways to access the best of Virgin Media on your smartphone, laptop or PC. Here’s a quick list of the very best apps, services and exclusive features to discover and download:

  • Virgin Media Mail.
  • An app which gives you quick and easy access to your Virgin mailbox (plus up to ten different email addresses) without opening your browser or having to sign in. Comes complete with the Google interface.
  • Virgin TV Anywhere.
  • Watch up to 25 live channels, manage your TV viewings and share your favourite shows via your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. For those times when you just can’t find it anywhere, you can even turn your phone into your very own TV remote.
  • Spotify.
  • Listen to millions of music tracks from wherever you are! Search for songs, albums or create playlists, discover artist biographies, share with your friends and find out what they’re listening to via Facebook.
  • Internet Security.
  • F-Secure is a cloud based technology which keeps you protected from online viruses and malicious spyware. Wherever you go, ensure your smartphone, PC, MAC or tablet stays free from threat.
  • Digital Home Support.
  • Technical support for your technology with free regular PC Healthcheck, 24/7 expert advice and handy tips and hints.
  • Virgin Media Toolbar.
  • A free toolbar for your browser which allows you to access the very best of virginmedia.com – find entertainment content, help & support and news all in one place.
  • Back Up & Storage.
  • Keep precious music, photos and documents safe with this free back-up service. Access your content from anywhere!Remember, you can also browse the best Virgin Media voucher codes straight from the MyVoucherCodes app too. With top deals and big sales, it’s never been easier to save money wherever you are.

    TiVo from Virgin Media

    TiVo is an entirely new way to watch TV. It lets you find, watch and record hundreds of television programmes from anywhere in the world. With the power to hold up to 500 hours of normal television or 100 hours of HD, it gives the viewer an unbeatable amount of choice and control. If you’re not sure if the TiVo collection is right for you, you can take a virtual tour online at VirginMedia.com.

    Customer Perks

    Did you know that you could receive a range of fantastic perks just for being a Virgin Media customer? From free Wi-Fi on the London Underground to exclusive access to the V Fest pre-sale – you could join the 98,000 people who have already bagged early bird tickets to one of the year’s biggest festivals! If you refer a friend to Virgin Media you will get £50 off your bill (plus, free installation thrown in for them too). There are countless reasons to switch to Virgin Media, but even more for staying.

    Time to switch

    FAQ’s for Virgin Media Voucher Codes

  • Where is my voucher code?
  • Not all Virgin Media deals require a code – perhaps you have clicked through a sale or deal, in this case, you will automatically be redirected to the relevant page.
  • Why doesn’t my voucher code work?
  • We do our best to get rid of old codes; however, you might have come across one which has expired. If so, please check again to find a relevant and valid voucher.
  • Where do I enter my code?
  • During the payment process you will find a prompt to ‘enter a promo code’ – simply copy & paste your voucher into the box to claim money off!


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    3. Swansea
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    Archived Virgin Media Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    31/08/2017Superfast Fibre Broadband & Phone From £27 A Month For 12 Months*******
    31/08/2017Full House Movies TV Bundle with Superfast Fibre Broadband, Phone and 245+ Channels from £65 a Month for 12 Months*******
    31/08/2017Full House TV, Sports and Movies VIP Bundle with Superfast Fibre Broadband, Phone and Over 230 Channels from £90 a Month for 12 Months*******
    31/08/2017Full House TV Bundle with Superfast Fibre Broadband, Phone and 245+ Channels from £55 a Month for 12 Months*******
    31/08/2017Full House Sports TV Bundle with Superfast Fibre Broadband, Phone and 245+ Channels from £75 a Month for 12 Months*******
    31/08/2017Mix TV Bundle with Superfast Fibre Broadband, Phone and 150+ Channels from £45 a Month for 12 Months*******
    31/08/2017Player TV Bundle with Superfast Fibre Broadband, Phone and 70+ Channels for £33 a Month for 12 Months*******
    09/08/2017Flash Sale Free Telly Tablet With Selected Packages*******
    02/08/2017Superfast Fibre Broadband From £26 a Month for 12 Months*******
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