Virgin Media Promo Codes 2018

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Active Virgin Media Discount Codes, Offers, Vouchers & Sales for January 2018

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    About Virgin Media

    Virgin Media is one of the UK’s top network providers, offering a range of phone, mobile, television and internet services. Virgin Media offers TiVo, superfast fibre optic broadband and more innovations than ever before. With our Virgin Media promo codes, you can now stay connected, for less. Get top-of-the-range services without the price tag with MyVoucherCodes, helping keep your bills down.

    Virgin Media Shopping Guide
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    How to Save at Virgin Media Today

    What Can I Use a Virgin Media Voucher for?

    Our Virgin Media promo codes and sales can get you low-price mobile tariffs, deals on personalised television packages and even up to half off broadband, there are loads of offers to help you save:

    • Get More for Less
    • Virgin’s superfast broadband speeds ensure that you’re always getting the most out of your package. Whether you choose the VIVID 50 or the beast that is the VIVID 300 router, you’ll always be receiving the best value for your superfast WiFi speeds. Stream at 4K and HD quality without any buffering whatsoever.

    • Get Connected
    • Virgin’s broadband can support from 5 to 9 devices at a time with no drop in speed whatsoever. So, whether you’re streaming, gaming or just browsing, you can do so confidently without the worry of other family members eating up the bandwidth.

    • Access from Everywhere
    • You don’t have to just settle for WiFi at home, by having a virgin media account you can also access hotspots around the country, as well as on the London underground! Now you can stay connected, even underground.

    • Everything you Love in One Place
    • Virgin Media’s television service offers not only the large list of free channels, but also access to a variety of additions. Search for your favourite show in seconds, stream Netflix with their Smart TV service along with other apps like BBC I-player and more. And if you aren’t able to make it back home to watch your show, just switch on the TIVO box and set it to record!

    How to Save Money WithVirgin Media

    Virgin Media have many ways to help you save money through their services, and here’s how:

    1. Fully Serviced
    2. If any of your Virgin Media devices get a bit wonky or break, Virgin Media will service or fix your device completely free.

    3. Value for Power
    4. Virgin offer some of their high speed broadband offers paired alongside their landline service cheaper than just getting the broadband on it’s own. Enjoy high speeds of 100 MBGS and more along with additional benefits.

    5. Students Get Connected
    6. Virgin has special student discounts and contracts for students, meaning you can get connected quickly for less without breaking the bank each month. All the while enjoying the high speeds full paying customers enjoy.

    How to Redeem your Virgin Media Voucher

    To redeem your Virgin Media savings, do the following

    1. Browse the Virgin Media online shop and find the package that best suits you.
    2. Once you are ready, continue to checkout your order.
    3. If you have an applicable code, copy & paste it into the ‘enter promo code’ box.
    4. Enjoy Virgin Media at a great price!

    Virgin Media Promo Code Redemption Image

    Virgin Media broadband and network services are among the best in the UK, and saving on that service will only make it better. Here are some examples of the promotions we’ve promoted in the past.

    • Free Installation on Selected Packages.
    • 6 Months Half Price and Free Installation on 60Mb Virgin Media Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband and Phone.
    • Free Mobile Insurance Worth £7.99 a Month with Pay Monthly Phones.

    Virgin Media on your Mobile

    There are loads of great ways to access the best of Virgin Media on your smartphone, laptop or PC. Here’s a quick list of the very best apps, services and exclusive features to discover and download:

    • Virgin Media Mail
    • An app that gives you quick and easy access to your Virgin mailbox (plus up to ten different email addresses) without opening your browser or having to sign in. Comes complete with the Google interface.

    • Virgin TV Anywhere
    • Watch up to 25 live channels, manage your TV viewings and share your favourite shows via your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. For those times when you just can’t find it anywhere, you can even turn your phone into your very own TV remote.

    • Back Up & Storage
    • Keep precious music, photos and documents safe with their free back-up service. Access your content from anywhere!

