Hyperoptic Promo Codes 2018

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Active Hyperoptic Discount Codes, Vouchers & Deals for April 2018

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    About Hyperoptic

    If you need ultrafast internet speed and a reliable connection, Hyperoptic is the choice for you. Watching films? Downloading large files? Hyperoptic uses the latest internet cabling technology, offering amazing speeds and unlimited data allowance. Combine this power with one of our Hyperoptic promo codes and in a moment you could be streaming quickly, for less.

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    How to Save at Hyperoptic Today

    What Can I Use a Hyperoptic Voucher for?

    Hyperoptic ensures you can enjoy ultrafast broadband without having to worry about the strength of the connection. Hyperoptic is one of the UK’s most cost-effective internet providers, so use your voucher code to get the best broadband at a discounted price.

    • Get Better Internet Speeds at a Discount Price
    • Hyperoptic Fibre To The Building (FTTB) is unlike any other broadband experience. It’s the UK’s fastest residential broadband, so with our vouchers you’re getting even more, for less

    • Better Savings on Bundles
    • Hyperoptic offer deals on both broadband and phone lines. Take a look through the voucher codes and see how you can get a great deal on fibre broadband and phone package

    • Future-proofing
    • Hyperoptic provides the latest in fibre technology, so you can be sure you’ll have the most competitive, up-to-date service. Hyperoptic offers three home and business broadband packages featuring different download speeds and allowances, they are:
      1. 20Mb: 20 Mb downloads and 1 MB uploads. Great for PC and WiFi devices
      2. 100Mb: 100 Mb downloads and 100 Mb uploads. Perfect for streaming and HD gaming
      3. 1 Gb: 1Gb downloads and 1 Gb uploads. Ideal for high quality videos and large files

    What does Fibre Cabling means for you?

    Most of the world's internet service is provided using fibre and copper wires. Copper wire internet is provided over the telephone wire but fibre optic cabling runs under the ground. That means it’s better and faster, giving you much more speed, whether you’re downloading films, music or documents.

    Here are some cool facts about Hyperoptic’s FTTB broadband. With Hyperoptic you can:

    • Download 4K content in minutes, not hours
    • Upload 500 photos in 21 seconds
    • Download an HD movie in 43 seconds
    • You can get download speeds of 135 times faster than the UK average

    How Fast is Fast? Check Out Hyperoptic’s Speed Comparison Tool

    When you get Hyperoptic you’ll receive a Hyperoptic HyperHub router. It’s like a regular router you’d have but it gives you the capability to have amazingly fast broadband, what Hyperoptic calls Ultrafast, to any room in the house.

    Hyperoptic has a purpose built network, which runs ultrafast full fibre broadband direct to your building, not the street cabinet like most providers. It means: you enjoy the UK’s fastest speeds, you get completely reliable connections at all times (so no slowdowns and no buffering) and you have unlimited data for downloads and uploads.

    How to Redeem your Hyperoptic Voucher

    Save money on your broadband by using the featured promo codes. Here’s what you need to do to take advantage of these great deals.

    1. Click the offer you’d like to get
    2. You’ll get taken directly to the Hyperoptic site. Choose the package for you
    3. Fill in the details for your home address and property type
    4. Proceed to payment and enjoy your Hyperoptic broadband for less!

    Example Vouchers

    Want to save money on your monthly bills and enjoy the best services available? Here are some great deals we’ve found for you in the past.

    • Up to 25% off Broadband Contracts
    • 50% Off for 6 Months
    • Extra 20% off 12 Month Contract
    • 50% Off 100Mb And 1Gb 12 Month Packages
    • 3 Months Free Broadband On Any 12 Month Contract When Taken With Phone
    • £15 Per Month 1Gb Fibre Broadband

    Scroll to the top of the page now and you'll find the most recent promotions, vouchers and discounts.


    In this section, we look at common questions about Hyperoptic and the discount codes available.

    Where Can I Find the Terms and Conditions of the Vouchers?

    Each voucher will have terms and conditions (Ts & Cs). To find the Ts & Cs just look at the offer button and you can find more detail there.

    What if There’s a Problem With the Broadband Offer I’ve Bought?

    If you have any problems with your Hyperoptic purchase, all you need to do is call their customer service line (see contacts below).

    Is There an Expiry Date for the Offers?

    You should be able to find the expiry date next to the voucher. If you’re unable to find it, check the voucher’s Ts &Cs.

    Can I Use More Than One Promo Code in an Existing Order?

    Afraid not. You can only use a Hyperoptic code in a new order.

    Where Is My Code?

    For most of the offers with Hyperoptic, you don’t need a specific code and you’ll be directed to the site where you can purchase your internet package with a discount. If you clicked on a voucher code, you’ll find it inside the little box that popped up in a separate window.

    Can You Tell Me More about the Broadband Hyperoptic Offer?

    Most "fibre broadband" services are not Fibre Broadband. They are fibre-and-copper: fibre optic cabling from the exchange to your street, then copper phone wires into your building. As a technology, copper cabling is about 140 years old, so it’s dated and not the best way of providing internet. Hyperoptic specialises in bringing full fibre optic broadband direct to multi-dwelling buildings such as apartments and offices, giving you better speeds and better connections.

    What Happens if Hyperoptic is Not in My Area Already?

    Check out the Availability Check function on the homepage to see if it’s available to you. Hundreds of areas have requested the service, in which case the standard process is as follows:
    1. Enough people register interest online
    2. Hyperoptic connect fibre cabling directly to your building
    3. Cabling is run discreetly to each home or unit
    4. Each user connects via a HyperHub router

    How Will I Receive My HyperHub Router?

    Either it will be delivered when installed, or you can ask for your router to be sent using a courier service.How Do I Find Out About Special Offers And Competitions?

    There is an option to sign up for future offers and competitions when you order Hyperoptic or when you register your interest. You can do that on the website or contact Hyperoptic emailing support@hyperoptic.com.

    How Can I Use Hyperoptic to Test My Broadband Speed?

    It’s really simple. Just go here www.speedtest.hyperoptic.com and see how fast your internet is and then you can see how Hyperoptic can help you!

    Contact Details

    1. Telephone
    2. 0844 326 1425
    1. Email
    2. support@hyperoptic.com

    Archived Hyperoptic Discount Codes

    IssuedCode DescriptionCode
    18/04/2018Business Fibre Broadband Leased Line Packages from £200 a Month*******
    18/04/2018Free Evening and Weekend Calls Included on Selected Broadband Contracts*******
    12/04/2018Broadband Only Plans from £19 a Month*******
    11/04/201850% off Business Fibre Broadband 12 Month Contracts*******
    05/04/2018150Mb Residential Fibre Broadband Only Plan from £31 a Month*******
    05/04/2018Free Installation and Activation Worth £240 on Residential Broadband and Phone Plans*******
    05/04/2018Free Business Fibre Broadband Connection Voucher Worth £2,000 with Connect Westminster Scheme*******
    02/04/20181Gb Fibre Broadband Only Plan from £48 a Month for 12 Months*******
    01/04/20181Gb Fibre Broadband and Phone Plan from £49 a Month*******