    • Virgin Wi-Fi on the Go
    • No need to wait to head above ground to get your wifi access, Virgin wifi is available all over the London underground, so you can stay connected.
    Remember, you can also browse the best Virgin Media voucher codes straight from the MyVoucherCodes app too. With top deals and big sales, it’s never been easier to save money wherever you are.


    Where Is My Voucher Code?

    Not all of our deals require a code. By clicking one of promotions for a sale or deal you’ll be redirected to the page dedicated to that sale, or the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

    My Voucher Didn’t Work

    We do our best to get rid of old codes; however, you might have come across one which has expired. If so, please check again to find a relevant and valid voucher.

    Where Do I Enter My Code?

    During checkout, you will see a prompt to ‘enter promo code’. Simply copy and paste your code into the field and enjoy your deal! Some codes however are automatically applied once you click the link, though it’s best to copy and paste regardless.

    When Does My Voucher Expire?

    The expiry date for your offer can be found in the description of the offer. Some offers don’t have clear expiry dates, so be sure to check the offer specifics.

    Where are the Terms and Conditions for My Offer?

    The terms and conditions for your offer can be easily found underneath the “get this offer” button on the offer.

    How Fast Is Virgin Media’s Fibre Broadband Service?

    Virgin provides different speeds depending on what router you buy. Ranging from their low end VIVID 50 sporting download speeds up to 50 Mbps to their high end VIVID 300 boasting a whopping download speed of up to 300 Mbps! For more information on their download and upload speeds, check out their chart [html]here[/html].

    Can I Buy These Services Separately or Do They Have to Be Bundled?

    You can buy each service individually. Whether you just wanted broadband or a phone line with it, the choice is completely up to you. Individual packages can have additional benefits attached such as increased device support and unlimited downloads for less than a bundle.

    How Do I Know If Virgin Media Services are In My Area?

    You can easily see if virgin services are in your area by checking their area checker [html]here. Once on the page just input your postcode and you’ll be given an indication of what services are currently available to your areas. These services being their broadband, phone, TV and mobile services. If they aren’t available in your area, you can register your interest for Virgin to install their service in your area.

    What Happens When My Data Runs Out?

    Virgin will inform you when your data allowance for that month runs out, you’ll be sent a text from Virgin informing you that your data has ran out and if you like to continue receiving data. The fee for additional data will be clearly marked in the text. The same applies to data roaming in EU countries.


    Contact Details

    1. Address
    2. Virgin Media
    3. PO Box 333, Matrix Court
    4. Swansea
    5. SA7 9BB
    1. Telephone
    2. 0845 6000 789
    1. Email
    1. Customer Service
    2. Contact Virgin Media

    How to Save Money on your Next Broadband Package

    There are many different ways that you can save on your next broadband package. Whether Virgin is your first network or you’re switching from another network, there’s tons of options available to you to save.

    1. Bundles Galore
    2. Bundles are much cheaper than buying each service individually. In addition to getting extra services at a lower cost such as TV and phone lines, you can also get access to some exclusive benefits. These benefits being free gifts such as TVs, tablets, and more.
    3. Switching Services?
    4. You can get a discount when you switch over from your old provider, just let Virgin know you’re switching and you’ll enjoy savings on your package for the first few months.

    Archived Virgin Media Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    18/01/2018£33 off Full House TV Bundle with VIVID Fibre Broadband Per Month for 12 Months*******
    18/01/2018Free Talk More Anytime with Selected Bundles*******
    18/01/2018Get 12 Months Talk More Anytime Worth £96 for Free with Selected Bundles*******
    18/01/201830% off Player Bundle with VIVID Fibre Broadband Per Month for 12 Months*******
    18/01/2018£15 off Full House TV Bundle with VIVID Fibre Broadband Per Month for 12 Months*******
    18/01/201830% off VIP Bundle Per Month with Sky Sports HD and Sky Cinema HD*******
    18/01/2018£33 off BT Sport and Sky Sports Full House Sports Bundle Per Month*******
    16/01/2018£15 off Full House Movies Bundle Per Month for 12 Months*******
    03/01/2018£100 Retail Voucher or Jongo Speaker on all Triples*******